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The Sopranos and Power

The Sopranos and Power


An introduction to power using the definition of the legendary training center the Midwest Academy. We'll use the early 2000s surreal crime drama The Sopranos to better understand power and a universal approach to developing a basic strategy based on that definition of power.Support the show
Explore the world of Firefly, an early 2000s Space Western featuring a crew of smugglers with hearts of gold. The crew pulls off a train heist and helps us understand the concept of Revolutionary Expropriations or Revolutionary Heists/Robberies. We'll be using frameworks established by Lenin, Stalin, and the United States Navy to understand how they work.Special thanks to Mike Duncan's Revolutions Podcast for the inspiration!Support the show (
Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone meet Jordan Peele's Get Out in a fully produced audio format. Together we shall travel the various realities created by Moses Morrow, the grandfather of your favorite podcast host.Support the show (
We interrogate the concept of the Coup using University of Cambridge sociology professor David Lane's work and early 90s smash hit The Lion King. Uses the framework to discuss the white supremacist coup in Wilmington, North Carolina and Thomas Sankara's 1983 coup in Upper Volta that established Burkina Faso as a temporary socialist and feminist project.Source: the show (
Learn some of the mechanics and theory behind Student Uprisings with the help of Pink Floyd's 1979 "Another Brick in The Wall Part 2" and the 1976 student led Soweto Uprising in South Africa. Covers tactical advice and some long term strategy for those interested in the power of student organizing. Dedicated to the memories of: Govinda Premnauth and Joseph Rodriguez.Sources: the show (
We use the framework of Gene Sharp's "pillars of support" and what may very well be the greatest high school movie of all time, Mean Girls, to explain how movements can go about analyzing and overthrowing the regimes that rule over them.Support Anthony Smith and others arrested by the Philadelphia PD for protesting the murder of Walter Wallace Jr. by donating here to Philly REAL Justice.Support the show (
We cover Legend of Korra, the sequel show to Avatar the Last Airbender, and how it relates to the concept of propaganda of the deed, specifically leftwing assassinations. We cover the base basics of anarchist philosophy and provide a pre-Russian Revolution example of how leftwing assassinations are meant to build a movement.Support the show (
This episode we check out Hey Arnold and how our football shaped comrade uses the concept of the "Dilemma Action" to outmaneuver a more powerful adversary.Also check out the Dream Defenders ( and some criticisms of Gandhi ( that I didn't have a chance to talk about during the episode.Support the show (
Avatar: The Last Airbender covers a lot of topics, from genocide and imperialism, to love and restorative justice. This episode will discuss how it handles property destruction and looting. I know it is a little risky, but it is timely and I hope you can give me a chance, even if you don't agree with my analysis.I've also written an article on this topic that can be found here.Support the show (
Learn some of the basic concepts behind protests with the 90s cartoon "Recess". TJ and Gang show us what it means to escalate and win as they occupy their favorite jungle gym in hopes of protecting it from destruction by a school principal more interested in shiny new objects than the feelings and concerns of the students he rules over.Thank you to Noname, Monte Booker, and ItsMochaJones for the sound and music.References:This is An UprisingMomentumSupport the show (



An introduction explaining the purpose of our new show: educating the masses on revolutionary theory using familiar popular culture.Thank you Noname, Cam O’bi, Monte Booker, and theMind for making amazing music and providing us with the theme song for the show , "Sunny Duet".Support the show (
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