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Author: Chris Brady

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Chris and Handsome Jon discuss whatever they want to. This isn't your daddy's podcast. Nothing is off limits. If you have any ideas you would like us to discuss, email it to

We are motorcycle riding, gun toting, God fearing, right wing nut jobs. I know there are some liberals who might listen to this (not that there is anything wrong with being a liberal) just enjoy it. Live life to the fullest if you have a problem with what we say, listen to it again. Make sure you understand our position and then email us. We will respond to all emails on the podcast. We also have a voice mail number set up:206-333-0664 leave us a message.

Nuff said.

7 Episodes
Episode 8

Episode 8


Remote podcast from the Gillespies. Just shy of a 1/2 hour. This has not been edited. Hope all is well.
Episode 7

Episode 7


Fireballbrady and Handsome Jon discuss movies and politics and pop culture. Stanley Tookie WIlliams, King Kong and Aeon Flux. Is Star Wars just another analogy of the black man getting put down by the man? These mysteries on more on this episode of .... FIREBALLBRADY
We discuss lots o' things. Introduce you to Matt. Handle some interesting urban legends and even talk about important stuff!. Email us at or call the hotline and leave a message at: 206-202-0896
Fireballbrady Episode 5 Subjects: Weird news by handsome jon, smoking ban and low and behold... Matt is going to be a daddy!
Can't Stop the Signal. 2nd half of a really long podcast. Discussing super heroes and comic books to movie conversions.
Happy Halloween! We discuss trick or treating and scary movies and handsome jon's obsession with scaring small children.
I USED THE WRONG COMPRESSION RATE. I SOUND LIKE ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS NOW! WE SOUNDED LIKE CHIPMUNKS ON CRACK! If it doesnt sound right, just download it instead of using the podomatic app. PLEASE GIVE IT ANOTHER SHOT!! at last we will reveal ourselves to iTunes at last we will have our revenge