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6 Perfect Parenting

6 Perfect Parenting


How to raise Self-Perfected kids. Some people think good parenting starts when the child is in the womb. Some people think when your child is born your instinct just kicks in. The truth is Perfect Parenting starts long before you become pregnant.  Whether you want to have kids or not you want to start preparing the way for them now and in this episode we tell you how to do that and why.
Is life really about the pursuit of happiness or is there more to life than that? How does self-honesty play a role in examining the purpose that you have accepted for your life? In this episode, we discuss how our starting point of pursuing happiness has lead to the creation of a world where virtually no one feels happy as a constant experience of themselves. In a self-perfected world, everyone would be happy as a default, and self-honestly that is what we would all want. In this podcast, we discuss how just how we can create that.
4 On God

4 On God


Where do our conceptions of God come from and why are people so afraid of questioning what they believe? How does a belief in a God either hinder or empower us in the context of creating a world that is best for all? In this episode, we examine the role of believing or disbelieving in God in shaping our perspective on whether a Self-Perfected world is even possible.
There's one simple thing that can be measured to find out why your life is the way it is and where it's headed, do you know what it is?  In this episode we get detailed and discuss what the real difference between the elite and everyone else is.   Resources mentioned in the episode:
When you know your starting point, you know where you will end up. In this episode we discuss 'Starting Point', and break down the main principles to operate from. We cover the Principle of What is Best for All, other guiding principles, and how to master your emotions once and for all. Resources mentioned in the episode: 
1 Origins

1 Origins


How We Got Here, to create the Self-Perfected Podcast Why Self-Perfected? Mitch, Cameron, Drake, Asif and Kian all discuss their origins and meeting each other Learn the change in thought process that happened in each of them This lays the foundation of what is to come in future episodes Resources mentioned in the episode:
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