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We’re a series of podcasts that gives voice to stories, life experiences, and news for listeners to learn from the best in their space and the best in the industry.

SkyGems Podcast will take you inside the minds and behind the scenes of successful leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, professionals, change agents in their professions and businesses from all over the world.

SkyGems Podcast is a platform for sharing of ideas and experiences to create awareness, spark interests to support SkyGems Podcast listeners.

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SkyGems Academy Podcast Series 1 – 27th speaker is Julia Reynen. An educator at heart, Julia is a millennial on a mission to positively disrupt leadership and workplace culture as we know it. She is a global leader in education and training with over a decade of experience serving diverse international communities and impacting a global audience with 15,000 hours of leadership, facilitation, coaching and mentoring. “I truly believe that each individual has a unique talent. And in really tapping into that talent, we will find out what we're truly passionate about. The journey is finding the ways in which we are going to share that with the world,” said Julia. Now, we are pleased to present to you … Julia Reynen.
SkyGems Academy Podcast 26th speaker is Chris Bradbury. Chris is the Principal of Northholm Grammar School, an independent co-educational School. Chris is based in Sydney, Australia. Chris has a genuine commitment and passion for the growth of young people to achieve their personal best through life-wide learning. Chris has been awarded a NSW Quality Teaching Excellence Award in recognition of outstanding teaching practice by the NSW State Government and was a recipient of both the Gandel Holocaust Studies Program for Australian Educators Scholarship and the NSW Premiers Westfield’s History Teacher’s Scholarship. In 2018, he has been selected to participate in the NSW AIS Leadership Centre Flagship Program which is a rigorous, holistic program for experienced school leaders in schools. He holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Education from the University of Sydney and a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Educational Leadership from Harvard University. “Covid-19 has been a pivotal learning point for the 21st century skills dispositions. We need to continue to be deliberate, intentional in making them a reality so that our students have the capacity to deal with all those challenges when they leave school and beyond,” said Chris. Now, we are pleased to introduce to you and present to you … Chris Bradbury!
SkyGems Academy Podcast Series 1 –  26th speaker is Chris Bradbury. Chris is an innovative and dynamic teacher with a strong presence as an educational leader demonstrating creativity and agility. He has a proven track record of achieving effective change management targets by developing concrete strategies in working collaboratively with others to build awareness of the need of change, developing a shared mission and a common agenda. “The challenges posed by COVID-19 has forced and allowed schools to engage in the effectiveness of technology. It has also enabled us to communicate and connect with the community both locally and globally,” said Chris. Now, we are pleased to present to you … Chris Bradbury.
SkyGems Academy Podcast 25th speaker is Jasmyn Wright. Jasmyn, a globally recognized educator, author, and speaker, received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Spelman College and her Master in Education from Christian Brothers University. Jasmyn is one of Teach for America and Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms alumna. She is also the CEO & Founder of The Push Through Organization – a non-profit that uses innovative practices to equip, inspire, educate, and empower individuals to overcome adversity and become change agents. Her new affirmational and empowering children’s book, I’m Gonna Push Through!, encourages children to access their power within and use it to overcome challenges. Jasmyn has had the opportunity to deliver two TEDx talks, as well as travel the world, leading keynotes and serving as a consultant to various educational organizations. To find out more about Jasmyn and her exceptional work, please visit her non-profit’s website at "Know that you're worthy. You were born with a purpose and a set of gifts that set you apart. They make you who you are. There's a reason behind your story. There's a reason why you think the way you think. There's a reason why everything your life is the way it is. It is to help to make your gifts stronger," said Jasmyn. Now, we are pleased to introduce to you and present to you … Jasmyn Wright.
SkyGems Academy Podcast Series 1 – 25th speaker is Jasmyn Wright. Jasmyn is an educator of 10 years. Jasmyn’s empowering and "out of the box" teaching style has been featured in GAP Kids back to school global campaign, as well as various national and international news and media outlets, including NPR News and Good Morning America. Her “Push Through Mantra” and teaching philosophies have been adapted into adult and K to 12 classroom settings across 19 U.S. states and 26 countries. “Know that your talents, your calling, your gifts are powerful. They're powerful enough to change the world. Believe in your purpose. Know that you can push through anything that you put your mind to. Do not allow anyone else to tell you otherwise, not even yourself,” said Jasmyn. Now, we are pleased to present to you … Jasmyn Wright.
SkyGems Academy Podcast 24th speaker is Tatiana Mayor. Tatiana is fondly known as Tati. Tati is the founder of Urban Camp, an education startup based in Brazil. Overseeing all aspects of the business, Tati has focused heavily on the direct relationship and engagement with parents that has created a virtuous cycle fostering the continuous process of evolution of the curricula. Intensively trained in Singapore Mathematics and Orton Gillingham methodologies as well as through educational connections around the globe, Tati has developed a program where students, instructors and parents can adjust to each other's cultures ensuring an extremely effective learning experience. Tati was also a pro-swimmer in Brazil and a swimming scholarship holder from The University of Tennessee with a degree in Geography and Business Administration. "Human resilience is the key lessons learnt from this Covid-19 pandemic. We are all learning how to adapt and how to accept a new normal. We need to look with positive lens which enable us to surpass the virus. We will move forward with our families, with our friends and with our businesses," said Tati. Now, we are pleased to present to you … Tatiana Mayor.
SkyGems Academy Podcast Series 1 – 24th speaker is Tatiana Mayor. Tatiana is fondly known as Tati. Tati is the founder of Urban Camp, an education start-up based in Brazil. After spending over a decade working in sales, marketing and consulting for American corporations, Tati returned to Brazil. Since 2017 she has been dedicated in developing an unconventional education program that has become a gateway to connect local kids to the world through Math and English. “Especially during this time where everybody's looking for a solution, you gotta be the solution," said Tati. Now, we are pleased to present to you … Tatiana Mayor.
SkyGems Academy Podcast 23rd speaker is Vahid Husen Sayyad. Vahid is an International Educational Trainer from India and is based in Gujerat, India. He has been working in the education industry for more than 13 years. Vahid is the founder and COO of English Zone. He is also the founder and director of One Step Educational Solutions. He has more than 13 years of experience in teaching English and Communication Skills/ IELTS/ Career Counseling / Parenting/ Teachers' Training. “We need to get our students to be more skillful, we need to focus on STEAM education system. STEAM will be something that is going to help them,” said Vahid. Now, we are pleased to present to you … Vahid Husen Sayyad.
SkyGems Academy Podcast Series 1 - 23rd speaker is Vahid Husen Sayyad. Vahid is the founder and COO of English Zone. He is also the founder and director of One Step Educational Solutions. “We are not independent. We are living in independent countries but we are not independent. We are dependent on each other on every single thing,” said Vahid. Now, we are pleased to present to you … Vahid Husen Sayyad.
SkyGems Academy Podcast 22nd speaker is Damian Rentoule. Hiroshima International School principal and author of Conversations for a Global Child, Damian has been supporting families with the education of their children across four countries for over twenty years. Damian has a PhD in Education and an interest in the way everyday conversations affect our sense of identity. Originally from Australia, Damian enjoys reading in quiet times, and surfing whenever he gets the chance. Damian is an author and a special shout out to Damian’s website "The connection between the school and the others as a support network has significantly changed. It is really important to have collective resilience," said Damian Rentoule. Now, we are pleased to introduce you and present to you … Damian Rentoule.
SkyGems Academy Podcast Series 1 - 22nd speaker is Damian Rentoule. Damian is the Principal of Hiroshima International School, Japan. He is a passionate educator, surfer, writer and loving father to 2 beautiful daughters. Some of the novels Damian authored are Oystermouth Whispers, Life on the Pharm, Shadow of the Pharm and The Silence of Azul. Check out Damian's very interesting website @ "Look after each other. Look after the planet. Over time, you will realize that those two things are in fact, the same thing," said Damian. Now, we are pleased to present to you … Damian Rentoule.
SkyGems Academy Podcast 21st  speaker is Margo Furbert. At Warwick Academy Bermuda, Margo has held the position of Upper Primary Coordinator and is currently the Year 5 & Year 6 Learning Support Teacher and Maths Coordinator. She also conducts booster classes for new Year 5 students. Margo has led the primary school through its transition into the UK National Curriculum for mathematics, and has been the driving force behind its recently-adopted Singapore approach to teaching mathematics. Margo has led maths workshops for teachers and parents, and has helped to expand the curriculum through problem-solving initiatives for students in an effort to create enthusiasm towards mathematics. Considering herself a late-bloomer in the education arena, Margo was a substitute teacher and part-time art and P.E. teacher before landing a full-time teaching position at Warwick Academy, the oldest school in continuous operation in the Western Hemisphere. Starting a full-time teaching position at age 41 meant that Margo had to keep abreast of the changes in education in order to “remain current”.  She has attended conferences, workshops and courses throughout Bermuda, the US and the UK. In 2014, she received a Postgraduate Certificate of Professional Development (UK). After graduating from university, Margo married Lance and decided to stay at home to begin her family. She tutored privately until both of her children, Leah and Jamin, began attending primary school. During this time, she also operated a home-based cake decorating business. In her spare time, Margo enjoys reading, gardening and is learning how to play the piano. A born-again Christian, she is an active member of her church where she continues her passion for working with children. Margo and Lance spent many summers traveling extensively across the US and Canada by motorhome. They recently sold their motorhome and had decided that cruise ship travel would be their new form of seeing the world - until Covid 19 arrived! “When you've been teaching, as long as I have, you have to recognize that just like the world is changing every day, the methods of teaching are also changing. We can't stay stuck in a rut if we are educating 21st century children. We just can't. You know, some of my colleagues are young enough to be my children. In fact, I've taught some of them," said Margo. Now, we are pleased to present to you … Margo Furbert.
Glenn van Zutphen speaks to Han and Alyssa, ambassadors of the Climate Action Project, about the launch of the Climate Action Project which will be collaborating with the World Wildlife Fund, the United Nations, NASA and many other leading organisations, and how it provides opportunities to discuss and address important global issues such as climate change, gender inequality and poverty. Take action now and sign up at:
SkyGems Academy Podcast Series 1 - 21st speaker is Margo Furbert. Margo is an “Onion”. That’s what Bermudians call those who were born and raised in Bermuda – a beautiful, 21-square-mile island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 700 miles off the coast of North Carolina, USA. In the 1800s, Bermuda was a major exporter of onions to the United States. "I think our future generations should recognize that just like the coronavirus has affected this world with a negative outcome. Your choices, your career paths, your contributions to your society could also impact the entire world. You need to make a decision about whether you want your contribution to be a negative one or a positive one," said Margo. Now, we are pleased to present to you … Margo Furbert.
SkyGems Academy Podcast 20th speaker is Timothy Veale; better known as Tim. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Tim's overseas international school experience began at the Anglo-American School of Moscow in 1998. Following this, he taught IB Geography and served as Social Studies Head of Department at Ruamrudee International School in Bangkok, Thailand. Tim then taught at Karachi American School in Karachi, Pakistan from 2003 - 2005. Tim later served as MYP Coordinator and, later, as whole school Deputy Principal at MEF International School - Izmir, in Izmir, Turkey from 2005 - 2009. In 2009, Tim completed a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from Michigan State University. In 2011, Tim became the Founding Head of School at Esbjerg International School, Denmark until his departure for the USA in 2017. Tim then served as Upper School Principal at the International School of Indiana in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA where he is completing PhD studies in Educational Leadership at nearby Purdue University. He is on track to graduate in 2022. In August 2020, Tim will commence as Secondary Principal at the International School of Hamburg. Tim met his wife, Lizette, who is originally from Denmark, while he was teaching in Bangkok and she was working at an orphanage nearby. Tim and Lizette had two weddings:  the first in Pakistan in 2003 and the second in Denmark in 2004. They have two daughters, Olivia (13) and Eleanor (3). "I think back to how things were pre COVID-19. We were essentially running,  a 19th century factory model, in our 21st century schools, and we all knew it. We talked about what and how to replace it, and nothing really ever happened. Very little change took place," said Tim. Now, we are pleased to present to you … Timothy Veale.
SkyGems Academy Podcast 20th speaker is Timothy Veale better known as Tim. Tim is the Secondary Principal at the International School of Hamburg. “People are experiencing Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges of balancing work and life in a novel and in different ways that we've never expected, never seen. So I think that checking in with people and listening to them and getting feedback and talking is the most important way forward for me and as I grow my own leadership and help others to grow. I think the future is very, very promising. One positive outcome of this negative situation is that it's prompting us to have conversations like this and come up with new ideas. So in that sense, it's very exciting. I can absolutely envision in the future, lessons taught by teachers in person will both be broadcast online, and for the benefit of those who are in person. A little bit like a TV show, you might say, you know, but you should have a live audience, but they're also being watched by people at home," said Tim. Now, we are pleased to present to you … Timothy Veale.
SkyGems Academy Podcast 19th speaker is Jaspal Sidhu. Jaspal a Singaporean, is the Founder and Chairman of the SIS Group of Schools. The SIS Group is Indonesia’s largest chain of quality private K-12 schools, with tuition fees at multiple price points. The Group also has schools in Myanmar, India and S. Korea. SIS is currently in a strategic partnership with the International Finance Corporation (World Bank) to expand its operations both in Indonesia and other countries. In 2019 the SIS Group of Schools was awarded the Financial Times -IFC (World Bank) Global Education Award for its transformational work in education across geographies. Jaspal graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Civil and Structural Engineering, he obtained a Masters in Business Administration (Distinction) from the University of Hull. He is also Indonesia’s 3-time amateur standup comedian champion. Jaspal speaks openly in international education conferences across the globe from Cape Town, Dubai, Hong Kong to Singapore. These include conferences organized by impact investors, private equity companies, school organizations and the IFC (World Bank). “Technology is going to complement what is going to happen in schools in a bigger way. So we are going to see a more blended approach. We are going to see a face-to- face digital transformation of teaching and where it becomes more personalised,” said Jaspal. Now, we are pleased to present to you … Jaspal Sidhu.
SkyGems Academy Podcast speaker number 19 is Jaspal Sidhu. Jaspal, a Singaporean is the Founder and Chairman of The SIS Group of Schools. Jaspal is also Indonesia’s 3 times amateur stand up comedian champion. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Jaspal noted one thing, that the schools that really look after the teachers well-being, they did well during the pandemic. The online teaching was conducted with far more gusto and enthusiasm. Jaspal believes that the best time to get information is during a crisis. So during a crisis, don't panic and sit. Talk to people and you will get a lot of what Jaspal calls “raw emotions and raw ideas”. “Global warming, is really not a hoax. We cannot let this environment bully us like that. We need to take it on. The climate is changing, dire consequences everywhere, extreme weather will affect our food, our water, our air. So, I urge the listeners, I urge the young people out there, please, work together, and be pro-environment,” said Jaspal. Now, we are pleased to present to you … Jaspal Sidhu.
SkyGems Academy Podcast 18th speaker is Khadijah Tou Tou. She is better known as Tou Tou. Tou Tou has been in the education industry for more than 12 years. She started at 16 years old during her High School days, working part time as a Montessori Teacher. She has experience teaching ESL in training schools to both children and adults, created reader’s theatre drama workshops to middle school students and hosts various mental health workshops. She is currently an IB PYP Teacher and Student Representative Council Advisor at Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School (WFLPS). Tou Tou is mostly known for her enthusiasm and optimistic attitude in the classroom. Implementing agency is an important practice in her pedagogy because it encourages independent inquiry and self efficacy. She believes her greatest asset in teaching are her relationships with her students, parents and co teacher. She suggests that education should be taken from an, “It Takes A Village” perspective. Tou Tou also loves to participate in Professional Development (PD) opportunities, where she takes full advantage of networking. Her latest PD was at Harvard University where she gained a certificate in, “Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions.” She knows the greater she can expand her own mind, she will be able to teach her students how to do the same. Tou Tou is passionate about Diversity and Inclusion within the education system and her works outside of school are reflective of that. She is the host of the podcast “In Trance”, a producer and screenwriter for playwrights, an author, a Reiki Healer, a Gifted Speaker, an Improvisation Artist and a Singer with the voice of an angel. I quote and unquote Tou Tou “What can I say? I love the arts!” “I think it was a great awakening. Because during this pandemic, there are problems, your leaders start to come out. That's where your innovators start to come out because they're solution based, right? So because of that, I think it requires us to be everything that we ask our students to be," said Tou Tou. Now, we are pleased to introduce to you and present to you … Khadijah Tou Tou.
SkyGems Academy Podcast speaker number 18 is Khadijah Tou Tou. She is better known as Tou Tou. Tou Tou is originally from the USA and took a break from teaching to pursue a career in Broadcast Journalism, working alongside of companies such as CBS and iHeartRadio. She quickly realized that the best way to understand, educate and increase awareness in society is through education. In 2015 she made the decision that the news industry wasn’t for her and went to China with the intention to learn a different culture. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with its polar opposite differences and decided to remain there ever since. Tou Tou is based in Shanghai China but due to Covid-19 she is now in Virginia, USA. “Don't be afraid to take action, take ownership, lead and exchange ideas because this is the way of the future, " said Tou Tou. Now, we are pleased to present to you … Khadijah Tou Tou.
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