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In this episode, DJ and Kyle share advice on how to start a TikTok account for your youth ministry! TikTok is quickly on it's way to becoming the largest social media app available, and like many apps, it can be a GREAT tool for your ministry. What TikTok dance should Kyle learn and post? Let us know on our instagram at @theetapodcast!
CAMP SEASON IS UPON US! Kyle and DJ just finished up camp season. As you know, one of the hardest things can be getting people to sign up! In this episode, DJ and Kyle talk about how to promote for camps well without being totally overbearing! 
Sorry for the long wait! Camp season was crazy! We just don't know what you would do without us though, so we're back to it! In this episode, Kyle and DJ talk about 20 words you should STOP using in your ministry. These aren't necessary profane words, but some are a little outdated. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Let us know on our instagram at @theetapodcast!
Welcome to part 2! Did you know we're running an insane contest on our instagram? Go check it out immediately! In the last episode, Kyle and DJ talked about how to evaluate whether or not you might need a new name or logo. Today, Kyle shares his battle tested plan for changing the name of a youth ministry. 
In this episode, Kyle and DJ talk about how to assess if your ministry needs a new name, or maybe its time for a new logo! Acronyms, while a youth workers best friend, are outdated. So where do we go from here? What if you decide you need a new logo or name? We want to help you out! We are offering a chance to have your name and logo PROFESSIONALLY rebranded for FREE! Listen to this episode and the next for entry details.
In this episode, DJ and Kyle share their top ten list of mistakes we often make when giving an illustration. We all know illustrations can be powerful, and we want to help you maximize the moment by giving some practical tips and tricks to make your illustrations hit!
ALT NAME: How to not look like an idiot. Jk, but really. Nothing erodes trust in church leadership more, other than sin, than blowing your budget. In this episode, we address some tips and tricks to running and maintaining a youth ministry budget, 
At the end of the year, every youth worker must answer to the question of "Why do you need so much money? For pizza?" In this episode, Kyle and DJ share some of their tips and tricks for creating a healthy youth ministry budget. Grab your pens and your calculator!
Kyle and DJ give 30 quick tips to one of the most difficult problems in youth ministry, getting your students to talk! Let us know what tips you would add! 
In this episode, DJ and Kyle ask each other awkward questions and get real about some of the crazy things that happen in youth ministry. 
In this episode, Kyle and DJ follow up their last episode with 5 fresh evangelism methods that are super easy and immediately applicable in your ministry! If you haven't yet listened to episode 44, go right now!    
Outdated and Evangelism usually don't go together in the same sentence. However, as times change, different methods become more effective or less effective. In today's episode, Kyle and DJ talk about a few outdated methods, and the importance of not changing the What of evangelism, but constantly changing the How.  
Looking for a new job?  Wondering if your resumè needs some sprucing but don't know where to start? In this episode, Kyle and DJ talk about some practical tips and tricks for writing a killer resumè that is sure to win you a job! 
In this episode, Kyle and DJ interview their summer interns to get their perspectives on their summer internships. Dalton, Caleb and Sean were great to have on and to be around this summer! (Most of the time...)
In this third edition of the Awkward Book Club, DJ and Kyle review some ancient ministry books. If this is your first time attending the ABC, and you love it as much as we do, be sure to check out our earlier installments!   
In this episode, DJ and Kyle talk about 5 of the most important relationships you need in youth ministry. These are important, and will help you be a better youth worker!
In our 40th episode, DJ and Kyle give the top ten list of the type of students you will run into at camps! What do you think? Are there more? Let us know on our Instagram at @theetapodast!
Is COVID over? Maybe not. But, there is light in the tunnel. COVID changed a lot. Students' and families' words were rocked. In this episode, DJ and Kyle talk about several new student trends in a post COVID world.  
Summer can totally sneak up on you, and guess what. It is here! In episode 37, DJ and Kyle give five practical tips and tricks to help you plan an AMAZING summer! Share this episode with someone who has made your summer awesome in the past!
Have you or a loved one looked at the date recently and exclaimed, "Wow, it's May?" As we wrap up another school year, Kyle and DJ want to bring you some practical tips and tricks for wrap up your school year well, and finish strong!
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