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"Point of View" with Grande' Beauty
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"Point of View" with Grande' Beauty

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“Point of View” with Grandé Beauty is a podcast with a mission to inform and inspire. Taking you on a weekly journey through everything from politics to pop culture. Hosted by poet, author and activist Grandé Beauty.
16 Episodes
Know when to stop begging for a man's love.
Does cheating end a relationship
Being the bigger person looks foolish at some point.
Why can't women pride themselves like the Black Widow spider?
From lovers to roommates
You're not for sisterhood if you are an accessory to yourr sister's pain.
We have to understand the difference between inappropriate and appropriate.
The good ole nice guys that suddenly turn into entitled creeps when they don’t get sex out of women.
Have plus sized women lost themselves within acceptance. They see what’s next?
When will the victim blaming stop?
P. Valley S1 / Ep6

P. Valley S1 / Ep6


Let’s talk about men pretending to be straight, and the gay men getting dragged along.
Why are women so desperate for marriage that they neglect their wants, needs and desires?
When will black women start marrying at or above their level? Is building a man going to benefit you in the end? Is this a form of low self esteem??
Why are black men so dedicated to not understanding black women issues?
Is sisterhood hard? Why are women so unforgiving to other women? When we we learn that we are all we got?
Can you love through anything? Are your expectations of a relationship logical? We're discussing the state of monogamy.
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