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Author: Ziad Matar

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Cutting-edge technologies and emerging business models are transforming our world and shaping the future. They create opportunities and unveil challenges, turning everyday action and objects into smarter experiences.

Hosted by Ziad Matar, a self-confessed 'digital native’ who wears many hats (literally), on this podcast global industry leaders discuss everything tech, business and design, outlining the impact of these on our life and society.

Wirelessly Yours.
26 Episodes
Ziad Matar talks (in person) with Marta Gràcia, CEO of Cloudworks, about how co-working spaces are reshaping Barcelona’s ideas about work, and why Cloudworks is ready for business unusual. Marta previously served as Cloudworks’ business strategist and guides the company as it sets the standard for an emerging work model in Spain. She graduated in business administration and management from ESADE in Barcelona and for the past five years, she has been a cultural industries academic collaborator for the institution.
Ziad Matar hosts Matteo di Pascale, an award-winning creative, UX designer, entrepreneur, publisher, and founder of Intùiti—a synthesis tool of design, tarot, and gestalt psychology that is being used by innovative people all over the world to find instinctive solutions to problems.
Ziad Matar talks politics, TV shows vs reality, shifting political alliances, and writing to make sense of the chaos in a world where few read with Kim Ghattas, contributing writer for The Atlantic, non-resident senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and celebrated NYT bestselling and notable author for Black Wave: Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Forty Year Rivalry that Unraveled Culture, Religion and Collective Memory in the Middle East, and The Secretary: A Journey with Hillary Clinton from Beirut to the Heart of American Power.
Ziad Matar hosts Dr. Nadine Chahine, award-winning Lebanese type designer, director at Arabic Type, and one of the “100 Most Creative People in Business” according to Fact Company magazine. As an expert in Arabic typography and font design, Nadine talks about how Arabic fonts have the power to give a wider representation and voice to the Arabic narrative.
Ziad Matar talks with Saad Umerani, co-founder and CEO of the Protein Bakeshop; founding partner at the investment firm, Enabling Future; and founder Melange bakery about building and branding products.
In the latest episode, wwe spoke to Mashael Alobaidan— Saudi Arabia’s first female rally driver, Investment Attraction and Development Manager at the Kingdom’s Ministry of Investment, as well as an accomplished athlete and passionate photographer.
Samir (Sam) Madani, co-founder of built a career out of a childhood fascination for tankers and logistics. On the next episode of the Wirelessly Yours podcast hear him talk about the infamous situation in the Suez, and if there’s a future for an Uber-equivalent app for sea vessels!
On the latest Wirelessly Yours episode, Ziad Matar sits down with Kelly Lundberg, style and personal brand expert, business mentor, speaker, author and “goal queen” whose mission is to inspire people to step outside comfort zones. Working with passion and positivity to help entrepreneurs build their personal brands, Kelly shares how investing in yourself and your personal brand is the smartest business decision you’ll ever make. Find out more by listening to the whole podcast.
Part two of Ziad’s discussion with Ludovic Baussan, Co-Founder & Head of Strategy at 2nd Ave explores the digital transformation of retail and asks if we can still appreciate in person stores in the current e-commerce boom?
In part one of a two-part episode, Ziad Matar chats with Ludovic Baussan, Co-Founder and Head of Strategy at 2nd AVE, about all things hats, both literal and metaphorical, and finding purpose with bespoke hat-making.
On the latest Wirelessly Yours episode, Ziad Matar chats with Mahwash Rehman, professional photographer, podcaster, published author of “Women in Green and Beyond” – and much more. Championing culture, conversation, and empowerment, Mahwash explains how lens, pens, and people have the power to change discourse – one project at a time.
On the next episode of the Wirelessly Yours, Ziad Matar talks with Rami Zeidan, Head of Video and Creative at TikTok Middle East. As the fastest growing regional and international social media platform, Rami explains how TikTok is adding dimension to Arab voices through the platform’s creative interface
Former FBI Negotiator, Gary Noesner, talks with Ziad Matar on a one-of-a-kind Season 2 premier of the Wirelessly Yours podcast as he shares stories of trust, building rapport, and relationships that can stand individuals and businesses in good stead.
Access to healthcare, upgrading communication within existing infrastructure, and socio-economic distributions within cities pose concerns for both residents and leadership. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, they have become even more pressing issues for the smart cities of the future. Ziad Matar talks with LA-based Sandra Baer, CEO of Personal Cities, and Hassan Albalawi, CEO of WakeCap about digitally-connected cities and the role they can play in bringing people together.
Innovation and invention will be the building blocks of our post-pandemic economy, but we’ll also need fast and effective ways to protect ideas. In a digital world, that means reviewing and analyzing patent data using emerging tech, like AI, machine learning, cognitive computing, and more to secure intellectual property. Ziad Matar speaks with Komal Talwar, co-founder of XLPat, about how tech is unlocking the tools we need to protect and grow the ideas that will shape the future.
COVID-19 has accelerated the transformation of postal businesses, from letter delivery services to vital logistics support for organization. How are postal operators like Emirates Post adapting to their new role as facilitators of the ongoing e-commerce boom in the pandemic era?Host Ziad Matar discusses the issue at length with CEO Peter Somers in the latest episode of Wirelessly Yours.
Dr Saliha Afridi, clinical psychologist, founder and director at The LightHouse Arabia talks with Ziad Matar about the harsh reality of digital use and social media—it’s here to stay! How can we use it more consciously while practising greater refrain? Find out by clicking here for the whole interview.
In a world growing increasingly dependent on social media, concerns about data privacy are at an all-time high. How do the experts imagine a (near) future where social media is regulated? Host Ziad Matar picks apart the issue with TJ Lightwala, MD of Accenture Interactive MENA, and Isabella de Michelis, Founder and CEO of Ernie App, in the latest episode of Wirelessly Yours.
Technology may be getting increasingly sophisticated, but users still demand functional simplicity. Host Ziad Matar discusses the future of user experience (UX) with Lara Chikhani, User Experience & Digital Strategy Consultant at Oliver Wyman. How will we embrace the possibilities AI, IoT, and automation can bring while keeping things straightforward for the user? Find out more by listening here.
Asa Nordgren, CEO of Trice Imaging and Gaugarin ‘G’ Oliver, software entrepreneur and serial angel investor, talk with host Ziad Matar about the potential of smart tech, cloud-based communication, image management and documentation systems in helping unlock data for remote healthcare access. Will a trip to a doctor’s clinic still be standard protocol or can you be treated from anywhere in the world? Find out more by listening here.
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