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Author: Celia Linford & Julia Sliwoski

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Two girls with a mission to save the world, but we have no idea how to do it! Learn how to live a more environmentally friendly life one step at a time on the Good Girls Go Green podcast, hosted by Celia Linford & Julia Sliwoski
42 Episodes
Spring is here! Celia comes to us this wee with some info on farmers markets and reminds us how great they are just in time for the spring. Julia takes a new look at the effects of harmful chemicals on not just our earth but also our bodies by getting into some causes of infertility. 
Episode 40: Sad Facts

Episode 40: Sad Facts


This week we cover some heavy topics including vegetarianism and the fish food industry. As always though, your girls get us through it with a few laughs along the way!
Try to bare with the audio this week for April's interview. This month, Staria and Angel join Celia and Julia on the podcast. They have a clothing brand called Gentle Acts of Kindness, that up-cycles and re-construct's old clothes. To see more from them, check out their Instagram page @gentleactsofkindness
Episode 38, brought to you by late night Celia and Julia. Julia talks about the new fad: urban gardening, and Celia goes into being eco friendly in your crafts!
EXCLUSIVE: Minisode 5

EXCLUSIVE: Minisode 5


This week we change things up with a minisode that normally would be exclusively available to Patreon members only. On this weeks minisode, Celia and Julia answer the question: What part of a kids movie completely scared you? If you want to hear more minisodes like this,  you can find us by searching our podcast name on the Patreon website, in the LinkTree in our bio on Instagram or Twitter, or on the home page of our website!
Join us this week to hear Celia exposing those green washers out there, and Julia gets into more about clothing. 
Creator of F(earth)er Magazine, Ava Hedeker, joins Celia and Julia this week to discuss her magazine that dives into all sorts of different environmental topics. 
Episode 35: Anti-Earthers

Episode 35: Anti-Earthers


Tune in this week to get the low down on going green with your cars and with your makeup! Julia gets into how you can start now on going more green with your driving. Celia goes over the danger of the current makeup industry, and shares some alternatives choices we can start making.
On this weeks episode of the pod, Celia goes over minimalism, and Julia talks about the question we will be facing soon: what will we do once solar panels reach the end of their lives? 
Join us this week for our weekly green tea (get ittttt?) Love is in the air with Julia's Valentines Day talk, and Celia brings home it with some Great Barrier Reef deets. Make sure you tune in for some vacay scuba tips and how to keep your holidays on the eco-upside. Happy Valentines Day from your favorite podcast cohosts!
Episode 32: ft. Erin Howe

Episode 32: ft. Erin Howe


Flowers are a pretty universal language of love. For our February interview we have Erin, a flower farmer, on to discuss the behind the scenes of growing flowers. After this episode we guarantee that you'll be itching to go to your local farmers market to pick up some local flowers. We know we are!!You can find her on Instagram @redmapleflowers & @the_peony_map, or check out her website
Brought to you by Julia's (minor) concussion. This week join us with Julia bringing us her A-game talking about being eco-friendly even with your electronics, and Celia uncovers the monster that is micro-plastic. Don't forget to subscribe, review, and share our episodes if you enjoy them! To support us you can also check out our Patreon page. Thank you!!
This week tune in to learn from Celia about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the shoe industry. Then Julia shares some ideas to get to work in your communities with eco-friendly service ideas!
This week Julia gets us into cooking more eco-friendly in order to accomplish some of our New Years resolutions and Celia shares how we can make eco-friendly moves even with our eye wear. Get ready for some knowledge coming straight from our mouths to your ears. 
Y'all this week promises to be AWESOME! Celia and Julia talk about keeping the kitchen at the eco standard and investments!! 
Happy New Years to our favorite people!! This week is a super special episode where we get to hear from YOU and your New Years resolutions. You'll just have to give it a listen to see what we mean.
Last episode of the year!!! And we're halfway there!! This week Celia and Julia talk about new changes in the EPA and how your nails can look FABulous with some eco tips to spruce up your mani-pedi. 
Happy holidays!! We had so much fun this week unpacking our thoughts on being eco-friendly in the outdoors and being festive this holiday season.  Plus... a little extra spiceeee. 
This week Celia and Julia talk about topics chosen by our listeners! Join us as we dive into helping your pet be more eco friendly, and how to shop more eco friendly. For more information on eco friendly shopping, please tune into our interview with Joey Esguerra!
This week we get to interview Nahani Lukes and hear her thoughts on environmentalism in our communities and our homes! We promise this is going to be one stellar episode!
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