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Interviews by Tania Ingerson Entrepreneurial Artists sharing their business journey to create a lifestyle funded by selling their creative ventures and art, often over a cup of tea.Music "One Thing Led to Another" from the DIRT Album by David Innocente
21 Episodes
Mike Barr Artist"Mike's motto in painting is "It's not what you see - but what you feel. "His rainy cityscapes and expansive beachscapes are designed so viewers can enter, not merely look. He believes the camera is meant for detail but paintings are meant to catch the essence of time and place." discussed in podcastJoseph Mallord William TurnerSnow Storm - Steam-Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth Watercolour – David WebbThe Art of Being Melbourne – Maree Coote - 2012 feature writer and monthly columnist for the Australian Artist magazine Articles in the The Artist (UK magazine) Acrylic Artist and Plein Air Magazine (US)TV Segment on Discover – Channel  7 July 2008 Barr Art can be seen and purchased at this galleryArtworx Gallery and Gifts is one of the leading contemporary Art Galleries on South Australia's Fleurieu Peninsula.Artworx Gallery & Gifts opened in October 2005 in the historic river port of Goolwa, 80 kilometres south of South Australia's capital city of Adelaide. Within months of opening, it had established itself as a must-see venue and within a year was being hailed as the finest contemporary gallery on the Fleurieu.Its success has been confirmed by the SA Great organisation and the Southern Alexandrina Business Association, who have both made special Awards to Artworx in recognition of the gallery's contribution to the local arts scene and local artists.Exhibiting are highly talented, award winning artists from around the country works including original paintings, jewellery, wood, metal, sculptures and gifts.  Artworx Gallery and Gifts is located in the centre of Goolwa's heritage precinct, in an 1850s stone cottage and warehouse near the town's restaurants, hotels and historic wharf and railway station, where paddle steamers and steam trains rule. With five rooms plus a courtyard, there is plenty for viewing and contemplating. Works can be shipped throughout Australia and overseas.Artworx Gallery and Gifts is an experience!  Go and Enjoy!"I really enjoyed chatting with Mike, inspiring, talented, great stories, fun and passionate about helping others in this creative space."  Tania Ingerson Podcaster/Founder TEA The Entrepreneurial Artist PodcastI would like to acknowledge that music played on my Podcast is an original tune by David Innocente, Jazz Musician/Artist
We discuss PLANNING2nd podcast in the series of "Business for Creatives" discussions and resources to help creatives build a business doing what they love as artists                                                              In this podcast Ali and Tania talk through some difficult questions we need to ask ourselves as creatives to work through how best we can create a plan to build a successful business selling and creating art.Ali has very generously provided some resources to the listeners of our podcastClick on link below to access the resources; KIIK Skill Gaps and Threats to Be Aware of When Designing High Value Business ModelsTEA PODCAST 22ND FEBRUARY - PLANNING you are interested in taking a more in depth look into how using an Innovative Capability can help you plan and re-set for 2021 please reach out to Ali Uren"My passion is to share artists stories  creating a life funded by their Art in the hope that we have more Artists and Creatives dedicating their life to what they love doing and providing a much needed service for humanity; feeding our souls."Tania IngersonCreative Photographer/PodcasterFounder TEA The Entrepreneurial Artist PodcastThese podcasts discussing business for creatives is an extension of TEA The Entrepreneurial Artist Podcast with artists telling their stories with these "Business for Creatives" series provides some practical ideas and processes to help build their arts business.Thank you to Ali Uren Kiikstart for partnering with TEA The Entrepreneurial Artist to provide this service.Any questions please emailingersontania@mac.comI would like to acknowledge that music played on my Podcast is an original tune by David Innocente, Jazz Musician/Artist
"Desma Kas makes art in response to the world around her.  She still considers herself an emerging artist. In 2009 she graduated from the Adelaide College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Visual Art & Design. It’s all about texture and expressing the emotion behind the painting at the time. Desma paints in oils and mixed media.  Street scenes, flowers, Australian landscapes, abstracts and poured paint are themes she explores.  ‘There has to be movement’ and balance of colour.During her studies she enjoyed the work of Matisse, Francis Bacon and Clarice Beckett, and many other artists of course, too many to mention here." didn't get to finish our conversation about her work and passion to help Tutti Arts an amazing organisation  "Tutti Arts works across many art forms to promote the professional development of artists with a learning or intellectual disability"Here's the website to find out more Media for links for  Desma Kas Poured Paint techniques I would recommend go to youtube, there are many different techniques and we look forward to seeing Desma's artwork using this technique.We discuss- Benefits of Art School/Study- Inspirations from travel and search of identity - Art Competitions that lead to sales- Online Galleries and selling online;  the benefitsDesmas has her art exhibited and for sale on this online GalleryGoldfire Gallery"Goldfire Gallery is an Australian business, based in South Australia, that was first founded in July 2020 by Tracey Malliaros; a lifetime Artist with long-term experience in Community Development. Goldfire Gallery was initially developed in response to social restrictions that heavily impacted the ability to exhibit artworks however its purpose is so much broader - as well as providing a virtual gallery platform we have a focus on showcasing young, mature age and newly emerging Australian artists, supporting them to promote themselves to the rest of Australia with free portfolio membership. Goldfire Gallery prides themselves on their artists - their uniqueness and creative talents - and know that everyone who visits Goldfire Gallery will find a work of art that connects with them.""A great website to visit to purchase art, learn about the artist and for Artists this is a great online gallery that you can sell your artwork through" Tania IngersonContact Tracey to find out would like to acknowledge that music played on my Podcast is an original tune by David Innocente, Jazz Musician/Artist
Introducing a partnership between TEA The Entrepreneurial Artist Podcast & KIIKSTARTAli Uren founder and owner of KIIKSTART will be joining me Tania Ingerson founder and owner TEA The Entrepreneurial Artist Podcast regularly to discuss all things business for creatives.In this podcast we get to know Ali and we chat about projects she has been involved in, we cover many different topics that we will be exploring more in future podcasts, including the value of a business plan but more than that what you need to consider before you even start to work on a business plan.About Ali “As the Founder of Kiikstart, early 2008, my mantra is to provide businesses and individuals with the skill and tactics needed to design the future and keep re-designing it in a world that is increasingly disruptive.People choose me when they want new ways to solve persistent business problems through the design of new business models and building of skill and talent within their teams. So they can keep up with the increasing rate of innovation.My approach combines strategy, learning and development ,resource and process design plus real world trial and experimentation of new ideas that build the bottom line.” KIIKSTART details we discussed on the podcast Facebook page are excited to be discussing questions directly from our listeners over the weeks and months ahead.  If you have a question or questions you would like  Ali and I to discuss on TEA The Entrepreneurial Artist Podcast,  please send you questions to any of these; Facebook is a very exciting partnership that we aim to give ideas, tips and discussions that will inspire and assist creative people to either start or continue to develop their creative businesses.TEA The Entrepreneurial Artist Podcast will continue to interview Artists and Creatives about their journey and how they built a business/career that they can continue to do what they love.I would like to acknowledge that music played on my Podcast is an original tune by David Innocente, Jazz Musician/Artist
In conversation with Matthew IvesCultural Development Coordinator at Unley CouncilIn this podcast Matthew shares his views and experiences working in community arts and cultural development  both here in South Australia and in England. We talk aboutCommunity Arts projectsCultural Development through the ArtsYouth projects, talking about topics around drugs, Aids and community story tellingDiscussion about how Art is sold, online or in galleries and what the future may holdA Community Arts Project at Kingston Community School “Kingston Drama Group” both Matthew and I (Tania Ingerson) worked together on many years ago with my friend Jane, teachers and members of the community.  We talked about how we got funding and the experiences and outcomes for the students involved as well as the community.……and so much more about the Arts in general covering many topics including SALA, Galleries, working with youth around social issues and much much more……“Matthew has so much knowledge and experience in community arts, very passionate about the arts and a generous person that I am so thankful he popped into my life so many years ago.  As Matthew says because we shared an experience in this case bringing the Arts through theatre to a country community we will always feel connected, which is wonderful.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tania This podcast is dedicated to my friend Jane, it is 10 years since she has been gone. Jane and I loved working on the Kingston Drama Group project and the time we spent with Matthew, many laughs, hard work and memories that continue to feel like a gift.                                                              Jane will be forever remembered  I would like to acknowledge that music played on my Podcast is an original tune by David Innocente, Jazz Musician/Artist
Craig Lauritsen“I’ve been a professional musician for more than thirty years and my obsession with cymbal sounds began soon afterwards. Some time ago I began a quest to find the ‘perfect’ cymbal and this passion led to countless hours searching for as much information as I could about all aspects of cymbal creation. Part of my study included getting my hands on many hundreds of cymbals from almost all of the major manufacturers and many independent  cymbalsmiths. I studied cymbal weights, profiles, tapers, hammering and lathing techniques, chemical composition, sonic characteristics etc. I also travelled to many different countries, seeking out cymbal makers and master cymbalsmiths. I applied this knowledge to perform my own hammering, lathing and surface treatment techniques to existing cymbals, all in the desire to create more musical pieces of bronze. I’ve always been attracted to pursuits which reflect subtle differences which can only be attributed to individual input or unquantifiable differences between other factors. For example, I love cooking, coffee, red wine, art, film, literature etc. Cymbal Smithing is certainly one of those pursuits, a craft where the individual imparts something unique into the final product.”'s website Tracker - Movie Soundtrack Craig played on discussed during the podcast interview of the topics we covered:Creating and managing a creative business including managing timeImportance of the connection with a mentor and how that relationship can work to benefit everyoneProblem solving within the creative businessTaking risks!….. and much much more about being a creative person and creating an international creative business from a home workshop in Adelaide South Australia.“Craig is that quiet achiever he works hard, thinks entrepreneurial and is true to his passion and core values.  It was so much fun chatting with Craig, and I feel like Craig is someone you could talk for hours about so many topics, it was an absolute pleasure to have Craig on my podcast.”Tania Ingerson Podcaster TEA/Creative PhotographerI would like to acknowledge that music played on my Podcast is an original tune by David Innocente, Jazz Musician/Artist “Adam Page is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, music educator and record producer based in Adelaide, South Australia. Known widely for his critically acclaimed solo multi-instrumental looping performances, Page has carved his path internationally as a composer. He has written major works for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Wellington, Zephyr Quartet and co-composed on numerous occasions with celebrated Kiwi composer John Psathas. Page has recently composed and performed with The Grigoryan Brothers, established the boutique record label - Wizard Tone Records, established and performed with his new 12 piece ensemble - The Adam Page Ensemble (TAPE), written and performed with The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and also conducted the ASO in a concert featuring the music of Ross McHenry and Matthew Sheens.His orchestral music has also been recorded and broadcast twice by ABC Classic FM.Page's other musical collaborations stretch far and wide, working with artists and groups such as The Australian String Quartet, Tim Finn, Slava Grigoryan, Noel Gallagher, Katie Noonan, Riki Gooch, Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum, Emma Pask, Ross Irwin, Ben Todd, The Shaolin Afronauts, 1.1 Immermann, Ross McHenry, Thomas Oliver, The Adelaide Sax Pack, Darren Percival, Mal Webb, Lisa Tomlins and the late Dr. Chandrakant Sardeshmukh. He has also recorded with artists such as Electric Wire Hustle, Julien Dyne, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Oisima, Spook City, The Shaolin Afronauts and Dave Whitehead (recording various sounds for The Hobbit films). In 2014, Page co-founded Adelaide's 'Wizard Tone Studios' with fellow Adelaide musicians James Brown and Jarrad Payne.” many topics covered in this interview including The different pathways available for creativesThe power of dreamingSaying YES to things that are super challengingSeriously too many topics to list you just have to listen to the podcastI just loved this interview Adam has so much positive energy and passion for all things creative as a musician he is also interested in other creative spaces as well including the Art Gallery and being inspired by all forms of Art.Adam has an incredible gig really creative and something not seen before here in Adelaide as far I know. Its coming up soon which I can’t wait to share a mini podcast all about this gig  and I will be posting this podcast in the next couple of weeks once dates and tickets have been confirmed.Sundays you can see Adam play in The Ben Todd Band at the Gov see link for details. think every time I feel like I am unsure of what I am doing as a creative person I am going to listen to Adam’s interview and be reenergised.I would like to acknowledge that music played on my Podcast is an original tune by David Innocente, Jazz Musician/Artist
Happy New Year!  Let's hope 2021 is a better more hopeful year than 2020.  We just need to keep moving forward and be as hopeful as we can,  thats how I see it.In this 2021 Introduction podcast I talk about some of the exciting projects, feedback from listeners and artists interviews coming up for TEA The Entrepreneurial Podcast and a few thank you'sI look forward to sharing many interviews of artists and creatives that have made a career from doing what they love in an entrepreneurial way.I would like to thank Purple Cockatoo Gallery and Gifts for there advertising/sponsorship in would also like to thank David Innocente for allowing me to use his song"One Thing Led to Another" from his DIRT Album for my podcast thank you's on the Introduction podcastLets bring on 2021 and hope its a good one!Tania Ingerson
Meg MaderPainter/Owner of an Art Business “The Journey Studio”The Journey Studio runs an Art Group, sells art supplies, sells Meg’s original paintings and commissions, runs events called “Paint and Plonk” and sells an online art courseMeg is an inspiring Entrepreneurial Artist with a wonderful laugh and passion for making a business from her art which she is very passionate about.In this “Quick Chat” series we focus on one main topic and for this podcast we focussed on creating and running art classes including online as part of an Art Business of selling original art, commissions and art supplies. “Growing up in galleries and around artists meant that Meg and her family were always drawing, painting and creating and now with children of her own, Meg is passing on this passion.Seeing the joy that art brings to others and with her blossoming family of artists it was time to return to her roots in the art world. The first step in this process was to source quality art supplies and make them available for sale to our community and Meg continues to provide her knowledge and advice to those looking to purchase art supplies.The concept of the Journey Studio was developed from her property name in Spring Gully near Clare and the idea of the continual refinement and development of technique as well as the different ways that the artist develops of seeing things is the journey.She provides lively and vibrant artworks by artist using only premium, archival quality materials which means the paper won’t yellow and the colours won’t fade.” purchase or discuss a commission or an art class event, please contact Meg email was such a lovely chat with Meg on her gorgeous property in regional South Australia. Meg is an incredible inspiration for creating a life doing what you love, living where you love and creating a business around what she is passionate about with her young family.  Meg and her husband Rob run seperate businesses and work together on their businesses, support each other with ideas and building their businesses. They have regular business meetings and when you see where they live and see the happiness and passion for creating a life for their family that is designed the way they want for what they love..well you just can’t help feel inspired yourself.
In this podcast we talk about an artist's journey from starting out to having a solo exhibitionLouise Russell is a painter, loves paint using vibrant colours and painting in an abstract style.“Louise’s urge to take up painting was first ignited by a visit to the Art Gallery of South Australia, where she saw artist Ben Quilty’s series of works inspired by the abandoned lifejackets of asylum seekers washed up on a beach in Greece. She was in awe of the power of Quilty’s art and “how he made sense of his world with a brush”.After several sessions with an art therapist, she realised painting might help her make sense of her own world — especially the grief and trauma she had kept buried deep inside for decades while raising a family and helping others through her work as a palliative care nurse.”Art proved transformative in a way Louise could never have imagined.”read more click this link exhibition coming up in January“Journey with me” Russell is one of the Artists in this online Gallery/ShopPurple Cockatoo Gallery/Gifts online“This was such a pleasure to interview Louise for this podcast, Louise’s passion for her art and how it’s transformed her life is an inspiration to us all.  Her paintings and sculptured figures are so uplifting and fun you can’t help feel good when you see them.  You just know that Louise early in her art business will be going onto to great things with her art and will continue to enjoy the happy life that she has created for herself and her family.
“GARY BURROWS has played as a drummer singer songwriter since the mid sixties in bands that have left lasting impressions on audiences all around Australia. In later years Gary played with THE MOONDOGS - another band that went on to be regarded as one of the best rock and roll acts of the time. After some personal tragedies in 2000 part of Gary's recovery process was to immerse himself in his songwriting and as a consequence THE RUSTLERS were formed. In this band Gary came out from behind his drums to play guitar and sing his own compositions.” of the songs from Gary’s bands include some top ten chart successes; "One Little Kiss" Brass Carnival - charted #8, "Who Was That" The Boys - charted #8, and a solo track in aid of footballer "Peter Motley" - charted #3. Gary was inducted into the South Australian Country Music Hall of Fame not only for his songwriting but also for his contribution to the music industry in general over the last 40 years and two and a half decades with APRA (The Australasian Performing Right Society).The main topic we talked about in this "Quick Chat" season, is putting on a show or an event and all the creative and practicalities around that.  There is also many stories, laughs and even a joke!This is the link if you would like to listen to the full song of "I want to tell you" that was played at the end of this podcast written by Gary Burrows. about Gary's shows and gigs you can go to his facebook page"I really enjoyed the chat with Gary, he is so passionate about his music and the music industry including the history and life of John Lennon.  He does so much work helping others in the music industry and continues to play, write and even create new jokes!!  I am honoured to know him and respect his dedication to continue to do what he loves as his career with all the ups and downs he continues on with passion in his heart, continues to innovate in creating new shows, invests in his music and to me that makes him an entrepreneurial artist"                                                                                                                                                                                              Tania
Raechelle FrancisWater Colour Artist this podcast we chat about how Raechelle using instagram with an innovative way to engage people and had led to sales.“Coffee time with Raechelle” on Instagram is a beautiful person and creates beautiful art in vibrant uplifting colours that reflects her spiritual journey.  It was an absolute pleasure to have had her on my podcast and to know her through a chance meeting a few years ago. I am looking forward to continuing to follow her career, enjoy her instagram and her beautiful art works.
Season 2 "Quick Chats" is interviews with Artists that are about 15 minutes long so you can have a short break or a cuppa listen to Quick Chats and get on with your day.There are a lot of topics that will be covered with each episode covering one main topic and of course great stories and fun.
Dr Kathryn Pentecost has qualifications from Charles Sturt University in NSW, Australia  (BA - English Lit., Mod. History, Art History etc, Grad. Dip. Ed. English Secondary Teaching) and University of South Australia, (BA Hons, PhD Social Sciences). this podcast we talk aboutBeing a painter on film sets with some familiar names!Being a writer, her PhD in writing and communication, publishing a book herself and publishing a book as a community projectTheatre projects, creating the ideas, funding and the outcomes for communitiesCreating fundraising events for bushfire effected areas including for Kangaroo Island in 2020Organising and creating community events including “My Passionate Philosophy” a group of women from seven diverse women speakers talking about their passion and careers.Highs & lows of being an artist/writerSeeing an open door of opportunity and being brave to walk through it ..and so much moreSome of the projects we talk about1. The World of Theatre - Radio Shows 19952.   My Passionate Philosophy 2015 3.  Sealand Theatre     Support for country arts projects  Book  "The Dark Moon Anthology" - South Coast Writers and Friends  Pinery Bushfires 2016, KI Fires 2020 Fundraiser eventsCurrent ProjectPoetry Project was an absolute pleasure to have Kath on TEA The Entrepreneurial Podcast.  Kath is a beautiful soul with so much experience and love for all things creative and is my dear friend 
David Innocente started his working life as a Mechanic and is a classic car enthusiast having build a classic AC Cobra car and has owned a few different classic cars over the years. David studied Jazz Music, plays guitar and has recorded 2 x CD's of his original music and is an artist and designer of Innocente Boxes."In 2006 I made a traditional wooden jewelry box for my wife Tania when she told me she was going to purchase one and I decided to make one for her as a surprise. I enjoyed making that box so much that I designed and made a box using a combination of wood and metal which I refined and is what you see now. I now specialise in Watch Boxes, Custom Jewellery and Collectibles Boxes and Tania, who is a photographer, captures the unique style of the boxes.Innocente Boxes are hand made from beautiful rare woods and Powder Coated Metal with great attention to detail and precision. Our boxes can store Watches, Jewelry or other Collectibles elegantly, beautifully and uniquely and you can buy a limited edition box as you see it or have a bespoke, custom made box with your choice of wood, metal colour and internal design."     David this podcast we discussSelling internationally on online storesComplexities and importance of freight to your customers worldwideCollaborations with other makersRenew Adelaide ProgramSEO and its importance to attract customersCommunications with customers worldwideSALA, Fringe and ExhibitionsPlus much more including scones!This was a really fun interview with David Innocente who I admire a lot with his artistic talents, and the entrepreneurial way he goes about building his Innocente Box business.David is a great guy, lots of fun so talented and is my husband!
Anna Small & Warren Pickering metal artists, sculptors, jeweller, entrepreneurial artists of A Small Art Factory and owners of Fleurieu Arthouse gallery in McLaren Vale.“Fleurieu Arthouse is an artisan-hub in the heart of the wine region of McLaren Vale.Managed by the partnership team of Anna Small & Warren Pickering, supported by the City of Onkaparinga.” Tintara202 Main Road, McLaren Vale, SA 5171“Anna Small & Warren Pickering, whose shared passion for considered design and attention to detail led to working collaboratively from their shed, in the beachside suburb of Moana, making metal sculptures for walls and gardens.Both trained in the fine arts, sketching designs that translate into a digital format that is then laser cut and hand finished. Recently opened a gallery in Hardys Tintara 'Fleurieu Arthouse'. It has artisan studios a retail space, an exhibition gallery and a workshop space for art classes.” this podcast we discussHow to price your artworkWhen do you call yourself an artist and what that meansBuilding a network of people within the arts community and the benefitsGrants from local governmentOpening an art galleryPivoting your arts business when situations change like covid-19It was an absolute pleasure to interview Anna and Warren, they live such busy lives creating their artwork individually and collaboratively with each other, running an art gallery working with artists as well as a family life. After saying all that they have a way of making time for everyone and making artists and visitors to their gallery all feel welcome even me coming to interview them for my podcast during their busy day.Their gallery is a welcoming place full of artwork of local artists including their own art, artists studios, exhibitions in their exhibition gallery, art activities/workshops happening and a delightful cafe in the centre of their Fleurieu Arthouse gallery. Anna and Warren are an inspiring couple, talented artists and genuine lovely people.
"The Walking Creative (James Smith) is an artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. He is a self taught artist who is well known in the Adelaide community for his vibrant colour palette where his work stems from moments, conversation, thoughts and feelings in an expressive, spontaneous style and yet sometimes a simple bold piece of imagery that fits the empty space of the urban jungle.He has exhibited works in galleries and shows both locally, interstate and overseas. He has also worked and collaborated with local businesses across Adelaide painting murals, designed logos, produced street wear and custom wear as well as a limited edition clothing line for a sustainable street wear store in Adelaide’s CBD."https://thewalkingcreative.comContact James info@thewalkingcreative.comIn this podcast we discussInstagram, how this platform created opportunities locally, interstate and overseasCollaborations with businesses and artistsThe Fringe Website opportunitiesNetworking and creating opportunitiesI really enjoyed this chat with James, there is a really humble, driven and passionate way that James talks about his art. This is also how he approaches opportunities to sell, collaborate and build his arts business so he can continue to what makes him happy. When you see the art that James creates, whether it is street art on buildings, on a canvas, even on a coke bottle, clothing etc you can't help but feel happy.  Maybe its the colours, the images he paints or maybe you can sense the happiness that James gets from doing his art that makes you feel happy.  You can purchase artwork by James on his website or contact James directly to discuss art projectshttps://thewalkingcreative.comContact James info@thewalkingcreative.comYou can also rent artwork by James from Chameleon Art Rental"LINKING LOCAL BUSINESSES AND HOMES WITH SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ART"Rotate original art and photography to brighten + refresh your home, office or commercial space whilst supporting South Australian artists."
Geoff Bromilow is an Australian wood sculptor who specialises in the creation of sumptuous art from fallen timber.Geoff began working as a professional sculptor in 1995 after working as an arborist and studied at the South Australian School of Art.Geoff’s award winning work appears in galleries and private collections in Australia, USA, New Zealand, UK, France, Luxemburg, Germany and Scandinavia.In 2000 and 2001, Geoff exhibited in New York and was present during the 9/11 attacks. Geoff took a series of photos from this time and 10 years later along with his wife Kathryn Pentecost published a book called “Peace & War: 9/11 stories”A new book about Geoff is due for publication in 2021 called “Born at Sea: The life and times of a Wood Sculptor, Geoff Bromilow"In this podcast we discuss:The importance of the creative processPublic Art ProjectsBacking yourself to take the steps to make an arts careerExhibitions locally and overseasWorking with galleriesIt was an absolute pleasure to interview my very good friend Geoff Bromilow an incredible artist and human.  Geoff was one of the very first people David and I met when we first embarked on our art journey and he along with his wife Kath have become our very good friends Avenue Reserve, Ascot Park South Australia House Gallery, The Rocks, Sydney New South Wales
Suzette Watkins works as a silversmith, designer and jeweller along with her husband Mike Fewster who is a photographer.  Together they created and run an Arts Business, Australian Landscape Jewellery."Australian Landscape Jewellery is the distinctive vision of two Australian artists: jeweller Suzette Watkins and photographer Mike Fewster.From their home base in Adelaide they travel throughout Australia, interpreting its unique landscape from sweeping vistas to intricate details in unique pairings of jewellery and photography.Each gift-boxed piece of jewellery includes Mike's photo of that place"https://australianlandscapejewellery.comIn this podcast we discuss:The craft of being a silversmith, jeweller and designer.Landscape PhotographyBeing an Artist in ResidenceArtists MarketsBuilding an online presence through a website and online storeBusiness planning, the benefits for an Artist for their businessSuzette has so much energy and passion for our beautiful Australian landscapes. She is lots of fun and it was my absolute pleasure to have Suzette on my podcast
Janet Ayliffe works as a fine art printmaker and watercolour painter. She was born on Kangaroo island. Growing up there on the family farm, with the surrounding scrublands and nearby beaches has given form to many of her ideas and compositions. So too, the landscapes of her present home at Kangarilla in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, where Janet now lives and is an entrepreneurial artist and a kind, fun wonderful human.
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