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We're Talking About Innovation.  My guest is Frans Johansson bestselling author of The Medici Effect. This book is an innovation classic released by the Harvard Business School Press that explores why the most powerful innovation happens at the “Intersection,” where ideas and concepts from diverse industries, cultures, and disciplines collide. Available in 21 languages, The Medici Effect has become the definitive book on diversity driving innovation, influencing numerous fields and disciplines such as architecture, design, economic development, education, entrepreneurship, and investing. Frans told me that diversity is a key driver of innovation success. So today I give him a call to talk all about it Frans Johansson is the founder and CEO of The Medici Group. His ideas around leadership, innovation, and diversity have inspired audiences worldwide, while his practical insights have empowered thousands to take action. The Medici Group is a solutions firm that helps companies accelerate their innovation and growth by leveraging diversity. By breaking down silos and leveraging diverse talent, we enable organisations to move faster, unleash growth, and transform their culture. Over the past 14 years The Medici Group has worked with over 4,000 global teams from 40% of the fortune 100 companies.  Connect With Frans Follow Frans on LinkedIn at  Learn more Frans and The Medici Group at and  Get your copy of The Medici Effect ay  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at  
We're doing something a little different for the final episode of 2021 As I look back and celebrate one year of the Phone Calls With Clever People Podcast I'm joined by my good friend Rohan Dredge from my first ever episode. Rohan joins me again to turn the tables and interview me for the show. In this episode we take time to reflect on where this all started, what's changed and what we're noticing in the world, what I've learned from over a year of interviews with clever people and what's next for me.  If you don't know me my name is Shane Michael Hatton and I'm the host of Phone Calls With Clever People. I'm a Queenslander by birth, Melbournian by choice, curious by nature and a creative at heart. I'm a leadership speaker, author, trainer and coach helping to develop Remarkable People Leaders. The kind of leaders that you talk about and remember. I love talking all things leadership, culture and communication. I'm a Gallup certified strengths coach, member of the Forbes Global Coaches Council, founder of the People Leaders Network and the author of ‘Lead The Room – Communicate a Message That Counts in Moments That Matter’. I also serve as director for the Asia Pacific Region Board of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). Let's Connect Connect with me on LinkedIn at Learn more about what I do and sign up for my newsletter at Follow me on Instagram at  Follow me on Twitter at  Reach out and email me at     
We're Talking About Stress  Trigger Warning: this episode briefly discusses issues around mental health, depression and suicide. My guest is speaker, coach and author Luke Mathers and he told me that stress can be a good thing, even a superpower if we don't let it stick to us.  Today I give him a call to explore how we can lead ourselves better in the area of stress.  Luke is the author of Stress Teflon, and 28 years in business have taught him that stress isn’t going away any time soon. If you want to have better health, relationships and success, you need to get good at stress. As one of the original directors of Specsavers in Australia, Luke was part of the biggest retail roll-out in Australia’s history. 100 stores in 100 days. His practice was the biggest in the country and set global records that were previously unheard of. Luke retired for the first time at age 31. After transforming his UK Specsavers practice (increasing turnover 350% in just three years) Luke returned to Australia to relax and put his feet up. It wasn't long before he realised he missed something....STRESS! Helping people become Stress Teflon and to RESET Stress is his mission. Through his keynote speeches, workshops and coaching he helps people turn threats into challenges. As the book says “it’s good being you when stress doesn’t stick.” Connect With Luke Follow Luke on LinkedIn at  Learn more Lukes work and connect at  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at  
We're talking about ideas   More importantly how we mobilise people behind them.    My guests are the hosts from The Common Creative Podcast - Chris Meredith and Paul Fairweather and they told me that when it comes to collaborating around ideas what is required to generate ideas looks different to what is required to mobilise people behind them.   Today I give them a call to talk all about how we can turn creative ideas into collective action   Paul and Chris are both leaders in creative thinking who co-host The Common Creative, a podcast on a mission to open up the discussion about creativity in business, from the perspective of both creatives and business people alike. Paul has a background as an award-winning architect and is also an artist, speaker, author and mentor. Chris is an award-winning photographer who is also a speaker, mentor, coach and facilitator. Together they pack a creative punch and love sharing their insights on innovation, problem-solving and design thinking.   Connect with Paul Connect with Paul on LinkedIn:  Learn more about Paul's work at:  Connect with Chris Connect with Chris on LinkedIn:  Learn more about Chris' work at:  Learn more about The Common Creative Podcast at  or and follow on instagram at or linkedin at  Connect With Shane Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
We're talking about self-leadership.   As restrictions around the world ease and we venture forward into this new world of work, it can be tempting to look to others to lead us out of lockdown. My guest on the podcast this week is Australian author and global speaker Ciara Lancaster and she told me that we have some personal responsibility when it comes to leading ourselves out of lockdown.   Today I'm giving her a call to explore how to do just that.   Ciara Lancaster is Australia's female keynote speaker and bestselling author dedicated to helping you transform your team from change fatigued to change fearless.   Ciara's thought-provoking, keynote speaking content explores the connections between resilience building, change management and self-leadership success strategies.   She says that human skills are THE competitive advantage in the decade of disruption, the post-pandemic world and the future of work.   As a former Change Manager at Deloitte Australia, she combines stories, science and simple strategies from the stage to inspire a future-ready mindset reset.   Most importantly, in a world dominated by celebrity, Ciara brings authenticity, vulnerability and relatedness that the audience comments on time and time again.   She's the author of Reimagine Change: Escape change fatigue, build resilience and awaken your creative brilliance.   Connect with Ciara Connect with Ciara on LinkedIn:  Learn more about inviting Ciara to speak and her book at:  Connect With Shane Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
We're talking about focus.   My guest is speaker and author is "Do One Thing Deep" Gayle Smerdon PhD, and as the title suggests she is advocate for businesses and individuals choosing one thing and doing it deep.   Today I'm giving her a call to find out why!   Gayle Smerdon, PhD is a writer, researcher and speaker on learning, leading and organisational culture.   Gayle's message is simple and practical. Stop wasting time, money and the goodwill of your employees by - trying to do too much and overwhelming your people - doing nothing and frustrating them or - doing things that don't make a difference and disengaging them.   By focusing attention on ONE THING that matters she believes that leaders can harness and direct the collective energy in our workplaces on creating something meaningful - which is good for business and their people.   Gayle currently runs a practice in Melbourne where she coaches curious and committed learners, and helps to build amazing teams and workplaces.   Connect with Gayle Website: Blog: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Connect With Shane Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
We're talking about resistance.   My guest is communication international facilitator, advisor and coach Leanne Hughes and she told me that while we often trying to overcome resistance, she believes it can be a good thing. Today I give her a call to talk all about it. Leanne Hughes loves creating unpredictable workshop experiences, that predictably work. She combines her experience in Marketing, with her education in Human Resources and Psychology, to help leaders create engaging everyday experiences - that are so contagious they scale across teams, functions and regions. Leanne has facilitated leadership, onboarding and team-development workshops across Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, and Singapore and believes in a strengths-centred approach to learning and development. She has over 14 years’ of experience across a range of industries including mining, government and tourism sectors. She’s the host of the First Time Facilitator podcast where she helps trainers and facilitators, book out five workshops for every workshop they deliver. Connect with Leanne Listen to the First Time Facilitator podcast: Check out Leanne's services over at: Join The Flipchart community on Facebook: Subscribe to Leanne’s bi-weekly(ish) newsletter: Connect with Leanne Hughes on LinkedIn: Follow behind the scenes on Leanne Hughes’ Instagram account: Chat to Leanne Hughes in 280 character or less on Twitter: Connect With Shane Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
We're talking hybrid communication   My guest is communication expert and my good friend Mel Kettle. She told me that while many organisations have been much more intentional around the role of technology in this new world of hybrid working, many haven't thought as intentionally about their communication.   I give Mel a call to learn more about what we can do to communicate better in the new world of work.   Mel Kettle is an expert at communication that builds trust. She understands how to create strategies that have immediate, meaningful impact. With more than two decades of experience in strategic communication and leadership and a unique educational combination of a Master of Business (Marketing) and a Master of Public Health, Mel is a valuable asset to leaders and teams that want achieve real connection and sustained engagement.   Clients rave about Mel’s sharp insight, her ability to simplify the complex and her capacity to mobilise people and ideas so they can increase their visibility and influence.   She is the host of podcast This Connected Life and author of The Social Association. Her second book Connected Leadership – Starts with You is due out in late-2021.   Connect with Mel Twitter - LinkedIn - Instagram - Connect With Shane Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
We're talking about what it means to be Bold! And who better to join me than bold branding & small business coach and my good friend Suz Chadwick.  Suz and I crossed paths for the first time in a 'clubhouse' conversation (for those who don't know clubhouse was an audio hangout app that rose to popularity in the early months of 2021 - that fell just as quickly) and i immediately knew I had to get her as a guest on the podcast.  She deeply believes that real impact comes from being bold. A South African born, Australian raised, Gorman wearing, 80s tunes blasting, thrill-seeking woman who loves to jump out of planes and dive off cliffs – neither of which she sees as heart pumping as running a business Besides being an in-demand speaker and podcast aficionado, she loves working with savvy women to help them become bold and powerful voices in their industry and claim their space with confidence. Connect with Suz Instagram -  Linkedin -  Learn more about Suz's work as a speaker and bold business coach at    Connect With Shane Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
We're having a conversation about wisdom.   As we navigate life & leadership we probably all feel like we could use a little more wisdom in our decisions. But where and who do you turn to in order to find it?   Most people have many specialists around them: Solicitor, Bank or Finance Broker, Stock Broker, Health Practitioner, Accountant, Insurance Broker. But helps you oversee the work of all these specialist professionals?   My guest is head coach of Design a Decade, Chris Freeman and he told me that when it comes to creating a life by design, we're often using outdated wisdom, trying to plan our life around retirement at 65. And he says that's the wrong number.   Today I give him a call to explore why and how we can get wisdom to create a life by design.   Chris is an expert in how to design lifestyle and financial wealth in a decade. He loves to seek out and pass on knowledge, understanding and wisdom; creating opportunity for everyday people to balance lifestyle and financial wealth in a trusted environment of Personal and Professional relationships.   Chris's journey has taught him that don’t live long enough to make all the mistakes, recover from them and THEN put that experience to setting up our future. So we need to find people to tun to that have already walked the journey.   Connect with Chris and learn more about Design a Decade at - and   Connect With Shane Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
We're Talking About Mental Health.    Trigger warning: for anyone that may want to avoid this topic of conversation which includes discussion around anxiety, health, medication and depression.   My guest is one of New Zealand's most experienced and successful strategic facilitators Alicia McKay and she is known for tackling the tricky stuff in life, work and leadership.   When I invited Alicia to join me on the podcast our intention was to talk about her great new book 'You don't need an MBA'.   But as you'll quickly learn in this conversation, mental health doesn't discriminate and it can affect people who we might feel have it all together. Including Alicia and myself.   It may not have been the conversation we planned, but it was just the conversation that was needed.   Alicia has worked with New Zealand and Australia’s most senior leaders in government, business and community, injecting fresh perspective and sharp insight.   She has recently released her second book 'You Don't Need an MBA - Leadership lessons that cut through the crap' because she believes that gone are the days of sitting in a lecture hall every weekend for years, only to find that everything you learned has become irrelevant. For decades, we’ve been training people to become managers and subject matter experts. But to have real impact in today’s fast-moving, connected world, you need a different set of skills. Skills they don’t teach you at business school.   Connect with Alicia Linkedin - Learn more about her work and program at - Get a copy of her latest book at -    Connect With Shane Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
We're Talking About Leadership.  In 2012 Holly Ransom was named as one of the Australian Financial Review’s ‘100 Most Influential Women’, making her the youngest person to receive the honour. Known as one of the world’s top keynote speakers, CEO of her own company and now author of her first book The Leading Edge, Holly raises a call to arms for people to step up and turn their restlessness for change into the reality of a better world. She has spent a decade studying leadership, interviewing incredible luminaries including Barack Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Sir Richard Branson and Malcolm Gladwell. From that experience she wrote The Leading Edge which is a brilliant book sharing the culmination of this research and a number of case studies. I give her a call to hear what her thoughts are on the controversial question 'can anyone be a leader?'  Connect with Holly LinkTree - Instagram - Linkedin -  Sign up to Love Mondays & Easy Tiger Newsletters -    Order your signed copy of The Leading Edge -    The Leading Edge - 28 Day Challenge - Register your interest -    Connect With Shane Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
We're Talking About Confidence.  My guest is my good friend and author of 'Confidence Feels Like Sh*t', Erika Cramer.  Erika told me that confidence isn’t something we’re born with, rather it’s just like any emotion and we can choose it. I give her a call to find out what it takes practice confidence. Known to many as The Queen of Confidence, she is an international confidence coach and popular 5 star podcast host which has just reached 1 million downloads. Often called the Cardi B of the personal development world, Erika is a full-flavoured, spicy inspirational speaker, with a large dose of heart and humour. After surviving many traumatic experiences, from childhood sexual abuse, being in and out of the foster care system, car accidents and a whole lot of loss, Erika is a beaming and beautiful example of how you can heal your personal story to transform trauma into triumph Connect with Erika Instagram  Learn more about Erika's work and book at  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
We're Talking About Productivity.  We’re having a conversation about the productivity principles we can learn from the world of manufacturing.  My guest is author Ishan Glaapathy and he says that "solving your day to day chaos isn’t what improves year on year performance". I give him a call to talk about his experience in the manufacturing industry and what it can teach us about leadership and business. Ishan is an author and productivity expert with a wealth of knowledge, working across six countries for nearly two decades, including large multi-nationals. He was involved in developing a global supply chain excellence program for one of them. Renowned for his simplified techniques, Ishan works with manufacturing businesses to move from chaos to excellence through productivity improvement programs and frontline leadership development programs. When he’s not working, you can find him playing backyard cricket with his sons or sipping a cup of coffee with his wife. Connect with Ishan LinkedIn  Learn more about Ishan's book at  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
We're Talking About Collaboration.  More specifically this idea of Collective Genius. My guest is Simon Dowling and he told me that Collective Genius isn’t just about collaborating as a team, it’s about understanding the kinds of problems that can only be solved by having this group of people in the room. I give him a call to talk about how to build that kind of team.  Simon is an author speaker, teacher and advisor helping create teams that really hum. He believes that organisations can achieve some pretty amazing things if they let their people really operate to their full potential. He believes the most important thing a leader can do is create an environment for their people to really fly. His interest in team dynamics comes from a period in life when he was part of two very different teams: by day, a commercial lawyer in a big city law firm. By night, a cast member in improvised comedy shows across Melbourne He is an expert in helping leaders and companies to create supercharged teams and it’s a privilege to have him on the podcast. Connect with Simon LinkedIn  Learn more about Simon at  Get more information on Simon's Program 'Get Heard Get Results' at  Find Simon on YouTube at  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
We're doing something a little different.  I’ve been fortunate to have some really clever conversations with people over the last few seasons and one of those clever guests is my good friend (and friend of the show) Janine Garner. Earlier this week Janine turned the tables and invited me to join her for a clever conversation that we livestreamed together. I personally enjoyed it so much that I reached out to her and asked for the recording to share it here with you. We talk all things leadership, curiosity, creativity and learning. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did.  Janine is a bestselling author and expert in helping leaders and companies to unlock brilliant performance. Through true collaboration, strategic networking and leadership acceleration workshops and programs, Janines knows what it takes to unlock the brilliance in your teams and leaders. Connect with Janine LinkedIn  Learn more about Janine at  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at visit to learn more about his work or email 
We're Talking About Conversations that matter.  I’m joined by my good friend Chad Littlefield who says that he is on a mission to eradicate small talk. And as you’ll quickly learn this isn’t just something he talks about, it was the foundation on which the two of us met. I typically like to keep these podcast episodes to roughly 30-40mins but there was no way I could contain all the gold within that time frame so I hope you’ll forgive me that this episode goes a little longer than usual. But I think you’ll love it just as much as I did. Chad is the co-founder and Chief Experience Officer of We and Me, Inc. (—an organization whose mission is to create conversations that matter.  Leaders call Chad when they want to amplify connection, belonging, and trust in their organization. Forbes calls Chad a “global expert on asking questions that build trust and connection in teams.” He is a TEDx speaker, author of the Pocket Guide to Facilitating Human Connections, and creator of We! Connect Cards™, which are now being used to create conversations that matter on campuses and companies in over 80 countries around the world. Most recently, Chad and his partner Will Wise launched their new book, Ask Powerful Questions: Create Conversations that Matter, now a #1 Amazon Bestseller. Connect with Chad LinkedIn  Learn more about Chad at  Get some free ideas at  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
We're Talking About Decisions In particular making the hard decision to take the risky path rather than the comfortable one. And I can’t think of anyone better to join me in this conversation than Kendra Banks, Managing Director at Seek Ltd. I was fortunate to work with Kendra back in 2019 and hear some of her journey and it really is a journey of choosing the right path in the face of resistance.How did she do it? And how has it shaped the kind of leader she is now? I give her a call to find out. Kendra leads SEEK’s employment and learning businesses across the Australia and New Zealand markets, encompassing SEEK, SEEK Learning and Career Services, SEEK Business, Grad Connection and SEEK Volunteer. Prior to SEEK, Kendra held a series of senior marketing and commercial roles within the retail sector, including at Coles in Australia and Tesco in the UK. Kendra commenced her career in strategy as a consultant with McKinsey & Company. Kendra holds a Masters in European Politics at the College of Europe, where she was a Fulbright scholarship recipient. Prior to this, Kendra completed a Bachelor of Economics and Mathematics at Yale University. Connect with Kendra at LinkedIn  Learn more about Seek at  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
We're Talking About Burnout My guest is Dr Jenny Brockis and she told me that burnout is something that can often sneak up on people we identify as being the most resilient. The good news is that it is preventable. I give her a call to learn more about what it takes to help ourselves and our team thrive and avoid burnout. Dr Jenny Brockis is an expert in the science of high-performance thinking, creating thriving teams and leaders through improving brain health and wellbeing. How often do you feel stressed, under pressure, unable to think straight and groggy in the morning? As an award-winning speaker, facilitator and trained medical practitioner, Dr Jenny can help you understand why you think and act the way you do, and then implement science-backed behaviour change so you can make distractions, foggy thinking and mental roadblocks a thing of the past. Connect with Dr Jenny at  LinkedIn  Website  Learn more about the thriving mind academy at  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
We're Talking About Re-Energising  There’s no doubt the last 12months has taken its toll on the workforce, but as we begin to remobilise and adapt to different ways of working CULTURE remains a crucial part of reenergising the workforce. And who better to talk about culture than the author of Culture Hacks and Culture fix himself Colin D Ellis.  Colin has more than 20 years experience building and leading teams in public and private sector organisations helping people to be their best selves and bring that to work each day so today I give him a call to talk about what he’s noticing in this space.  Colin is known for delivering speeches and programs around the world that inspire and motivate individuals to become role models for others and to provide organisations with the skills to build cultures of success.  Whether it's the way that projects are delivered, how teams work together or how to change the DNA of an organisation Colin has a unique blend or energy, humour and practical information to make change easy. Connect with Colin at  LinkedIn  Website  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.
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