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Carbon Capture using biology is real, it's economical and it can pull carbon directly from the atmosphere.   Listen to  this interview with Richard Sayre PhD, formerly with Los Alamos National Labs, about using algae for carbon capture.  And notice to entrepreneurs and investors: we're looking for people to see this work through.
In this interview with Tom Waldron of the Colorado company SuperTurbo, we talk about the surge in interest of running large commercial piston engines on hydrogen.  SuperTurbo makes a device that increases the efficiency and engine air control.
An interview with Sal Llamas at AC Transit regarding their published analysis comparing Battery and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.
Hystar Electrolyzers

Hystar Electrolyzers


The company Hystar makes more efficient and safer electrolyzers. Tina Andersen the head of Sales and Applications Engineering with Hystar explains the unique design.
Geothermal energy from dry rocks can be obtained almost anywhere and used in a distributed fashion to supply electricity and generate hydrogen, and do it lower cost than wind or solar.
The company H2U Technologies has found a way to quickly analyze and test replacements for the rare Platinum Group Metals in electrolyzers.
Hydrogen and Namibia

Hydrogen and Namibia


Namibia is poised to be a renewable energy exporter.  This podcast features an interview with Gerd Dronia  who is with the IzN Friedrichdorf Institute for Sustainability.
Natural Hydrogen Wells

Natural Hydrogen Wells


Hydrogen is generated underground in a natural and continuous process.  Learn more about this process and how this can be a significant source of zero greenhouse gas energy.
In our second interview with Emerson, we learn some of the issues and solutions around moving and dispensing hydrogen.
Criticizing  greenhouse calculations of many hydrogen analyses and an overview of available hydrogen vehicles
An interview with the company Modern Electron to hear about their distributed hydrogen generators based on  gas pyrolysis
Emerson produces a full gamut of hydrogen measurement and control products. Learn about some of the complications of handling hydrogen in this episode.
An interview with Freddy Briggs of PDC machines to talk about diaphragm compressors and small, modular fuel stations.
The Ukraine Podcast

The Ukraine Podcast


Interview with Oleksandr Riepkin and Viacheslav Zgonnik ( regarding hydrogen in the Ukraine, before, during and after the Russian Invasion
The Vacation Podcast

The Vacation Podcast


The podcast is on vacation this week, but Brian took some time to cover a bit of news on the Hydrogen Hubs
2nd Anniversary Show

2nd Anniversary Show


2nd Anniversary Show
A look at the liquid hydrogen ecosystem and the company GenH2 who makes hydrogen liquefaction and cryogenic dewar equipment.
EPC owner John Cornish talks about past projects, and the future of hydrogen infrastructure.
An interview with Jim Nebergall of Cummins Engines.
A dialog with Steven Kloos PhD, the CEO of Aquahydrex about Green Hydrogen's role in achieving net-zero greenhouse gases
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