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Author: Annette Reeder

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Amazing health is emotional, physical AND spiritual.
Annette Reeder shares the simplicity of seeing the Truths in God's Word, the ease of cooking, and the mental mindset shift necessary to enjoy God's Recipe for Excellent Health.
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Learn how to be mentally fit in 3 ways! Here are 3 things you can do to end brain fog, depression, and many more! Today's episode is about how to be mentally fit.  Do you know people who have PMS, PCOS, PTSD, depression, anxiety, difficulty learning, trouble remembering skin issues, digestion, digestive issues, difficulty losing weight, the list is ongoing to be mentally fit, it helps to know that these conditions are actually a signal that something is wrong. And we need to begin the healing process by starting in the most important area of your body.  
Let's start Biblical healthy living for these episode. These are helpful resources and guides to kickstart your journey to healthy living, biblically! Today's questions are all about biblical, healthy living. And more specifically, the questions are all seem to be geared towards teaching these courses or just taking the courses on your own where's the best place to start.
Today's episode, let's talk about what is it Like to Be a Proverbs 31 Woman? Today you want to share with you how to be a proverbs 31 woman and why we should be a proverbs 31 woman and how to possess the great characteristics of a virtuous woman. What is a Proverbs 31 woman and why does it matter? Here are the essential traits of a proverbs 31 woman and how to be one today and every day!
For today's episode, let me share the Jacob and Esau's story that teach us valuable lessons in life. This compelling story reveals how large rewards emerge when you wait and grow in patience a little more each week. Today it's time for another taste and see moment where we can take scriptures and stories from the Bible, learn that the significance of them not only in our spiritual walk better and our nutritional walk, and then we can share it at the dinner table and therefore remind our family, all the guy does to show us how much he loves us.  
For this episode, Let's be inspired by these 58 bible verses about God's love for you. May these Christmas Bible verses bring you peace, joy, and good tidings this holiday season. Let us meditate on these Christmas Bible verses this holiday season. Here are the Christmas Bible verses mentioned in this video, and I hope these will inspire you and bring you peace.  
Ready to start the Daniel Fast? On this podcast episode, we will get ready for a physical and spiritual breakthrough with the 21-day Daniel Fast!  
On today's episode, let's talk about the foods to avoid during pregnancy. You must avoid these foods at all costs - they shorten your child's life and yours! This is so vital for you to understand and also for the health of your child. So it's not just about the baby, it's about you. This is going to be superb information. I would rather teach you what to eat. But sometimes we need to clear the table of what not to eat first.  
Let's talk about the 5 reasons to celebrate Passover and how we should celebrate it as Christians! Growing up, I knew about Passover, but I didn't understand the true in depth value of Passover, I celebrated Easter, I would do the Easter egg hunt in the morning, I'd wake up and our Easter baskets would be hidden and I'd have to go find them. And they'd always be filled with lots of really good chocolate that's like a must, and an Easter chocolate Easter rabbit and also some spring goodies, gifts, prizes, all of that, then we would go to church, we would understand about the cross and the resurrection.
Do you want to know how to be satisfied? On today's episode, I will introduce three biblical steps for you to find joy and contentment in life! This is where we get to look into scripture and we get to understand how God uses different stories to teach us how to be satisfied in him spiritually and how the food that he's created for us will satisfy us physically.
Let's talk about what is neurogenesis and how does it affect you? Here is how to start your day with God motivation - how you can have the best day EVERYDAY! Neurogenesis is the birth Genesis means new beginnings. It is the birth of new neurons that came last night while you were sleeping, your brain was working for you. Stand up and say today is going to be an amen day. I heartily agree with what God brings my way.
On this Podcast episode we will start the new year with God. Here are 32 Bible verses to meditate on to help you become more satisfied with God and to be hungry for God's Word. When we recognize hunger we then know what it means to be fully satisfied. Satisfied comes from trusting God - Clinging to His promises – Clinging to his grace and truth. 
Let's talk about fake humility vs true humility. What is the difference between the two? Find out if your humility is fake or not. In Today's podcast episode we're going to talk about humility. Do you really know what it is? And can you recognize when you have fake humility? It's a tough one today, but it's going to hit the mark. So stay tuned. And let's talk about this. When you are ready to be truly healed, both spiritually and physically, then we must listen to our words.    
“I WANT TO QUIT.” How often do you say that statement or feel like you’re on the verge of saying it? If you feel like you are ready to quit and give up on yourself please, DON'T QUIT.. We are back on Podcast! and today, here is an inspirational message if you feel like giving up. My plea is for you to not quit your health program, your exercise program. You're believing in God and how much he loves you. So, don't quit.  
The one question people keep asking when it comes to biblical weight loss and health - what is the KEY verse that keeps you focused? PLUS I have an announcement in this podcast only. Listen to learn what is coming next!
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Vicki Traughber

Praying the Word is key! I really enjoy being a part of the Inner Circle. The Biblical Nutition Academy has so much to offer.

Apr 26th

Vicki Traughber

I can't wait to try some of those out. Thanks Annette for another great podcast. #bakingbreadisfun #healthiswealth #learningnewthings

Apr 25th

Vicki Traughber

Great information I love the Inner Circle group

Apr 17th
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