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The Leaders' Brief by egomonk is a deep dive into the three most significant global developments impacting the world of business, politics, and technology. Available every weekday morning.
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In today’s episode, we will examine a post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, discuss bettering trade ties between Russia and China and finally look at what can be expected from G7 countries in working towards an equitable distribution of vaccines.
In today’s episode, we will revisit Mali’s political crisis in light of the World Bank pausing payments, look at changes Google has agreed upon after its 200 Million Euro fine, and examine India’s COVID situation in light of states reopening.
In today’s episode we will discuss a study suggesting that US President Joe Biden’s global corporate tax plan to be unveiled at the G7 summit day after tomorrow, discuss the political situation in Israel as Prime Minister Netanyahu comes closer to being unseated, and look at why Instagram changed its algorithm after the Gaza conflict.
In today's episode, we revisit the UK which appears to be on a steady path to post COVID recovery, explore the USA’s decision to suspend oil and gas leases in an Alaska wildlife refuge and finally look at the possibility of Credit Suisse suing Softbank.
In today’s episode, we will revisit India’s COVID situation as the country sees a slowdown in industrial activity, discuss why China’s three child policy is inviting criticism, and discuss the Daimler-Nokia row after the former agreed to pay royalties to the Finnish firm.
In today’s episode we will discuss a new US bill aimed at competing with Chinese technology, discuss the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict after the former arrested Azerbaijani troops from its border last week, and revisit the ongoing political crisis in Mali.
In today’s episode, we will examine US President Joe Biden’s defence budget, look into a UN investigation on Israel and Hamas over last month’s violence, and discuss Syria’s recently conducted elections.
In today’s episode, we will discuss facebook's action plan after the Indian government called WhatsApp's privacy policy “discriminatory”, “unfair” and “irresponsible”, revisit the Iran Nuclear Deal which appears to have made significant progress in the last few months, and take a look at Samoa’s deteriorating political situation.
In today’s episode, we will revisit escalating tensions in Belarus as more western sanctions are placed on the Alexander Lukashenko government, examine a surge in coronavirus cases in Australia, and discuss trade differences between the UK and the EU post-Brexit.
In today’s episode, we examine trade ties between China and Russia, talk about why Twitter was served a notice by the Indian government, and discuss Israel’s $1 Billion deal with Amazon and Google to offer cloud services.
In today’s episode, we talk about China’s internet watchdog ordering over 105 tech applications to fix their data collection by the end of next week, discuss US President Joe Biden’s massive infrastructure plan as the country continues to recover steadily from the COVID induced economic slowdown, and revisit the Virgin-O2 merger deal.
In today’s episode, we will discuss the COVID situation in Japan after it further extended lockdown measures last week, discuss the EU’s relationship with China in light of the 27-member bloc freezing the ratification of a new trade pact with China, and examine the possibility of Shell divesting its remaining Nigerian onshore oil stakes.
In today’s episode, we revisit the Russia-Germany Nord Stream II gas pipeline project after Washington eased some pressure towards its construction, discuss how China’s fresh crackdown on cryptocurrencies are affecting Bitcoin and Ethereum trade, and look at Australian airline career Qantas and its plans to cut costs after estimating losses of approximately $1.5 billion.
In today’s episode, we will look at a recent Irish court ruling that could completely change US tech giant Facebook’s handling of European data, talk about a $735 million weapons deal between USA and Israel, and discuss Australia’s decision to maintain strict COVID preventive measures till 2022.
In today’s episode, we discuss India’s COVID situation as the country records a slight dip in daily coronavirus numbers, revisit the Iran Nuclear Deal amidst the ongoing violence in Israel, and examine talks between the USA and the EU over the lifting of several trade tariffs.
In today’s episode, we revisit the coup-hit Myanmar which has come under a flurry of fresh sanctions from western nations as internal violence sees no signs of slowing, examine the UK’s opening up of businesses despite the threat of a new coronavirus strain, and explore China’s Mars mission.
In today’s episode, we revisit India’s COVID situation after American credit rating agency S&P said that extending lockdowns could severely hamper the country’s post-COVID economic recovery, discuss escalating tensions between the Philippines and Beijing, and look at why protests continue to rock Colombia for almost four weeks now.
In today’s episode, we discuss how a drop in electricity generation in Ivory Coast and Ghana is affecting industrial and domestic activity in those countries and their West African neighbours, examine South Africa’s decision to keep its repo rate unchanged at a record low of 3.5% till next year and look at Venezuela's political scenario as the country gears up for elections to be held in November this year.
In today’s episode, we examine how the conflict between Israeli forces and Palestinians is affecting Tel Aviv’s political landscape, revisit Australia’s relationship with China after the USA voiced strong support for Canberra, and discuss Greece’s decision to reopen its borders for tourism.
In today’s episode, we will discuss a cyberattack that could push fuel prices by over $2 a gallon in the USA, look at the possibility of stricter COVID preventive measures in Taiwan as the country warns of a severe coronavirus risk, and examine the United Kingdom’s recovering economy as the country’s COVID outbreak appears to slow down.