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Author: LaBrina Loving and Brandon Martinez

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Disrupting the Cloud is a space where LaBrina Loving, Brandon Martinez, and guests talk on how the Cloud Engineering space can become more inclusive and diverse.
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Disrupting THAT Conference

Disrupting THAT Conference


We are keeping it real with Clark Sell this week, and we cover a lot of ground! Clark discusses his view on conferences and how he helped make THAT different, building your tribe, and going into the world of owning your own business.You can find Clark and THAT here:Web: https://that.usTwitter: and're Social! Follow us here:Twitter: on Twitter: on Twitter:
We're joined by Aaron Brooks of MASTERMND, discussing his journey of wanting to be a mechanical engineer, then switching to software engineering. Check out his path to becoming a Site Reliability Engineer and DevOps enthusiast, and eventually becoming an entrepreneur to create a technical talent organization to help others learn and grow in their own journeys.You can find Aaron here:Web: https://www.mastermnd.ioTwitter:'re Social! Follow us here:Twitter: on Twitter: on Twitter:
We're joined by Steve Buchanan, technologist, author, and video publisher, to talk on the transition from working with hardware and software in the field to consulting. We also discuss GitOps and its role in the DevOps ecosystem, and tips on how to get a book and video content published for the world to consume.You can find Steve here:Web: https://www.buchatech.comTwitter: Author:'re Social! Follow us here:Twitter: on Twitter: on Twitter:
We are joined by Jeff Blankenburg, Chief Evangelist at Amazon Alexa, to talk about his cloud journey, conferences and community, and of course, smart assistants and Amazon Alexa.You can find Jeff on Twitter:'re Social! Follow us here:Twitter: on Twitter: on Twitter:
2022 Tech Resolutions

2022 Tech Resolutions


Looking back at the 24 months of 2020…1, Brandon and LaBrina talk about key takeaways from the past year and what they're looking forward to in 2022.We're Social
We're happy to welcome our very special guest, Angela Andrews, to Disrupting the Cloud. Angela shares her Linux and tech journey, building community and culture, and share her favorite Linux distribution. Brandon tells a tall tale of tech lore, and LaBrina commits to joining the Linux club over the holiday break.We're Social!You can find Angela on twitter: check out her podcast at Red Hat, Compiler: can find the Disrupting the Cloud crew here:
We are joined with our first guest, Josh Waddell! Josh talks us through his cloud journey, and how he started working in the Infrastructure as Code space. And as a bonus, gives us some tips and tricks on white boarding in today's virtual world.We're Social!You can find Josh on twitter: well as the Disrupting the Cloud crew:
Every developer's cloud journey has an origin, and in today's episode Brandon and LaBrina share their cloud origin stories. From on-prem to the cloud, hear their journeys that started disrupting the cloud (in a positive way). And if you're new to the world of cloud, hear some tips on getting started with your own cloud origin story.We're Social
Learning to Learn

Learning to Learn


How do you learn in the tech world? LaBrina and Brandon discuss some of the difficulties in "staying up-to-date" in the fast-paced world of tech, and how building your core skills can be your greatest asset.We're Social
Disrupting the Cloud is back with LaBrina Loving and Brandon Martinez! In this episode, LaBrina and Brandon discuss diversity and how not living up to stereotypes has impacted their lives.We're Social
In this episode we are joined by Emmanuel Apau, Chief Technology Officer of and Co-Founder of Black Code Collective.  Emmanuel will talk to us about his journey from Software Engineer to Site Reliability Engineer as well as striking out on his own and building his own cloud consulting company.  We'll also discuss his thoughts on building inclusive tech communities.We're social
In this episode, we are joined by the amazing Christina Gorton! We chat about interviewing for cloud and dev roles. What's it like to be a freelancer, creating content, how Christina and Gwyn became involved with #100DaysOfCloud, and much more!We're social
In the beginning

In the beginning


Today LaBrina and Gwyn discuss their new project, a bit of their backgrounds, Gwyn's tweet about degrees, managers being resources, and a lot more.
Today LaBrina and Gwyn discuss the skills you need to know in order to land a role in the cloud.ResourcesGetting started with Free Trials:AWS - - - Plans/CertificationsAWS - -   - 're social
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