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Frank & Miggy

Author: Frank Julien

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Listen in on the many adventures of Frank and his cat Miguel! Miggy's no ordinary cat, and it won't be long before he flips his new owner's life upside down!
11 Episodes
O3 News Bulletin #4

O3 News Bulletin #4


Lost aliens, stiff nipples and YouTube fights. All that and more, brought to you by the O3 News team!
Every Christmas Eve, Miggy gets a visit from an old friend (and a good customer).
Miguel might have let his emotions get the best of him again. But he's got bigger fish to fry. Maybe Bernie can help...
Five years ago, Gus told Miggy to organize a haunted garage on his property for Halloween. Every year they make a killing!
O3 News Bulletin #3

O3 News Bulletin #3


Here's another update from your most trusted source of noteworthy news! O3 News: you snooze, we news!
Frank was almost killed and his boss has a plan to capitalize on the situation. But Miggy may have plans of his own...
O3 News Bulletin #2

O3 News Bulletin #2


The second edition of the O3 News Bulletin. The Frank & Miggy universe's most trusted source of trustworthy stuff. Trust us.
Frank had a pretty rough time after picking up his new cat, Miguel. Now he's not sure if he wants to keep him. Maybe a stiff drink... or five... will help him get his head straight.
O3 News Bulletin #1

O3 News Bulletin #1


Uh oh, looks like Frank and Miggy's venture into Vanier made the news! Luckily there aren't many details and their names weren't mentioned...
Frank adopts his new cat, Miguel. Was there a reason this furry ball of love was up for adoption in the first place?



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