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Author: Heidi Hadley

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The Somatic Movement & Mindset Podcast has been created to educate, empower and enhance your health and wellbeing. Within this podcast you will learn how to harness the amazing abilities your mind and body possess. Clinical Somatic educator Heidi Hadley takes these concepts and teaches you in an easy to follow format. The subjects vary from pain relief to posture to improving mobility whilst addressing mindset principles.
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The world has created a large amount of uncertainty which has created pressure with changes to people's economic and health status.Living in a hamster's wheel or being caught up in the trap of busyness has caused people to operate on fear, creating nervous anxiety.Heidi discusses the neuroscience of beliefs, mindset and self worth, delving into how these often drive many of the actions and behaviours that affect our mental wellbeing.Within this episode, proactive measures are discussed to deal with anxiety.*As with all individual cases, please consult your health care practitioner for tailored support  within the area of mental health.TO LEARN MORE:www.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidiHadley.comSupport the show (
Within this episode, Heidi discusses the relationship between emotion, mindfulness and somatic awareness.  With modern day stress and worry, more people than ever before are beginning to disconnect from the sensory feedback within their body.  As a result, chronic health conditions and cycles of "crash and burn" are increasing in numbers.  Within this episode, you will learn of specific areas within your brain that are responsible for this and how we can harness them even more to improve our neurophysiology.Learn how to use Somatic Principles, Mindset skills and mindfulness techniques to create a calm and balance internal environment.TO LEARN MORE:www.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidiHadley.comSupport the show (
Do you find recurring pain and discomfort affects you?  Do you feel as if you are stuck in a hamster's wheel, going through the motions of wanting someone to "fix" you?  Would you like to know WHY you have recurring pain?  Would you like to know how you can create huge shifts and changes within the area of your health and wellbeing?  Would you like to break the vicious cycle of pain and limited range of movement?Within this episode, Heidi explains why you have recurring pain plus when you target regions of your brain responsible for muscle memory and movement, you can start changing the way your brain and body communicate.TO LEARN MORE:www.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidHadley.comSupport the show (
Heidi has created this episode after receiving many emails and direct messages on the subject of anxiety and somatics.  There are many people suffering with varying degrees of anxiety and uncertainty.  Within this episode, learn how to create resilience and internal balance living in a challenging and chaotic world.Learn within this episode how to change your focus in daily activities to create Somatic Mindfulness, slowing down your stress response and stimulating neurogenesis.  Heidi also discusses the importance of being curious and receptive, allowing the actions of your Central Nervous System to wind down.TO LEARN MORE:www.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidiHadley.comSupport the show (
Within this episode Heidi delves into the close connection between your brain, gut health and Somatics.  Learn how gut health influences your emotional, mental and physical health.  Deepen your awareness to how physical, emotional and mental pressure can change your gut and the way you function.Within this episode Heidi considers proactive steps to create a somatic environment that allows us to glow from the inside out.TO LEARN MORE:www.HeidiHadley.comwww.TotalSomatics.comSupport the show (
In this Episode, you will learn what Epigenetics is and how your daily life choices influence your genes.  These choices have a direct link back to your emotional, mental and physical health. Allow Heidi to break down a complex subject into an easy to understand episode, providing examples and support to create a healthy internal world, when our external environment can be challenging.TO LEARN MORE:www.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidiHadley.comSupport the show (
The year 2020 has presented challenges for many.  As we move forward from 2020, Heidi considers an area that has been impacted on many levels, work/life balance.  Employment and unemployment in 2020 has created many emotional, mental and physical health issues.  Within this episode, Heidi discusses what is happening within our internal environment and what we can do to regulate the roller coaster of stress responses that may be occurring.TO LEARN MORE:www.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidiHadley.comSupport the show (
Within this episode Heidi discusses the link between stress and inflammation.  She uncovers research highlighting how stress creates certain responses within your body and how proactive approaches release powerful natural anti-inflammatory actions and agents.  Heidi discusses how Somatic movement can assist with returning your mind and body back to a natural state of balance or homeostasis.TO LEARN MORE:www.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidiHadley.comSupport the show (
With recent events in the world, we have all felt a variety of feelings and emotions.  Within this episode, we will delve into how challenging events cause us to stop and reassess many areas of our life.Heidi Hadley discusses the importance of caring for your emotional, mental and physical health from the inside out.  Within this episode, you will gain a deeper understanding of why looking at what creates emotions which drives your actions can have either an empowering or dis-empowering effect to your overall health & wellbeing.TO LEARN MORE:www.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidiHadley.comSupport the show (
You are what you think

You are what you think


Did you know you have an amazing filtering system in your brain?  Without this filtering system you would suffer with serious data overload!!  Learn how this filtering system shapes your world and how it gathers sensory information.  Within this episode, Heidi highlights the various facets of life that we see this filtering system working.  It can also impact long held beliefs, affecting our personal development and growth.Learn why Somatic Movement and Mindset principles are referred to as "cortical learning."  By the end of this you will understand the importance of hat we train our subconscious mind to do, so that our focus on everything is healthy and upbuilding.TO LEARN Support the show (
Why is Movement like medicine?  How can it improve your health and wellbeing?  Allow Heidi to answer many burning questions in this area of Somatic Movement.What is happening within people who suffer with depression?  What is happening with unresolved feelings?  What happens when emotions are pushed down?  Did you know headaches, muscle pain, insomnia, digestive and reproductive dysfunction and apathy are all linked with emotional factors?Within this episode, you will learn how a common habit can reveal how exhausted a person's internal system actually is and the reliance on external substances assist with every day functioning.When Somatic Movement is part of your lifestyle, you will feel and experience the benefits.  Within this episode, Heidi discusses the many benefits.  These include hormonal changes (for the better!) and improved sleep patterns.  Learn of the latest research within the field of movement and brain health.Heidi refers to a previous episode regarding somatic movement before sleep. LINK: LEARN MORE:https://TotalSomatics.com Support the show (
Did you know your posture has a profound effect on your internal organs?  Did you know the intense pressure poor posture can create on your muscles and joints?  Did you know your posture heavily influences your mood and energy?Within this episode, Heidi will explain how you can reduce recurring pain and injuries once you know how to address one of the biggest contributing factors, your posture.Within this episode, Heidi refers to Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk in which she talks about posture and “power pose.”  LINK: Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk: LEARN MORE, VISIT:       Support the show (
Do you know what is happening within your mind and body when you are stressed or in pain?  To fully understand and get to the root cause, Heidi will heighten your awareness to the powerful subconscious actions that happen during these periods in your life.  Learn how you can harness and influence the actions of your nervous system.Heidi discusses trauma and what is happening within the nervous system.  You will gain an understanding on how this impacts physical health and wellbeing.Learn how you can restore, recalibrate and reset your mind and body with Somatic movement and mindset principles.  When you learn these skills, you are able to improve your immune function, lower your blood pressure, improve digestive activities and create a healthy reproductive system.TO LEARN MORE, VISIT: www.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidiHadley.comSupport the show (
Ongoing stress impacts on your mind and body.  Within this episode, Heidi explains how stress and high pressure can affect you.  Do you know how somatic mindfulness enhances your neurophysiology?  Within this episode, you will learn about your brain waves and how they affect your health and wellbeing.  When you know how to influence your brain activity, you will be amazed to what you can do!Heidi explains the importance of Alpha-Theta brain activity and how it can enhance your emotional, mental and physical health.  She delves deeper into this area by explaining how it complements the practice of visualisation.TO LEARN MORE, VISIT: www.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidiHadley.comSupport the show (
Within this episode, Heidi explains the various stages of sleep and how it can refresh and recharge you.  Learn of the health issues that can result from poor sleep patterns and how you can adopt the principles and practices within Total Somatic movement to start changing the way your nervous system is operating. FOR MORE DETAILS Support the show (
Have you ever linked emotions and mindset with your back pain?  Did you know they are heavily related?  Within this episode, Heidi will explain the close connection between them and how years of stored emotion can manifest in physiological symptoms.  Learn how certain regions of your musculature are prone to holding tension and learn how this can be reduced.FOR MORE DETAILS:www.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidiHadley.comwww.ReallyWellWomen.comSupport the show (
Do you know how to read your body from the inside out?  Do you know what your default patterns and habits are?  Learn how important proprioception is and what can happen when you lose this awareness.  Heidi highlights with a case history how important the sensory nervous system is and how your brain can adapt and grow, thanks to Neuroplasticity.  Learn how visualization is a powerful practice for brain health and development.FOR MORE DETAILS:www.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidiHadley.comwww.ReallyWellWomen.comSupport the show (
Are you in pain?  How do you view pain?  Have you been able to control or manage your pain?  Do you find you are living in a very tense, tight body, finding the activities you love to do are becoming a thing of the past?  In this episode you will learn how pain is not the enemy but actually a protector.  Heidi will explain how your brain learn pain with conditioning and how we can re-train your brain to start changing how it senses and feels.TO LEARN MORE, VISIT:www.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidiHadley.comSupport the show (
How are you feeling?  Do you feel you have control?  Do you feel you confident moving forward or does your current situation cause you to feel fearful and unsure what is your next right move?  This episode considers how stress and trauma can splinter off and create many flow on effects.  Learn how past experiences can be triggered by recent events.  You will learn how long standing coping mechanisms can actually be contributing towards your current pain levels, muscle tension, posture and limited mobility.  Learn how these areas can be changed to create positive health and wellbeing.TO LEARN MORE, VISIT:www.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidiHadley.comSupport the show (
Does pain get you down?  Do you feel it dictates your life?  Would you like to reduce your pain?  Within this episode you will learn the neurophysiology of pain and how it links to your emotional and mental health.  You will find out how pain can change from a sensation to a disease and what you can do to change this action.TO LEARN MORE, VISIT:www.TotalSomatics.comwww.HeidiHadley.comSupport the show (
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