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Author: Christine Malec and JJ Hunt

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Where the visuals of current events and the world around us get hashed out in description-rich conversations. J.J. Hunt is an innovative Audio Describer and a natural-born storyteller. Christine Malec is a perpetually inquisitive member of the blind and partially sighted community who’s always wondering about something. In Talk Description to Me, their discussions plunge into current events and topical issues to explore the content of important images, and help place vivid descriptions in their cultural context. Lively, hard-hitting, witty, vibrant, and fun, this is conversation with a view!
56 Episodes
From the little dots over lowercase I's and J's in the modern English alphabet, to the evolution of Egyptian hieroglyphics, and fine brush marks of traditional Chinese characters, there's a lot to describe when discussing the visuals of the world's writing systems.  Luckily, Christine and JJ have a whole half hour in which to pontificate! This tip-of-the-iceberg episode on the visuals of writing systems will answer some questions, pose a few more, and hopefully leave you appreciating your grandma's lovely penmanship! Support the show (
Children’s shoes. Tiny, colourful and empty. In this difficult but necessary episode, we discuss memorials found across Canada that honour the #215Children whose remains were recently discovered on the site of a former Residential School in British Columbia. To recognize the past and current trauma felt by Indigenous communities across Canada,  this episode includes descriptions of artworks by Indigenous artists that give expression to Indigenous experiences.Counselling support for Residential School survivors is available at 1-800-721-0066. The Indian Residential School Survivors Society can be also reached 24 hours a day through their Crisis Line: 1-866-925-4419.Support the show (
Episode 53 - Currency

Episode 53 - Currency


Moolah, bread, bucks, scratch ... cash by any name is always sweet! But what does the money you covet and carry actually look like? Today, Christine and JJ break down the visuals of banknotes: the art, the portraits, the security features, and even the cheeky graffiti that's scrawled onto bills and put into circulation.   Support the show (
Episode 52 - Birds

Episode 52 - Birds


May is the perfect time of year for listening to and watching birds. In this episode, we talk about the visuals of our fine feathered friends -- colours, patterns, shapes, nests, and flight. Then Christine asks why sighted people are so transfixed by hawks, and JJ gets picked up by a flashy bird with sweet dance moves!  Support the show (
This podcast began with the notion that the visuals of pandemic life around the world needed to be described. Many months have since passed, and those visuals have changed. This week, Christine and JJ check in on COVID and lockdown visuals around the world. From anxiety on the streets of Toronto, to India's infection rate graphs, and vacationing goats in North Whales, to vaccinated wales in New York museums, Talk Description to Me has you covered.Support the show (
If you go way way up, and look way way down, what you see can be surprising. In this episode, Christine and JJ describe satellite images and discuss the intriguing perspective they provide. From ecology to archeology to a view of ourselves, the big picture has an awful lot to offer!To explore Google Timelapse, as discussed in this episode, visit: the show (
This year’s landmark Audio Description of the Academy Awards got us thinking about a hallmark of Oscar night: glamour! What are the visuals of glamour? Is glamour about wearing the right gown and accessories, or is there more to it than just fashion? Has glamour changed over time? And just who gets to be glamorous, anyhow?Support the show (
On April 20, 2021, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts in the death of George Floyd, a murder which sparked protests across the U.S. and fuelled the Black Lives Matter movement around the world. In this episode, Christine and JJ discuss the visuals surrounding the trial's conclusion, then describe the wave of tribute art, which seeks to honour and memorialize George Floyd.Support the show (
Episode 47 - Volcanos

Episode 47 - Volcanos


In recent days the Caribbean nation of St. Vincent has been buried under ash by volcanic eruptions. Meanwhile, spectacular drone footage of the lava-belching volcano outside of Reykjavik, Iceland continues to intrigue and amaze. This week, Christine and JJ break down the terrifying and mesmerizing visuals of erupting volcanos. Then, set your creep-o-metre to high for a brief description of the aftermath from one of history's most famous volcanic disasters: the haunting ruins of Pompeii. Support the show (
For a lot of us, architectural terms like Gothic and Art Deco conjure vague, incomplete mental pictures. Well not anymore! In this episode, Christine and JJ cover thousands of years of Western architectural styles, and describe and contextualize key design elements. Check it out, and prepare to wow them at your next dinner party! Support the show (
Last week, the world stopped and gaped when a container ship the size of a skyscraper got stuck in the Suez Canal. Using descriptions of satellite images, news footage, and even memes, Christine and JJ tell the story of what happened, why it mattered, what was done about it, and how social media (as usual) found ways to poke fun.Support the show (
Episode 44 - The Moon

Episode 44 - The Moon


With the first of four monthly SuperMoons set to rise this weekend, we’re turning our attention to Earth’s little buddy. If you’ve ever wondered about the look of the moon, its phases, craters, or size, this is the episode for you! Plus, Christine poses questions asked by listeners about the Apollo moon landing, and of course, the famous Moonwalk by astronaut Michael “Buzz” Jackson. Wait, that doesn’t sound quite right…For audio direct from the surface of Mars check out: for Visual Descriptions from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, visit: the show (
Ever wonder what skin looks like under a microscope? How about hair? Or snowflakes, or sand?! This week, Christine and JJ examine award-winning photographs taken through microscopes, and describe a few clickbait closeups, too!Support the show (
We've all been cooped up far too long. Let's get out and do some exploring! Today, Christine asks JJ to describe three Wonders of the World: Niagara Falls, the Taj Mahal, and Angkor Wat. Join us for some description-rich virtual travelling!Support the show (
Episode 41 - Dance!

Episode 41 - Dance!


What does dancing look like? It's a big question, but it's one that listeners have asked us many times, so we're gonna take a crack at it.  The precision and perfection of Ballet, the wild spectacle of Swing, the strutting of Disco, and the mad skills of Hip Hop; we leave it all on the dance floor describing the look,  the vibe, the movement, and even the fashions of well-known dance styles.Support the show (
To cap off a busy, emotional, and celebratory Black History Month (and to add a bit of pep to a grey winter weekend) let's all journey to Toronto's legendary Caribana Parade, North America's largest street party.  Today, Christine hits play on a 2018 parade route video, and JJ live-describes the costumes, floats and dancers twerking by. It's Caribbean Carnival day on this bonus episode of Talk Description to Me!Support the show (
Responding to requests from several listeners, Christine and JJ take a look at flags from around the world and describe their symbols, colours, meanings, and histories.  Can a simple design inspire patriotism and pride? How literal are the symbols? And can there ever be too many Welsh dragons?! Support the show (
It's all about Mars and the Perseverance Rover on Talk Description to Me this week. To enhance the commentary and resources that come directly from NASA, Christine and JJ describe the look of mission hardware, discuss the compelling visuals of the Martian landscape and landing site, and break down NASA’s cinematic representation of a perfect entry, descent, and landing.For more information, including details on the rover's onboard microphones, check out the mission's official website: the show (
Whether you call it the Spring Festival, Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year -  this is a time to celebrate with family and friends. With guidance and listener support, Christine and JJ discuss and describe the visuals of the holiday, from food and clothing, to lanterns and dragon dances. Gong hei fat choy, everyone!Support the show (
What’s it like to watch people communicate in ASL? Are the gestures remotely comprehensible to those who don't speak the language? How is tone conveyed? And (apparently) most importantly, what's the sign for "Hamburger"?!  This week, Christine and JJ discuss the look of ASL, ask more questions than they can answer, and give a quick described tutorial for the phrase "Nice to meet you!"Support the show (
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