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Hosted by Over-Caffeinated, Over-stressed, Under-paid, Alcohol consuming, Video Gaming, Constitution Loving, History Geeks, with Insomnia. Join Spartan, Cryptik and Burton as they discuss politics, current events, life, history and everything in between. No TOPIC is off-limits. Unscripted, unrestricted and unafraid, so strap in and listen up! Support this podcast:
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2022 - That's A Wrap

2022 - That's A Wrap


Happy New Year! Join Spartan and Cryptik as the release the Liberty Virus and recap the Shenanigans, Fuckery and Absurdities that was 2022.Honorable mentions:PelosiHunter's Laptop and Fauci.....on my!Top 5 list:Elon Musk purchases TWITTER **Free Speech Restored?Twitter Files / PsyopsMir-a-Lago RaidWhy ExactlyIllegal ImmigrationBeing lied toRed Wave become Wet FartDeSantis' Big Win.Kari LakeFaith In ElectionsNancy PelosiBruin Case - Big 2A winSo strap IN and LISTEN up, YOU are not going to want to miss this!As always the Midnight Patriots want to remind YOU, the CONSTITUTION is NOT a suggestion!Support the show
Is the NRA still Relevant or just an Outdated Relic??Our good friend, #2A advocate extraordinaire, and Nationally Syndicated Radio Host Amanda Suffecool returns to discuss here nomination and candidacy for NRA Board of Directors. Plus, How the SCOTUS is Destroying the Luny Left's gun control narrative with the 'Bruin' Case decision.   Support the show
Red Wave or Wet Fart?

Red Wave or Wet Fart?


Republicans end up taking the House but fall further behind in the Senate!Red Wave or Wet Fart??40+ Year High Inflation, High Fuel Prices and a Geriatric Moron in the White House! Will our republic survive?  We discuss. Gateway Pundit Article:MORE ARIZONA DATA: Only 17% of Maricopa Election Day Voters Were Democrat, Only 23% of Primary Election Day Voters Were Democrat — But Democrats Are Winning 50% of Delayed Election Day Totals? IMPOSSIBLE!Support the show
Join Cryptik, Spartan and Burton as we discuss the Mar-A-Largo Raid. Our thoughts and opinions of the 2024 Election ticket (you might be surprised, our opinions differ). And enjoy the embarrassing beating Liz Chaney took thanks to the ENTIRE state of Wyoming, and how she compares herself to President Lincoln.Apologies for the mascot dogs barking in the background, they do not like the words Biden or Chaney....I don't know for the life of me why.Strap IN and Listen UP, you are not going to want to miss this!As always we at the Midnight Patriots want to remind you, the Constitution is NOT a Suggestion!Support the show
Join Burton for his inaugural Road Rants as he heads from Salt Lake City to FL for some much needed "family time" with the misses. Burton rants briefly about the recent lies going around that "Trump has Nuclear Codes". Strap in and Listen up!As always we at the Midnight Patriots want to remind you..The Constitution is NOT a suggestion!Support the show
Join your host Cryptik for the inaugural Cryptik's Chaos, as he dives in to insider trading, the STOCKS Act and how not surprising it is that with the Dumbocrats on their way out come Nov, now decide it should be the perfect time to pass legislation banning investment trading when they spent years scoffing at the idea.Strap in and Listen up!As always, we here at the Midnight Patriots would like to remind you the Constitution is NOT a suggestion.Support the show
This week join Spartan, Cryptic and Burton as we discuss the finer points in life. Listen to Spartans TOP 5 list of "If your vagina shot what? you would have more rights". Burton breakdown Ukraine and the woke military and other splinters in the Mad Truckers brain. The boys discuss the Jan 6th "proceedings" and much more. So strap in and listen up!Also always, we at the Midnight Patriots would like to remind you. The Constitution is NOT a suggestion.Support the show
Spartan and Cryptik round-table discuss the democrats attack on the 2nd Amendment, Uvalda, and everything else that we couldn't take up if we tried. Make sure to check out our site to find out more about us, social media sites we are on and more.As always, we at the Midnight Patriots want to remind those who need it that the Constitution is NOT a suggestion!Support the show
Round Table discussion

Round Table discussion


Join Spartan and Cryptik round table discussion about things going on today, that have become a splinter in our brain. Topics include, Michael Susan trial, Democrats Gun Control, and more. So STRAP in and LISTEN up, you are NOT going to want to miss this.As always we at the Midnight Patriots would like to remind you the Constitution is NOT a Suggestion!Support the show
Midnight Patriot Nation, your boys Cryptic, Spartan, and Burton are back from the liberal depths of hell. That's right WE ARE BACK, and welcome to season 3.Cryptic and Spartan kick off the new season with our over caffeinated, witty charm while we discuss Twitters evident hate for Elon, so much that they would rather take poison. Liberal and progressives heads exploding because they can't read a 6 page bill, and rather make everyone believe it states "Don't Say Gay" (spoiler, we counted how many time the word Gay shows up in the bill, listen now to find out). Lastly, the NY subway attack and how some parts just don't sit right with Spartan.YOU are not going to want to miss this, so Strap IN, Listen UP and remember the Constitution IS NOT a suggestion!If you like what we do, want to support the show, find out what this season holds, pickup some merchandise or anything else. Check out the show
Midnight Bites Episode 10 - Republish - Original Air Date - July 28, 2021What if you found out that......U.S. Politicians were pushing the Gun Control Policies of a Communist Regime?How pissed would you be?What if we could prove it?In the wake of the Uvalde, TX tragedy and complete failure of the law enforcement agencies involved, #Libtards default position is to attempt to  curtail the rights of American citizens instead of holding the guilty and incompetent accountable. We have the receipts...Listen and Decide for Yourself.Support the show
Join your host Spartan with special guests Amanda Suffecool and George Hobbs as they discuss the 2nd Amendment and the Boulder, CO King Soopers shooting incident of 2021. Support the show
Join your hosts Spartan, Cryptik and Burton as they are again joined by our special guest Will Leftridge of the Will Leftridge podcast to discuss current events and what has changed since around the US since his last visit.Support the show
Join your host Spartan as he speaks with Lone Star Speaks host about the JFK assassination, dive into the history, facts and more surrounding the infamous JFK Assassination. Be ready to have your mind blown and maybe Geek out a bit if you are a history nerd like Spartan.Support the show
Join your hosts Spartan, Cryptik and Burton as they are joined by an Immigration insider "Brian Smith" who has some extensive first-hand knowledge of the Crisis at our Southern Border.Support the show
Join your hosts Spartan, Cryptic and Burton as they are joined by special guest Will Leftridge, of the Will Leftridge show as they discuss current events and how CRT is being used by the Liberal Left.Support the show
Join your hosts Spartan, Cryptic and Burton as they discuss the blatant attacks conservatives have come under, just because we disagree with the left.Support the show
Friday, November 22nd, 1963. Dealey Plaza. Dallas, TX. 12:30pm CST. The 35th President of The United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy is publicly assassinated in his motorcade.  Many consider this one of the darkest days of the 20th Century, if not all of U.S. history.  The 'official' version of the events that day as concluded by the 'Warren Commission' report is that President Kennedy was shot from the adjacent, Texas School Book Depository building by a lone assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. The label, 'Conspiracy Theorist', was created and published for the first time by the CIA and Intelligence Agencies as a label for anyone that publicly questioned the content, validity, credibility or conclusions of the Warren Report.  In the almost six decades since President Kennedy's assassination, the events, personalities and causes for it, have become the most written about crime in history. There are still details, accounts and eye-witness testimony that have never been released to the public.  Spartan goes 1-on-1 down the rabbit-hole, with  KW Zachary, Co-Author of The Lone Star Speaks.  Untold Texas Stories of the -on-JFK Assassination(Available on Amazon) CLICK HERESupport the show ($MidnightPatriots)
A "New American Civil War"?

A "New American Civil War"?


Spartan has an EPIC interview with Very Special Guest Naresh Vissa. Best Selling AuthorTRUMPBOOK: How Digital Liberals Silenced A Nation Into Making America Hate Again. CLICK HEREEntrepreneur - Podcast Host - www.WorkFromHomeShow.comNaresh caused liberal media heads to explode when on a Zoom Call in Octrober 2020 he told Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) - Mississippi that "I think we are already in the midst of a New American Civil War, as we see on the streets, as we see on social media," Is he right? We Think So.  Spartan and Naresh discuss perspectives on everything from Covid to the Jan 6th incident and more. Get All Our Platform Links, Exclusive Discounts and FREE STUFF in One PlaceCLICK HERESupport the show ($MidnightPatriots)
Military Defeat, Religious Submission or High Level Business Deal? The fall of Afghanistan is bad anyway you slice it! Spartan delves into this polarizing topic with some information that has been slowly trickling out over the past few weeks, months and years to provide a fresh perspective and alternate theory about how the events in Afghanistan may be linked to the $1T Infrastructure (Green New Delusion) being debated right now in the U.S.  Listen if You Dare and YOU be the judge.Seifert Family Fundraiser - GoFundMe - Quick and Easy Access To All our Platform Links, Exclusive Discounts and FREE STUFF- CLICK HERE - Related Articles - - CHINA DOMINATES The Rare Earths Supply Chain - - Afghanistan sits on $1T worth of Rare Earth Elements - Support the show ($MidnightPatriots)
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