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Author: Nicole D'Angelo

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The Mindfull Vegan Podcast is a dive into veganism, food, cooking and recipes, the power of meditation and mindful living. Our topics not only leave you "full" of food ideas but also ways to practice gratitude and self-care. Hosted by Nicole D'Angelo, vegan recipe blogger and meditation instructor, this podcast is a mixture of solo episodes and interviews filled with humor, inspiration and education.
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In this last episode for November, I talk about my ebook that is now available for purchase called Fabulous Vegan Desserts! It is 40 dessert recipes for your holiday table but they can be made at any time of the year. Need some new dessert ideas? My book is only $9.99 and you can download it to your Kindle, Nook, Apple books etc.Fabulous Vegan Desserts: D'Angelo's Smashwords Author Profile & Interview: on my blog mailing list: me on social media:InstagramFacebookTwitterSupport the show (
In this final episode sponsored by Forager Project, I talk about pandemic stress, some cooking and food talk and I finish with a guided meditation. I talk about how veganism is about substituting and adding versus taking away and depriving. For more info on our sponsor:www.foragerproject.comMy websites:www.yogacollectivenyc.comwww.fabulousvegrecipes.comSupport the show (
In this solo episode, I talk about our meditation teacher training and our other meditation offerings. I talk about the curriculum, our discounts for the November training and detail each of the topics of the training. I then lead listeners in some breathwork to help clear and refresh our mind and body.Below is our website info and Forager Project info.Our courses: Project: the show (
This is a follow-up interview with Vegan Proteins cofounder, Dani Taylor. She answers questions about body composition to weight lifting to just starting out with veganism and more! This is also our second sponsored episode by Forager Project. Give this episode a listen if you are thinking about beginning your weight lifting journey or where to begin when changing your body composition. This is a fun and informative interview by a super knowledgeable vegan coach. on Instagram the show (
Welcome to Season 2 episode 1! During this episode I answer questions about veganism that I've been asked over the past 9 years and that are asked to vegans in general. I also talk about my first sponsored episode by Forager Project (1 of 4 in the series), a plant-based yogurt company who is running a Healthy Democracy campaign up until election day. So get out and vote! And thanks for being here with me during the start of season 2. website: cooking classes: meditation teacher training: the show (
Solo episode taking you through how to start a podcast including where to start, what equipment you need, how much money to start with and how to record. Lots of examples and tech stuff but without the complication. Click the buzzsprout link to begin your podcast journey. And don't procrastinate because it isn't nearly as difficult to start a podcast as you probably think!Start here for your podcast: meditation courses including a meditation teacher training: recipe blog (lots of pumpkin, search pumpkin!): the show (
I talk with Valerie about meditation, mindfulness, living through the pandemic in NYC, her energy work and veganism. To learn more about Valerie's offerings: A Little Bit of ReikiFloral Tapping: Foundation Program sign up on website above Floral Tapping Meditation Tues & Thurs 10am EST IG LiveIG: @valerieoulaMeditation @TheWell Saturday and Sundays 8am on IG Live as wellSupport the show (
In this episode I talk to Brittany Owens Micek, founder of Meditating for Black Lives, a grassroots organization that helps heal the community through mindfulness and meditation. Events are held in Brooklyn every Saturday and Sunday and all are welcome. The organization needs funds so your donation is appreciated!www.meditatingforblacklives.orgInstagram: @meditatingforblacklivesVenmo: @meditating-for-black-livesPaypal: meditatingforblacklives@gmail.comBrittany's book recommendations:Aphro-ism: Essays on Pop Culture, Feminism, and Black Veganism from Two Sisters by Aph Ko and Syl KoThe Dreaded Comparison: Human and Animal Slavery by Marjorie SpiegelSistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and Society by A. Breeze HarperThe Kind Diet by Alicia SilverstoneSupport the show (
Let's talk about running a business during a pandemic, money, how to deal with feeling stuck and how to psych yourself up to keep going.Support the show (
Solo episode discussing why people become vegan, focusing on animal rights and the way food is produced, PAN website, and more of my story on becoming vegan.Want to transition to veganism? Start here:PAN (Peace Advocacy Network) www.peaceadvocacynetwork.orgMy blog: http://www.fabulousvegrecipes.comMy meditation work: http://www.yogacollectivenyc.comSupport the show (
A solo episode about writing, the challenges, the beauty of creating and more.Donna Tartt's booksThe Secret HistoryThe Little FriendThe GoldfinchMy blog: www.fabulousvegrecipes.comMy meditation work: www.yogacollectivenyc.comSupport the show (
I sit down with Dani Taylor to talk about vegan protein, the one vegan myth that drives us both crazy, body building, fat loss, muscle gain and our favorite sources of vegan protein! Nutrition, workouts and humor make up our 6th episode!More about Dani Taylor:www.veganproteins.comYoutube: @veganproteinsMy website: http://www.fabulousvegrecipes.comSign up for my cooking class: http://fabulousveganrecipes.eventbrite.comSupport the show (
In this 5th episode of The Mindfull Vegan, I interview Tedi Sarah, a fellow blogger and child life specialist living in NYC. She is an advocate for fostering and adopting animals in shelters and has fostered over 20 dogs and cats over the years. We talk about her special needs dog, Pani, and why it's important to rescue versus buy an animal. We also talk about whole foods plant based diets for pets, caring for a special needs dog and how it is living in NYC during the pandemic. For more info on Tedi, visit:www.tedisarah.comInstagram: @tedisarahwww.animalhaven.orgFor the book Tedi mentioned during our interview: Dr. Pitacairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats, by Dr. Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhDMy blog: www.fabulousvegrecipes.comMeditation work: www.yogacollectivenyc.comFacebook & Instagram: @fabulousveganrecipesSupport the show (
Solo episode talking about thoughts, emotions and silver linings related to the pandemic.Blog: www.fabulousvegrecipes.comMeditation work: www.yogacollectivenyc.comSupport the show (
We talk happiness, living in the present, working to live and ways to enjoy life.Website: work: the show (
We talk about why people become vegan, the difference between plant-based and vegan and, if you are just starting your vegan journey, what there is to eat!Watch:CowspiracyForks over KnivesWhat the HealthVegucatedRead:Nutritionfacts.orgMy websites:www.fabulousvegrecipes.comwww.yogacollectivenyc.comSupport the show (
It is our first episode! We can't wait to talk about all things vegan: cooking, nutrition, body image, workouts, and lots of practical tips and inspiration. We will also dive into mindful living, the power of meditation and ways to incorporate mindful eating into your life. The Mindfull Vegan is hosted by Nicole D'Angelo, blogger and meditation instructor.www.fabulousvegrecipes.comwww.yogacollectivenyc.comSupport the show (
I talked with Cara about food freedom, diet culture, veganism and diet messages we hear everyday. We touch on how to talk about body image and food around young women and how our relationship with food affects the way we approach changing our body. Want to work with Cara? All of her links are below:Cara's links:@caraskitchen on IGWebsite: caraskitchen.netFree Food & Body Confidence GuideSupport the show (
I interview Kelly, yoga and meditation teacher and my co-teacher for our meditation teacher training. We talk about leaving 9-5 jobs, being self employed, Kelly's offerings, oils, astrology and more! Find out more about Kelly:Website: Lab:'s Instagram: @yoga.soul.styleSupport the show (
To learn about veganism: website: ebook: the show (
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