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Alex, Chad and Ryan tackle the deep rabbit holes of the internet to bring you a unique grouping of well-researched topics. Dive into conspiracy theories, paranormal stories, true crime, and everything in between. Hear both sides of history’s most controversial topics as they break them down beginning to end, but not without giving their brutally-honest and sometimes outrageous opinions on them first.
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Well, this is the last one for a while. Thank you all for hanging out with us.  We'll be back so keep this feed in your Podcast players. | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
This week, we go back into the death of Gabby Petito. Unfortunately, this sad story ended in the worst possible way. We got back together to discuss what happened to Brian Laundrie as well as some theories that are out there that are likely not very credible but they’re out there so we wanted to bring them to you.  This is a sad story and one that we felt we had to cover but these stories are hard to discuss. We’ll be back with some (hopefully) happier discussions next week. | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
This week an old friend joins us to discuss his childhood growing up in a haunted house and how that effected his and his family's life. It's a wild ride, I promise. We also discuss the happenstance that led to us having this guest and Ryan takes the opportunity to reminisce about ghost hunting with our special guest like 16 years ago. We discuss the cemetery that was a central location for them when they were at the height of their paranormal investigations.  Thank you Jordan for coming on the show and sharing with us.  I hope you enjoy the stories and Happy (early) Halloween!! | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
We decided to make a full episode length Movie Corner. Remember that thing we used to do? Well, here's a much longer version (and even Alex gets in on the fun). This week, we discuss our favorite movies. We instead took a meandering little tour of some of our favorite movie, movie styles, directors, and franchises.  Yep, it's That's Strange at our finest - finding new ways to showcase our collective hyperactivity. | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
This week, we are taking the week off. So, in the spirit of spooky season, here’s a previous episode from last year.  Chad and Ryan sit down to discuss two horrifying real world stories. The Villisca Axe Murders and The Demon House. Both stories will have you on the edge of your seats as we break down everything involved in these tragic and terrifying stories. Ryan also make his addendum to last week’s episode with The Ladies of Strange that he unfortunately missed. Ryan discusses his top three horror movies of all time as well as commenting on some of our picks. If you haven't heard of the two stories we discuss then you are in for a treat as we walk down a dark road filled with terrible crimes, demonic possessions, and hauntings that will keep you up at night. We give our opinions on these two stories as we break down all the aspects involved with both. Don't forget to head over to our new Facebook Group. The community that is growing over there is truly amazing and if you can't get enough of the stories we are talking about, it’s definitely the place for you! We hope you all enjoy this episode but be warned, you won't want to listen to this one in the dark. Until next week, thank you all for the support and let’s keep this momentum moving forward! We appreciate every single one of you! | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
Gabby Petito

Gabby Petito


Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie were seemingly a loving couple out on the road to make memories and enjoy their time on Earth. They were young, full of hope and ready to see the world. But, things didn't turn out to be as idyllic as they seemed. Join us as we try to make sense of this senseless death. The Bethune Video Bodycam Footage | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
Son of Sam

Son of Sam


This week, we dive into the Son of Sam and his time killing in New York. We also try to figure out if it was a demon or a dog that was telling him what to do? Was it both? As we usually, do we also find some tangents to fall into but we hope you enjoy listening.  Please come find us on the internet and tell us what you think! | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
Fear Street Part One: 1994

Fear Street Part One: 1994


This week, we watched it so you don't have to... unless you want to. Welcome to the new Strange Theatre where we don't expect you to watch along and we just discuss the movie. | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
This week, we cover the Children of God (aka The Family, The Family International, several other ridiculous names). We look into the abyss so you don't have to and this week is no exception. This cult has done some heinous things throughout the years but they somehow are still a group that exists in the world and they continue to acquire new members. How? We honestly don't know. Can you tell us? Click here to read more about them. However, tread lightly. This isn't light Sunday reading. Also, here's some stuff about #freebritney and the Monoliths. | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
This week, we dive into the story of Kenneka Jenkins; a girl who was out celebrating a birthday and a new job with friends. Unfortunately, the events of that night took a turn for the worse when Kenneka left the party.  We dive into what was caught on film, the rumors, and the conspiracy theories this week on That's Strange. Videos: Vid 1: Facebook Live  Vid 2: Snapchat  Vid 3: CCTV | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
This week, we discuss the Loch Ness monster and it's validity or lack thereof. We get into the so-called photographic evidence and we discuss what we really think of this story.  It's a silly one - get ready. | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
We are taking the week off so here's an episode from Season 2 that we particularly liked.  The boys sit down to discuss the Winchester Mystery House. The widow of firearm tycoon William Winchester started construction on this massive and bizarre structure following several tragedies in her life. Her husband passed away from tuberculosis, while her infant daughter passed away from marasmus. Following a visit to a local medium, Sarah Winchester packed up her bags and moved west to California. She acquired a farm house, which she would spend the next thirty eight years adding on to. With several oddities in the construction of add ons to a few ghostly encounters, this topic is ripe for That's Strange. Hop on and listen as we break down everything from how the Winchesters gained their fortune to Ryan's real-life encounter with this incredible structure. While season 2 is coming to a close soon we want you to remember that we are only taking a brief break before beginning production on Season 3. Stay up to date on what we have coming down the line over on our official website. | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
This week, we discuss the Warrens in great detail.  We uncover several stories that they investigated including:  The Haunting In Connecticut  The Borley Rectory  The Union Cemetery  The Warrens' Occult Museum  Amityville | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
This week, we discuss Dahmer.  This has been a topic we've wanted to cover for a while but it's a dark one. We have talked about Sociopaths before on the show and a lot of the definition for Sociopath is basically a biography of Dahmer.  This episode should not be listened to around children or anyone sensitive to discussions of depraved murder, cannibalism, or rape. | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
The Devil Made Me Do It

The Devil Made Me Do It


This week Chad and Ryan dive into the "true story" behind the third installment in the Conjuring series.  We discuss Ed and Lorraine Warren in more detail and we also discuss Samurai and Soccer somehow. | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
This week, we watch the newest entry in the Conjuring universe. Go to HBO Max, queue up the movie and watch along! Please remember to turn off your speed adjustments.  Join us next week for a discussion of the real events of this and the other Conjuring movies. | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
The Jules Rimet trophy (given for the World Cup winners from 1930-1970) has a storied past - and not just one of victory and loss. This week, Thomas Costello from Bryant and Me joins Ryan to discuss the history and the strange paths this trophy has taken since it's creation in 1930.  One of Thomas' fantastic article over on Massive Report can be found here. If you're into soccer at all, I'd make sure to follow Thomas on Twitter. | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
This week we dive into the story of Laci and Scott Peterson and dig into the details of the case.  Spoiler alert: we all thought he was guilty before we researched the actual details. Before you get mad at us, go read about it and make your opinion up after. Trust us, you might be surprised what you learn. I know we were.  Scott Peterson Sentenced to Death for Killing Pregnant Wife Scott Peterson’s Death Sentence Is Overturned Scott Peterson’s Murder Convictions to Be Re-examined, Court Orders | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
This week, we dive into the Secret Space Program, the 20 and Back program and so much more! It's a wild episode and we hope you love it! If you'd like to hear the full unedited conversation (and get an extra 20 minutes of us talking about this) be sure to subscribe to our Patreon! Also, there is a twist at the end you won't expect. I know I didn't and I was in the show!! | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
This week we kick off Season 4!  We start off with the Pentagon acknowledging UFOs... ahem... UAPs and then we discuss the story behind Fire In The Sky.  Travis Walton's abduction story is as compelling as ever with the news that the Pentagon isn't denying the presence of UAPs any longer.  Stay tuned next week as we dive into another Space themed topic! You won't want to miss it. | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | youtube
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