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Biblical Nutrition Academy Podcast

Author: Annette Reeder

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Eat. Pray. Fast. Amazing health is emotional, physical AND spiritual. Listen as The Biblical Nutritionist shares how to transform your health with practical spiritual concepts to start experiencing today.
Annette Reeder shares the simplicity of seeing the Truths in God's Word, the ease of cooking and the mental mindset shift necessary to enjoy God's Recipe for Excellent Health.
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The one question people keep asking when it comes to biblical weight loss and health - what is the KEY verse that keeps you focused? PLUS I have an announcement in this podcast only. Listen to learn what is coming next!
What is Einkorn Wheat - World's Oldest Grain: Interview with Sue Becker
Myths About Wheat

Myths About Wheat


A Bible study about healthy living is needed in every church. Do you know how to eat for the temple? Do you know how to fast? Do you know how to seek God for healing? Find it in the Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study
This interview with Dr Shawn Talbott unveils how three plant extracts and no stimulants can naturally bring positive change in mood, motivation and metabolism. Check out the products Dr. Shawn references here: Use this coupon code to save $10:
Comments (3)

Vicki Traughber

Praying the Word is key! I really enjoy being a part of the Inner Circle. The Biblical Nutition Academy has so much to offer.

Apr 26th

Vicki Traughber

I can't wait to try some of those out. Thanks Annette for another great podcast. #bakingbreadisfun #healthiswealth #learningnewthings

Apr 25th

Vicki Traughber

Great information I love the Inner Circle group

Apr 17th
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