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Why This Universe?
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Why This Universe?

Author: Dan Hooper, Shalma Wegsman

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The biggest ideas in physics, broken down. Join theoretical physicist Dan Hooper and soon-to-be physicist Shalma Wegsman as they answer your questions about dark matter, black holes, quantum mechanics, and more. Dan is a physicist at Fermilab and the University of Chicago, and Shalma is a PhD student at New York University.
19 Episodes
Today our feed is getting taken over by Brendan Drachler to bring you an episode of his show, The State of the Universe!Science moves at an impossibly fast pace. It will leave you wondering, what is the state of the universe? Wonder no more! Learn from researchers working at the cutting edge of scientific advancement about everything from the robot takeover to the big bang only on The State of The Universe podcast.Listen to the State of the Universe everywhere where podcasts are available.
Are there other intelligent civilizations out there, or are we alone here on Earth? And what have we done to try to find them?
What does it takes for a planet to support life? How different could extraterrestrial life be from what we see on Earth?
These theories aim to explain all of the fundamental forces (except gravity) in one neat package. How does it work?
What in the laws of physics differentiates between past and future? Is there a physical reason that time always moves forward? 
Today we explore different interpretations of quantum mechanics, from Copenhagen to the many-worlds hypothesis, in an attempt to uncover what quantum reality really is.
Some physicists have considered the possibility that dark matter might not exist - and that instead, it's our theories of gravity which are wrong. Today we take a deep dive into these theories of modified gravity.
You may have heard of the new gravitational wave discovery of September 2020. Here's everything you need to know to understand what this detection means for physics!
Get introduced to one of the most mysterious characters in physics.
Here's how a heated debate about whether our Milky Way galaxy is the entire universe led to the discovery of expanding space.
Learn how the geometry of space defies our intuition, and why it gave Einstein so much anxiety.
Dark matter has eluded physicists for years - all we know is that it's some kind of matter that doesn't interact with light. Does that sound like a black hole to you?
Entanglement, wave-particle duality, and uncertainty - here's a breakdown of the weirdest and wildest things about quantum mechanics.
We revisit some of Dan's early predictions about dark matter, and talk about the biggest dark matter ideas and experiments of the last decade.
Every time a particle of matter is made, a particle of antimatter is also made. So it seems like all matter ever created should have annihilated with antimatter, leaving behind an empty universe. But then... why is our universe filled with matter?
Learn how special relativity and quantum mechanics come together to make an odd prediction about matter.
Quantum mechanics revolutionized our understanding of the universe. But have you ever wondered how it was first discovered? What's it like to live through such a dramatic scientific moment? 
Dark matter sounds as mysterious as it is - an invisible form of matter that permeates our universe that physicists have not yet been able to detect! And yet, most physicists are extremely confident that it exists. Learn why!
Learn more about the co-hosts, what this podcast is all about, and why we are making it!
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