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That's Strange tackles all things controversial, eye opening, and strange! We dig deep to find the best information, most of which has been uncovered information involving conspiracy theories, paranormal stories, urban legends, unsolved mysteries and more! As the season continues, we will discuss stories, myths, legends, aliens and anything that makes you say, "...that's strange". You can find us on all major podcast platforms, including some radio.
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Chad and Ryan sit down to discuss two horrifying real world stories. The Villisca Axe Murders and The Demon House. Both stories will have you on the edge of your seats as we break down everything involved in these tragic and terrifying stories. Ryan also make his addendum to last week’s episode with The Ladies of Strange that he unfortunately missed. Ryan discusses his top three horror movies of all time as well as commenting on some of our picks. If you haven't heard of the two stories we discuss then you are in for a treat as we walk down a dark road filled with terrible crimes, demonic possessions, and hauntings that will keep you up at night. We give our opinions on these two stories as we break down all the aspects involved with both. Don't forget to head over to our new Facebook Group. The community that is growing over there is truly amazing and if you can't get enough of the stories we are talking about, it’s definitely the place for you! We hope you all enjoy this episode but be warned, you won't want to listen to this one in the dark. Until next week, thank you all for the support and let’s keep this momentum moving forward! We appreciate every single one of you!
Do you love scary movies?  Feel like you've seen them all?   Well join the club, as we discuss our favorite scary movies with The Ladies of Strange!  We're kicking off our Halloween Special with some seriously strange and scary movies.  From paranormal to jump scares... we bet you haven't seen Alex's #1 pick, either!  Take the dive with us and hopefully we can give you a great movie to watch this Halloween. Check out The Ladies of Strange on Apple Podcasts. Check out That's Strange on Facebook.  
Snowden: Behind The Leak

Snowden: Behind The Leak


This week we discuss Edward Snowden and the revelations caused by one of the biggest leaks of our modern time.  Follow along with us as we discuss his history, his legitimacy as an intelligence figure and the validity of what he leaked. We also talk about why we believe he did this and what it means for his legacy. Head over to to find all of our links.  If you're looking to sponsor 3 guys making a podcast about strange things, reach out to
This week, we discuss Qanon.  We talk about the origins, the theories, the possible identity and the effect it's having on our society.  Make sure to head to to find links to all of our social media and our Patreon. If you feel like being amazing, please become a patron and help us continue to make these episodes.
We are incredibly excited to be back! But, be warned: this is a very very dark episode. The topics covered here are not for children. In our Season 2 premier, we take you Beyond #pizzagate as we roll up our sleeves and plumb the depths of this conspiracy so you don't have to.  Please don't forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts! Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on the latest news! If you're having trouble finding us somewhere here is a Linktree to all of our various links. We are super excited to be back and we have an amazing season planned out for all of you! Make sure to head to to find some more information and links regarding what we discussed this week on the show.
Mothman: Fact or Fiction

Mothman: Fact or Fiction


We are thrilled to reveal our season finale on Mothman! Rounding out our season with another folklore creature seemed like the perfect cap to an amazing season! We couldn't be more happy with the support that we have gotten since first starting That's Strange. Unlike most season breaks, we will only be gone for a short break. We hope you enjoy the Mothman episode! Mothman was one of the most interesting topics to research because of the fact that his sightings were so rare. Unlike Bigfoot, loch ness, or any other creature, his sightings were all within a year. While many believe to have seen him outside of the West Virginia area, the original sightings are what build this folklore. Stay tuned to our Facebook on updates on season 2 and the exciting news we will have in the coming weeks! If you're having trouble finding us anywhere head over to our Linktree for all our different links! Thank you all again for the amazing response to our first season and we are going to continue this momentum into season 2 and beyond! We will see you all real soon!
Finishing out our cult series, we saved the most tragic story for last. Alex takes us into the mind of Jim Jones, following his story from his humble beginnings to the People's Temple final day. Alex continues our deep dive into our favorite religious cults to round out our first ever three part series. Saving what we felt was the most tragic story of them all due to the sheer number of people who lost their lives. Jim Jones, facing heavy media scrutiny decided to move his temple out of the country; somewhere he promised would be a paradise for his followers. However, the cascading domino effect of his final days lead to the largest single loss of American lives due to a deliberate act until the September 11th attacks. If you're interested in the recording that we discuss of "Jim Jones Death Tape", head over here to listen to it in its entirety. Please don't forget that we have officially launched our Patreon, head over there to checkout the exclusive content we are offering. If you're having any difficulty finding us somewhere click here for all of our links! 
Continuing our long dive into religious cults we are super excited to release our Heaven's Gate episode. Ryan picked out one of if not the most bizarre story you will ever hear on That's Strange. Ryan sits down with us to discuss Heaven's Gate and everything the out of this world story has to offer.  Marshall Applewhite (or Do)'s Final Exit video can be found here. It's just as wild as I'm sure you'd expect.   Be sure to stick around for our Post-Show discussion of possible new topics.    Please leave a review! It helps immensely. You can find our blog as well as links to all things That's Strange at    Also - make sure you're covered in the event of alien abduction - get our Alien Abduction Insurance here!
We took our long dive into our favorite cults in our most recent episode! Alex, Ryan and I each picked our favorite cults to bring to the table to discuss! In the first part of this series Chad sits down with Ryan and Alex to discuss the Branch Davidians and the Waco Siege. The world watched the 51 day siege end tragically on April 19th, 1993. A little over 27 years later we sit down to discuss it beginning to end! For anyone interested here is a good breakdown of the Waco incident. Koresh's radio sermon that was broadcast during the siege is definitely worth a listen. We hope you all enjoy this series of episodes as we had an absolute blast recording them. Don't forget that we have also officially launched our Patreon! Head over and check out all the exclusive content we are offering. All of our other links can be found right here! We would love to hear from you all and would be thrilled if you could leave us a review over on Apple Podcasts! Stay tuned for the Second and Third parts of our Cults series, as Ryan discusses Heavens Gate and Alex tries to get us to drink the Kool-Aid with his dive into Jonestown. Also be sure to check out our friends The Ladies of Strange on Apple Podcasts!
Top 10 Most Terrifying Hauntings... according to Chad and Ryan Since we are missing Alex for today’s recording, we decided to do something fun with our first Top 10 list! Chad and Ryan have both compiled lists of the top 5 most terrifying, interesting, and thought-provoking hauntings that we could come across.  Tower of London Aokigahara Cecil Hotel The Powell House R.M.S. Queen Mary The Bell Witch Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Eastern State Penitentiary Paris Catacombs (Video) Poveglia   Please visit to connect with us on social media or to suggest a story for us to cover!  If you're interested in supporting us via Patreon, we'd really appreciate it!
Bob Lazar, UFOs and Aliens!

Bob Lazar, UFOs and Aliens!


Bob Lazar, UFOs and Aliens! In this week’s episode of That’s Strange, we will uncover Bob Lazar’s controversial account of being a physicist at a top secret research facility, known as “S4”.  We will dive deep into this rabbit hole of alien technologies, and the man who worked on them.   You can find us… well… everywhere! Click here!
Two episodes in one week!  We are literally killing it! Part Two of this week's multi-topic is going to focus on Multiple Dimensions and Dimensional Jumping in particular.  We are going to go over some personal Mandela Effects that we can't believe ourselves.  Ryan talks to us about the Hadron Collider, CERN and more!
This week's episode goes so in depth that we needed to make two parts!   We will be posting the 2nd episode in a few days.  Get the inside look at The Mandela Effect from the expert!  Stasha Eriksen is the author of "The Mandela Effect: Everything Is Changing", available on Amazon!  Stasha has been on an incredible journey of discovery and enlightenment that we discuss, as well as get her first-hand look on the phenomenon.  We will also be discussing theories on the controversial JFK "Magic Bullet Theory" and how it relates to the Mandela Effect.  In part two, Ryan will be starting us off with Dimensional Jumping and theories about a multiverse that exists all around us and beyond our comprehension.     You can find us everywhere!  Stasha Eriksen on Amazon
In this week's episode, we will dive into the world of the paranormal.  We begin our first ever LIVE episode with Pod VCon.  Explore the world of EVP's with us and we will begin Part 1 of our r/nosleep story "My Dead Girlfriend Keeps Messaging Me On Facebook".  A story that talks about a redditor who has been receiving otherworldly communications from a deceased lover.  We also have a 3rd member, introducing Ryan to the podcast!  Enjoy!   Facebook
We start off with a gripping narrative, that will transport you to a desolate cabin awaiting the arrival of Slenderman. Chad goes over the origins and violence associated with the legend. But seriously, what does this have to do with Ke$ha?
On our inaugural episode we sit down to discuss one of the strangest allegations that has come up in recent years, the wayfair human trafficking scandal. Let’s take a deep dive into this scandal and see if it’s substantial argument or a baseless rumor! Over-priced cabinets and pillows, with names resembling missing children. Could this mean what the allegations suggest? Earlier this week, Wayfair found themselves in a viral internet scandal that accused them of child-trafficking. A reddit post that sparked thousands of posts and discussions about the truth behind these serious allegations against Wayfair. Tune in as we dive into the story and add a few details of our own that nobody is talking about.
Tune in to That’s Strange every week on Tuesdays to dive-in some of the most controversial, creepy and strange topics that we discuss with in-depth research, analysis and unbiased opinions from our panel.  You can find us on all major podcast networks and check us out on!
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