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The Mile 99 Interview is the brainchild of Auburn, CA area ultrarunners as a way to keep the community in touch and share each other's knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic. We're always interested to find some great insights and stories from all of the incredible ultrarunners in this area and in the sport as a whole!
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This episode is packed with epic adventures and race details for some of our Bucket List races. Ben R.E. Mitchell has created and set FKTs, traveled far and raced long. Tune in to hear about his adventures. Subscribe to our Patreon for a shout-out on the live!Support the show (
The Western States 100 Endurance Run crew joined us again for the latest updates, talked us through new policies and what this 2021 race year will look like. Download this episode with RD Craig Thornley, board president Diana Fitzpatrick and medical director Dr. Andy Pasternak today! See ya on the trails. #SeeYaAtStatesMedical volunteers needed: Medical – Western States Endurance Run ( other volunteers: I Want To Volunteer – Western States Endurance Run ( States trail work weekend signup: hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
Episode 36 - Paulo Medina

Episode 36 - Paulo Medina


Paulo Medina is a race director for SingleTrack Running and owner of The Aid Station in Auburn, CA. We spent the episode learning how he became a runner, business owner, and a pillar to our local Auburn, CA running community. Join us for a feel-good hour of community and some exciting news about Paulo! Our Patreon is up! Support us for $1!SingleTrack Running – No benches, no half-time, no time-outs…Welcome to my world.100 miles to Auburn SingleTrack RunningShop online: ---Your hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
Episode 35 - Danny Murphy

Episode 35 - Danny Murphy


Hot off an 8 hour finish at the American River 50 race, Danny Murphy, the creator of UltraPacer, sat down with us to walk us through his ultrarunning career. As a dad to two young children, a husband and a busy civil engineer, Danny had to find a way to maximize his training. He has done so with a variety of techniques including his own software project and lots of early morning runs! Download his episode to hear how you can use UltraPacer today and get those same benefits!Instagram: https://ultrapacer.comDanny Murphy's Results ( hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
Grand theft auto? Podium finishes? Master’s degree? Episode 34 featured Maria Steinhauser and her journey through single parenting, grad school, full-time teaching, and podium finishes. We shared an hour laughing and reliving some of her adventures. Maria is a driven, successful, compassionate, and hard-working human. Her pacers might have accidentally stolen a car while she was running as well! Tune in to hear how it all played out. Don’t forget to rate and review. Subscribe to our Patreon for $1!Facebook: @singletrackrunningmaria www.singletrackrunningmaria.comMaria Steinhauser's Results ( FB: (8) She RUNS This Town / Moms RUN This Town | FacebookFKT: Maria Steinhauser | Fastest Known Time---Your hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
Episode 33 - Jamil Coury

Episode 33 - Jamil Coury


Jamil Coury joined us for Episode 33. We dove right in and discussed the good, bad and ugly that came from a year of pandemic race directing. We touched on the 2021 Barkley marathons and how Jamil’s day(s) unfolded.  Mike is running Cocodona 250 while Jess and Greg are crewing him. We were itching to get all the extra details for this race. It is going to be a great week built on years and years of planning. Download to hear the full conversation. Rate and review! COCODONA 250 runners: Don’t forget to check out Jamil’s last upload for a course preview. - Aravaipa RunningJamil Coury – Content Creator | Business Owner | FilmmakerWeRunFar Profile: Jamil Coury – iRunFarJamil Coury - Run Steep Get Coury's Results ( hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
Calling all Canyons 100k runners!Our 32nd episode features Chaz Sheya, Abigail Drake, and Sean Flanagan race directors for Canyons 100k. Get to know all three and how they became directors for E3 Epic Endurance Events. Canyons 100k is a Western States Endurance Run and UTMB qualifier, and a Golden ticket race. They had to find a new route during the pandemic to prevent a super spreader event. We were first to get the inside scoop on what aid stations will look, shuttle questions, and details about how many waves. Get to know all three and get many of your questions answered.VOLUNTEERS: 2021 Canyons Endurance Runs: Volunteer Registration ( website: Epic Endurance Events ( FB: (2) E3 Epic Endurance Events | FacebookChaz FB: (2) Chaz Sheya | FacebookChaz USU: Charles Sheya's Results ( FB: (2) Abbey Drake | FacebookAbbey USU: Abigail Drake's Results ( FB: (2) Sean Flanagan | FacebookSean USU: Sean Flanagan's Results ( WS: Canyons 100K — Epic Endurance Events ( Donner Party Mountain Runners – Inform Inspire Connect---Your hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
Episode 31 - Michael Li

Episode 31 - Michael Li


For our 31st episode, we sat down with Bay Area Ultrarunner, Race Director, Running Coach, and now JamOnTam200 FKT holder, Michael Li. Michael just completed a record-setting 21 ascents up Mt. Tam, covering 200 miles, 57,162 feet of vert in 108 hours, 24 minutes, and 20 seconds. But Michael has not always been the lean, mean, climbing machine we all know and love. Leading up to 2008 he had built a successful IT consulting and training company, speaking at conferences worldwide. But his busy and stressful lifestyle between airport food and late nights at his desk led him to a weight of 215 lbs. He decided to make a change and get a new lease on his body. Within 6 months he had dropped 60 lbs and started his running journey that took him to the top of Mt Tam. But his journey has not been easy. Through DNFs, failures, and disappointments, he has learned to thrive and use these as opportunities to grow, train harder, and set bigger goals. Tune into this episode to get all the details on how he pulled this off. Be sure to catch the Rapid-Fire questions at the end for some Michael Li fun facts…YOU WILL BE SHOCKED!!Ultrasignup: Michael Li's Results ( (Personal): (Coaching): 2018 Finish Video: 2019 Finish Video: Finish Video: Bay School of San Francisco ( San Francisco Marathon - July 25, 2021 ( a Coach ( RACE - Jam on Tam — ATRA ( hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
Episode 30 - Sarah Estrella

Episode 30 - Sarah Estrella


During 2020, we saw the rise of FKT attempts while so many races had been cancelled and postponed due to the pandemic.The 2021 FKT season is off to a blistering start with the Death Valley N-S standard route crossing (off-trail) FKT being taken by Sarah Estrella, a local runner from Davis.Sarah joined us for episode 30 to talk about this this multi-day challenge in the famed Death Valley and what it took to take it on and get it done. Along the way, we also learned about her mental and physical toughness starting from a young age, some of the epic challenges she took on even before this FKT attempt, and much more. Tune in for another inspiring episode!Ultrasignup: Sarah Estrella's Results ( Sarah Estrella | Fastest Known TimeIG: Sarah DeRose Estrella (@freerange64) • Instagram photos and videosFB: (5) Sarah DeRose Estrella | FacebookCool Moon: Cool Moon 100-Mile Endurance Run - August 14, 2021 (, Pioneer Spirit: Pioneer Spirit 50 – SingleTrack RunningSelf Transcendence 3100 Mile Race: 3100: Run and Become - The Film3100: Run and Become | A Film by Sanjay Rawal ( hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
In this episode, we sit down again with Bruce Nguyen. We spoke to Bruce last November in episode 18 after his amazing Moab 240 finish. We asked him to come back to discuss his gear. Specifically, all the gear it takes to run and crew a successful 200+ mile multiday race. Bruce just returned from crewing his buddy Michael Li on his amazing JamOnTam200 Fatass, where Michael completed a record 21 repeats with over 56K feet of vert from the historic 1929 Lytton Square Clock in Mill Valley, CA to the top of Mount Tamalpais. This was also a shake-out for the new Ultra Taj Mahal (or UTM for short) which is Bruce’s new off-grid travel trailer that he plans to use as a mobile aid station at both Cocodona 250 and Tahoe 200. The UTM is equipped with a full-sized bed, shower, restroom, salon, and electric stove for some down-home cooking. It’s a major upgrade from sleeping on a cot in his family’s minivan. But don’t get too comfortable just yet. Mt Tam threw them a curveball of high winds, rain, and hail while summiting the second night. The UTM was only a few miles away and they had chosen to travel light. They had no rain gear and were forced to huddle in the ladies’ restroom at the summit for an hour doing jumping jacks as they waited for the storm to pass. Lesson learned…be prepared for that 2% chance of rain.Bruce is a busy family man and more of a weekend warrior. Through COVID he has relied on fat races and adventure runs to keep him challenged and trained. But don’t peg him just yet, his race planning is legit. Moab 240 2020 required detailed logistical planning. He spent many hours educating himself on the off-grid lifestyle and what he would need to keep his soda cold and his Elevated Legs Recovery Boots charged. Prepare for the worst. Mountain races have a good 20 miles between aid stations, and anything can happen. Bruce carries two emergency bivy sacks. You can sleep on them, crawl inside, or wear them as a poncho. Make sure your pacer has their own! Bruce also carries a Garmin InReach and his smartphone equipped with Gaia GPS app to keep him safely on the right trail. He also has been known to use walkie-talkies to give his crew a heads up of his arrival and start chatting about food options. Don’t forget to pack your drop bags with your DUPLICATE cold and wet weather gear. Yes, You Need DUPLICATES. Walkie-talkie your crew and they can run, grab your drop bag and have it ready at the UTM. Find out if your race moves/bounces drop bags forward. Keep several pairs of dry socks in your pack for river crossings. Oh, there is so much more… Remember Bruce’s motto: Have a plan but live in the moment and you will find Zen.Elevated Legs: Elevated Legs Recovery BootsGaia GPS: Home - CalTopoCocodona 250: cocodona.comTahoe 200: - Tahoe 200 Endurance Run Ultra---Your hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
For our 29th episode, we sat down with two fixtures of our trail running community, Karen and Kjell Framnes!You can count on seeing Karen, Kjell and their daughter Olivia at pretty much any trail race in Northern California from 50k up to 200 miles in length, both racing and volunteering. They are true ambassadors of the sport, and we talked to them to find out all about how they got their starts, how they met and fell in love, what they've been up to the past few years and what big plans are in store for later this year and beyond!Karen went into details about all of the mental determination it takes for her to complete the incredibly difficult races she enters and all of the support that helps her push forward. She clued us in to some of the ways she motivates herself to keep going through the low points, and it may help someone listening to this episode!Tune in for a heartfelt and honest discussion and even a take on the Newlywed Game at the end!Ultrasignup: Karen Framnes' Results ( Kjell Framnes' Results ( hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
On the First 99 Gear Review we usually talk about gear attached to your body; shoes, clothing, watches, stuff like that.  But today, we are sitting down with Auburn’s very own Doug White to talk about the gear, time, and volunteers it takes to pull off the successful Dusty Corners Western States Endurance Race Aid Station.Mile 38 of the WSER is no joke. Dusty Corners is a hot, dry, and dusty place (except for the year of snow and hypothermia). When you finally make it through the high-country snow, Duncan Canyon, and leave Robinson Flat and Miller’s Defeat behind, you will be more than ready for some refreshing watermelon and an ice-cold sponge bath. Doug is the Sheriff of this 1-day tent city and he runs a tight but fun ship. His 25-years of military history of leading a nuclear weapons facility has prepared him well.Over the decades in between earning his masters degree in pharmaceutical antineoplastic chemistry, leaving the Ph.D program to stand up & serve his country in the U.S. Navy, and rising to VP of R&D in the aerospace/defense industry, Doug is also an accomplished rock climber, mountaineer, and ultramarathon finisher including of course WSER 2001.Doug was first introduced to the WSER in the mid-90s as his father and famous Tevis Cup step-mother Barbara White were early volunteers of the WSER. He took over AS Captain at Last Chance between 1997 and 2000 for the Steven Creek Striders. His family took over Dusty Corners AS around 2001. Doug took over the reins in 2011 and created the experience we know today. For most of the year planning is just him, but two weeks prior to the Big Dance the wheels start to churn. All the gear comes out of the Tuff Shed, laid out on his basketball court, sorted, counted, and cleaned. Knives are sharpened, ice is ordered, and logistics are finalized. Dusty Corners is not just an AS, it’s a well-oiled party. On any given year 300 folks and 50 volunteers will pass through this dusty tent city in the mountains.Thanks to Doug’s leadership and his tireless/loyal crew, your visit to Dusty Corners will be unforgettable. You will be taken back in time to an actual mining town, and come face to face with Sheriff White and his trusty deputies. Tip your hat, take a drink, but get on your way. Tune in to this episode of the First 99 Gear Review to get all the details on hosting a successful Dusty Corners WSER AS. Stevens Creek Striders: Cup: Sheds: hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
Episode 28 - Jenny Maier

Episode 28 - Jenny Maier


In this episode, Jenny Maier joined us to talk about her unique approach to combining personal training, strength and mobility work and yoga to help build balanced runners with longevity in the sport.We got some great insights into her approach for helping runners achieve their goals and also how she made a big career change in her life from fast-paced attorney in the Bay Area to personal trainer and yoga teacher. On top of that, Jenny also led us through a short sequence of hip-opening yoga poses!If you've interested in learning more about incorporating yoga and other training modalities to help improve your running, tune in to this episode!If you want to try a live or on-demand class with Jenny, she has offered the following code for our listeners: MILE99Join the Runner’s Restorative Workshop with code MILE99RESTORE and get 50% off:'s web site:'s IG:'s FB: Duckworth "Grit": hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
Mike kicked off our Mile 99 crew favorite gear review. We peeked into a lesson from Turner’s Theory of Net Energy Balance. It led him to favoring a Gore brand windstopper vest. It has a low back and pockets originally used for cyclists. He mentioned his glasses hook up from Cody Johnson in Salt Lake City who fit prescription lenses in racing glasses. They auto-tint and he wore them for 34 hours at a race. Dakine 8L waistpack is a recent purchase that Mike wants to use for snacks so it is likely to become a favorite quickly. Jessica really loves the Lululemon Speed Up shorts 2.5 ($59). They are light, lined and durable. She has had the Flipbelt classic($29) for over 5 years. They fit her large phone and have a hook for keys. Jessica was disappointed with the Ultimate Direction Women’s Ultra Vesta 4.0 ($110). The fabric doesn't wash well and is not sturdy. The bladder and soft flask combination is not realistic for a race pack. Greg is all about getting efficient. He likes his Victory Sport Design Bear III gear bag ($120). He uses it for racing and training. He also favors a big plastic tote that he keeps all his extra gear in. It is always ready to go and it is easy to load up for adventures. His Victory bag also fits into it making this setup so efficient. Greg initially started out liking Injinji toe socks because they helped prevent blisters during long races and training runs. Durability was an issue after a while, and he had to replace them pretty frequently. He now uses the XOSKIN brand toe socks ($24). They’ve been working well and are very durable.Tune in to hear more about our likes and dislikes!--Your hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: the show (
In this episode, we were joined by Western States Endurance Run race director Craig Thornley, race medical director Dr. Andy Pasternak, president of the board of directors Diana Fitzpatrick, and vice president of the board Tim Twietmeyer.We were glad to welcome them back after first talking in early December to find out more about plans for the 2021 Western States race. Back in December, there was a great deal of uncertainty that made it difficult to decide how to plan for 2021. In this episode, they all offered helpful insight into the many facets of planning the race and keeping the runners safe.We touched on all kinds of topics from a latest update on the pandemic and vaccine rollouts, contingency plans for accommodating international runners, qualifying race requirements and much more. We also heard an update on an exciting new race planned for late 2022 by the Western States organization. We'll certainly look forward to hearing more about that again soon!Tune in to get all of the latest information and updates, and we'll all keep our fingers crossed for a successful race this June!Latest updates from WSER: States Facebook page: COVID-19 resources: COVID-19 vaccine information/alerts: COVID-19 exposure alerts on your phone: hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
In this episode of the First 99 Gear Review, I sit down again with our very own Greg Larkin for Part 2 of his Winter Off-Season Cross Training Plan. During Part 1 we dug into Greg’s indoor workouts including rowing on the Concept2 and Zwift virtual bike racing on his smart trainer. In Part 2 we head to the White Wonderland for some full body winter cross training activities.As mentioned in the last episode Greg was born in Upstate NY and moved to New Hampshire as a kid. Snow sports go back many generations in the Larkin Family tree with both his grandfathers being avid snowshoers with Forlorn Hope style snowshoes.  Greg was always a bike race at heart, but he learned at a young age the value of off-season cross training. It started one Christmas when his parents bought the entire family cross country (XC) snow skis. Greg and his family lived in rural New Hampshire. He and his dad would go out for long XC ski day trips in the nearby town forest. This is when he first learned of the BONK.  Cycling is very leg-centric but XC skiing is a full body workout (legs, core, back, and arms). New Hampshire terrain is much different than here in CA. Up in the White Mountains the peaks are much lower in elevation, 4k to 6k feet with plenty of rolling hills in the 1K to 2K feet elevation range. You do not have to worry about altitude acclimation; it’s the extreme temperatures of 10 degrees below zero that will take you out. Greg’s early skis were much different than what he rides today. His first set of classical XC skis were 210cm long, waxless, with fish scales, and 3-pin bindings. The fish scales allow you to move the ski forwards but not backwards. Clothing was also challenging as Gore Tex and waterproof outer shells had not been invented yet. People wore lots of wool, Lycra body suits, multiple layers, wind briefs, long-johns, even fleece booties to cover their ski boots. Now we have many more options but layering is still the key. Tune in the episode to hear all of that and more!Lost Ski Areas: Ski Bindings: Country Skiing Wikipedia: Ski Club: Donner: Gorge: Cross Country: Cross Country Ski Swap: Ski Swap: Sports: Truckee: hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: Support the show (
In this episode, we are joined by Clint Welch and his daughter Halle. Clint has been a fixture on the Northern California ultrarunning scene for a number of years, and his daughter Halle has taken up running to follow in his footsteps.We talked to both of them about the experience as Halle decided to take on this sport, what she likes, what she doesn't like and how she is coached. We got a good sense about how to approach encouraging your children just enough, whether in running or any sport, so that they have a positive experience and potentially make it into a lifelong endeavor!If your child is interested in getting into a more structured sport like track and field or cross-country, tune in to learn more about how Clint and Halle have structured it and the benefits that they have gotten!Private Coaching - Sacramento Valley Endurance: Chips Running Club - Oak Sun Run: https://www.fairoakssunrun.comUSATF: hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisArtwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
In this episode of the First 99 Gear Review, co-host Mike Turner sits down with our very own Greg Larkin to chat about winter cross training activities. It’s the New Year, and the time to start planning our race and training schedules. But many of us have found over the years it’s essential to take time off and let the body heal. Balancing staying fit, letting the body heal, and staying sane is the key to years of healthy adventures. In this two-part series we discuss off-season activities and related gear. During part 1 we dig into indoor activities and during part 2 we focus on outdoor winter activities.Greg’s dad started racing bikes in NH in his 40s and Greg, as a teenager, jumped right in. As a kid he also took up cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. He raced bikes for over 15 years, incorporating skiing in the winter when the roads were too icy to ride. His dad exposed him to his first indoor bike trainer called “rollers”. These required superb balance as both wheels were moving in sync and there was nothing holding up the bike. In the mid 80s, Greg acquired a RacerMate. This was a major upgrade and attached to the bike and generated resistance from a fan unit that rotated against the rear wheel while riding on a stand.After college in the late 80s, Greg moved to Boston and met a buddy who rowed crew for Tufts University. The crew team used an ergometer (erg for short) Concept2 rowing machine when not on the water to train. Typical Greg, it was not long before he signed up for the CRASH-B World Indoor Rowing Championships held in Boston. He ended up buying a Concept2 Model C that day and still pushes his limits on it. He’s never rowed on water, but the rowing machine provides a solid workout once some basic techniques have been learned.Then came that fateful summer day when the Dartmouth University Ski Team blew by him on a trail run, charging up some monster peak in the NH White Mountains. He was bit by the trail running bug. Greg moved to Auburn CA in 2014 and fell in love with the Endurance Capital of the World. Greg is currently cross training with the Concept2 Model C hooked up through the ErgData app on his iPhone and tethered to Strava. For indoor cycling, he is using a Saris M2 smart trainer for virtual group rides via the Zwift app. Greg currently rows and rides 2 to 3 times a week in his “off-season”. Tune into this episode of the First 99 Gear Review to get all the details on what to get, where to get it, and how little it will actually set you back. Please let us know your indoor setup is like, what is working, and what is not.RacerMate: Smart Trainer: Trainers: Smart Trainer: Training Guides: B: the show (
In our final episode with Rebecca Sperry, she joined us for a live wrap-up interview as she recently completed her twelve rounds of chemotherapy and is starting a new phase of cancer treatment.During the interview, we reflected on her journey since we first reached out to her to ask if she would share her story with us. It has been difficult for her and getting harder with each round of chemotherapy, but she has maintained a positive attitude and desire to keep her fitness as much as possible even with reduced blood counts and other side effects from treatment.Rebecca's mother also joined us to tell us what the experience has been like for her as a caregiver and also the joy she has spending time with her daughter whether it is in support of her day-to-day or during times when they can hike their favorite New Hampshire trails together. Rebecca has currently started a new redlining project and is working on the Southern New Hampshire trail system as she builds back up to tackle Northern New Hampshire.We are so glad that we met Rebecca, talked with her over the past few months and that she trusted us to help her tell her story. We hope that it has helped over people with cancer diagnoses and the people who love them. We cannot wait to see her progress over the coming months and years! Tune in for this special episode and follow her on social media to keep track of her ongoing journey!Rebecca's IG:'s web site: hiking writings by Rebecca: hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisIntro/outro music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
Episode 25 - Katie Grossman

Episode 25 - Katie Grossman


Katie Grossman, an accomplished professional mountain ultrarunner, advertising creative, soon-to-be mother of two and assistant RD of the Angeles Crest 100, sat down with us to talk about her early life, running and racing at the highest levels, life/family balance and the importance of protecting our open spaces.She and her husband Dominic and their family have built a life in the mountains, surrounded by beauty, that allows them to focus on what matters most and strip away as much as possible that doesn't. She has been battling severe pain after her first child's birth, and after the upcoming birth of their second child, she will start a journey back to the highest levels of the sport of ultrarunning.Tune in to get all the details in this in-depth episode!Katie's IG:'s FB:"Adapt or Die":'s Trail Sisters author page:'s Strava page: Crest 100: hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisIntro/outro music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
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