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The African diaspora plays an important role in the lives of millions of Africans. By sending money back home, it contributes to the wellbeing of millions. It’s facing many challenges, particularly about misuse of the funds. This is where Tulix comes with an innovative solution for remittance by the diaspora.In this episode, Jason welcomes Brian Muriu and Alistair Gould, founders of Tulix, who share their experience creating and funding Tulix. You will discover a lot of insights on investors’ relationship, learning curve and readiness, among many topics covered in this interview. Enjoy!
Running an NGO is a full-time job. However, running all the operations, particularly funding them, is time consuming. Giving Way provides a simple solution to thousands of NGO to run smoothly and effectively. Today we welcome Orit Strauss Raz, CEO and co-founder of Giving Way.Orit provides valuable insights on how she and her team raised money in multiple round. She comes back on Giving Way struggles and how they overcome them. Giving Way is a unicorn in the making and this episode is a key opportunity to learn from its founder. Enjoy!
Retail is quite a challenge in Africa. From retailers who may not get their product on time, to manufacturers who would like to expand their retail footprint, adding to all the riders who would like to increase their occupation rate, Duhqa is the perfect solution.In this episode, we meet Victor Maina, founder of Duhqa, a tech company that solves logistic challenges in Africa. During our conversation, Victor highlights three key areas if you want to raise money fast: 1 – Grow your business and track your metrics, 2- Master the art of storytelling, 3- Narrow down to the right investors. Discover more in Victor's interview and experience. Enjoy!
In this episode, we welcome Arthur Mulwa, CEO and co-founder of AiCare, a Kenyan insurtech startup. Arthur walks us into the genesis of AiCare, its evolution and his learnings along the way. He talks about patience required to grow a company and the inherent bold naivety of startupers who moves mountains. He shares that taking feedback positively, picking the right investor, and talking to other entrepreneurs are the key ingredients to raise money successfully. At the same time, he shares there’s a real lack of information about investors.Finally, although it’s difficult to value a company, defining the right metrics is key to investors discussion. Enjoy the conversation!You can reach Arthur on LinkedIn and AiCare here.
Today, we welcome Kaushik Rathod, founder of Yugo, more than a taxi-hailing company, it brings transportation solution to Mauritius. Although it looks like more famous apps, it differs through its local and culture adaptation.Kaushik shares Yugo story, of “persistence, resilience, and patience”, three key characteristics of entrepreneurs, that Kaushik believes are key. He walks us through his journey of funding from “being lucky” to picking the right investor.An episode full of wisdom and tips for every entrepreneur and startuper who want to raise money to develop her or his venture.You can reach Kaushik through Yugo’s website.
In the fourth and last episode of our mini-series dedicated to the theme of Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs, we focus on the theme of Web!If you have followed our podcast over the past three weeks, you know that we have covered the topics of Branding, Content, and Digital. All of them play a vital role in the success of a brand’s online marketing strategy. Web + ConversionAs a starting point, Winley suggests that first you should check what is wrong with your website. Understand where you are lagging and fix the weak spots. Is your website or app mobile-friendly? Does it load rapidly? Does your contact form actually work?Here are some suggested tools to help you diagnose the health of your website and take corrective actions: —GT Metrics——Google Search Console—HotjarBe mobile-first and show empathy.We are living in a mobile first era, so ensure that your website or app is a 100% mobile friendly.We touched the theme of Call to Action (CTA). Call to actions that shows empathy to the process the user is currently in has shown to drive more user engagements that the usual “Buy Now” rhetoric. “You need to show that you want to assist before trying to sell”  — Winley. Tune in to the podcast to hear more in-depth insights from our digital marketing expert, Winley Vellin, who for these past weeks have been distilling actionable insights into how to take your Online Marketing to the next level.
Welcome to the third episode of our mini-series on Entrepreneurs Talk Africa focused on Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs. This week with our digital marketing expert guest Winley Vellin, we tackle the theme of Digital. First of all, we have to clearly distinguish that Digital is a component of Online Marketing, even though more often than not these terms are used interchangeably.Digital is the channel that helps you reach your target audience, interact with them and ultimately build relevant relationships with them.This podcast episode is really insightful as it gives you several snackable insights that you can incorporate in your digital marketing mix and digital strategy and start shifting your digital performance.The 5 W (well 4W1H) framework to build your Digital Strategy.Winley gave an easy framework to work with while laying down the foundation of your digital strategy:Why are you doing what you are doing?Who are you targeting?What message are you putting out?When are you going to push your content to your audience?How are you going to do all of that?We also talked about how the good Ol’ Email marketing channel is STILL WORKS. Sending out personalised email can go a long way. Winley talked about up to 70% open rate while industry average is at 15%.Suggested Tool: Active CampaignOn a closing note, we emphasized on the value of collaboration with others and how this can lead to deep-rooted synergies and exponential growth potential.Tune in here to listen to the podcast episode and learn more on how you can better leverage Online Marketing for your business.
In this second episode of our mini-series dedicated in to Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs, led by the digital marketing expert Winley Vellin, we cover the topic of content.Winley shared about the importance of keeping your content; relevant, valuable and, relatable.If you think that content is all about text, then broaden your perspective to include new formats such as podcasts, videocasts, and infographics amongst others.Winley shared with us some quick actionable tips to generate traffic on on your website such as X versus Y posts.  For example "MailChimp versus HubSpot" style blog posts. Tune into the podcast to hear more about it and learn how to generate substantial and relevant traffic to your website.We also explored the content creation framework called PBC framework (PBC standing for Preview Benefits and Call to actions) to develop your content strategy and we also touch on the topic of evergreen content. To conclude here are some interesting tools that was share during the podcast episode that you can add into your tool digital marketing toolbox:- animalz -  - questiondb amongst others (listen to the podcast for more tools, tips and ideas).Enjoy this second episode of this mini-series wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.About WinleyWinley is what we can qualify as a pure digital marketer. With more than a decade of experience in the field of digital marketing and exposure in various industries ranging from hospitality, travel, and consumer goods where he distilled his expertise, he is well versed into his subject.He founded the digital marketing agency future buzz and developed their digital marketing approached dubbed the Buzz Spot.Connect with Winley via his LinkedIn account here 
Today we inaugurate a new series of  Entrepreneurs Talk Africa episodes focused on delivering actionable insights to entrepreneurs about online marketing strategies. Today, we talk about the topic of branding and what are the actions you as entrepreneur can implement to take your online marketing to the next level.Some keys insights shared by Winley Vellin our first guest of this mini-series are:Start with your WHY. Be consistent by streamlining your brand messageIdentify what makes your brand different and proudly build on it.Use your brand elements as much as possibleKnow the pains and frustrations of your audienceHow to use your about us page on your website and align it to your online marketing strategy.Tune in here: to listen to the #podcast episode and drop any questions or feedback you may have about in the comments below. About WinleyWinley is what we can qualify as a pure digital marketer. With more than a decade of experience in the field of digital marketing and exposure in various industries ranging from hospitality, travel, and consumer goods where he distilled his expertise, he is well versed into his subject.He founded the digital marketing agency future buzz and developed their digital marketing approached dubbed the Buzz Spot. Connect with Winley via his LinkedIn account here 
Entertainement is a fast growing industry. For producers finding the best talent is sometimes a difficult endeavor. Casting is intense for talents and a major investment of time and energy for most. Kwasi Bosiako Antwi, co-founder and CEO of Casting Africa, has gone through all those difficulties and decided to launch Casting Africa, a casting platform and talent directory focused on connecting African talents to the global market. It helps actors, models, dancers & influencers reach their full potential through a platform designed for them.In this episode, we discover Kwasi's story that led to the creation of Casting Africa, his struggles, successes, and learning. It's unique episode in the world of TV, Cinema and Arts. Enjoy!
Education is top of mind for many families. But as parents, how can you make sure your child benefits the most from school. How can you help kids to succeed at school? Answering those questions motivated Yves Jiwo to create Tootree, a unique service to help schools, parents and students to make the most of their school experience.In this episode, you discover the genesis of Tootree, its unique concept and approach, and how it helps kids succeed at school and in life, as well as key learnings from its founder, Yves Jiwo. Enjoy!Note: this episode has been recorded in French!
If you love books, you may appreciate audio books. However, if you read African authors, you may find difficult to find audio books from African authors. This is where AkooBooks Audio will fill a gap. AkooBooks Audio is Ghana’s first publisher and digital distributor of African audiobooks, and offers a wide range of audio services. In this episode, we have the privilege to meet Ama Dadson, CEO and Founder of AkooBooks Audio, and winner of many prizes:  Women In Tech Africa Startup of The Year Award 2021 ,Mastercard Foundation African EdTech Fellow (2020), Award, Tony Elumelu Foundation Alumni, AFIDBA Ghana laureate, Winner AEA Award 2018. Ama walks us through the creation of her company, her learnings and her passions. Enjoy this unique episode from a unique African startup!
If you've ever run a company, you probably know that "cash is king". However, getting paid is not always easy and following up with payments is time-consuming. Cashback Consulting is a company created to solve this conundrum. In this episode, we welcome Inès Assoumou, founder of Cashback Consulting, who shares how and why the company was created and what she learned along the way. Enjoy!
What do you do when you purchase a second-hand luxury car in Africa and want to service it, you may be facing a conundrum that Motors Part Nation will solve for you. Marc had the pleasure to host Genera Moore, founder of Motors Part Nation, who is walking us in the car servicing industry. She goes into her story and the change of business model she had to go through to strive not only in the spare part industry but also, and above all, in professionalizing the car servicing industry. A lot of incredibly good business nuggets right into your ears. Enjoy!
Wellness and Beauty are multi-billion dollars businesses. However, when you are looking for the perfect practitioner, you may be lost in a void or with a plethora of options and no real guidance. This is where Kipepeo helps, at least for the moment if you're in Mauritius.Kipepeo is the 1st Beauty & Wellness online booking marketplace connecting professionals and customers. Marc is welcoming Warren Pougnet, co-founder of Kipepeo. In this episode, you will not only learn more about Kipepeo, but dive into its infancies, the struggles of Warren and his co-founder Marie Behrens and how the project is now soaring with great perspectives. Enjoy this fourth episode of the Angel Fair Africa season.
In this episode, we welcome Aziz Omar Masumbuko, founder of SaveApp. SaveApp has released Ukonga, a USSD and APP platform that enables its users to save passively through their everyday spend. SaveApp's vision is to solve Africa’s social economic problems using technology. A bold vision from a bold team. Enjoy!
In this second episode of the special Angel Fair Africa season, Jason hosts Beth Mwangi, founder of My Wage Pay, who helps employees get control of their financial lives to help them save more and advance their careers and employers to have less financially-stressed employees that translates into a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. My Wage Pay also runs a wellness program that helps  employees make smarter moves with their money by providing award winning information on how to budget, save and invest. Enjoy the conversation!
Today, we launch a special season of Entreprise Talk Africa for Angel Fair Africa, that will be held in Mauritius from 22 to 26 November 2021. Each episode of this season will feature one of the startups that will pitch during this event. It will be a great opportunity to know more about each founder and startup.In this first episode of the AFA Season, we welcome Oyedayo Oyeniran, founder of DeliverASAP who is changing the landscape of last mile delivery in Nigeria and further down accross Africa. Enjoy!
In this kind-of-special episode, Gerald meets two team members of Enpact, Heather Dannyelle Thompson and Tanyi Franç-Martial to talk about entrepreneurship in Africa and the launch of their magazine. Go grab a copy as soon as you've listened to this episode. Enjoy!
10 minutes of your time will make you discover a shot of insight of what success can be about, from my conversation with James Van Der Westhuizen. For the full episode, go here.
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