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Beyond the Garment with Drew Joiner is a podcast dedicated to enriching the lives of others by talking about fashion, content creation, culture, and life. Join me each week as I uncover what it's like being a 25-year-old digital creator from Denver, Colorado.
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Season 3 Finale

Season 3 Finale


Thank you so much for your support on Season 3 of Beyond the Garment with Drew Joiner !!Make sure to give a 5 star review for the podcast on whatever platform you are listening on.
Do you ever get tired of fashion??SO SORRY about the original upload of this episode! 
Today's episode features the founder of Somar, Owen Hyatt. Somar is one of my absolute favorite brands in 2023, and Owen's perspective as a current YouTube creative/brand owner is so dynamic and interesting.http://somar.us
Gatekeeping has it's good and it's bad... or is it just more bad than good or more good than bad??
Today's episode details 5 opinions that I've been wrestling with as it pertains to fashion as a whole...I hope you enjoy!
I've missed you guys! Here is a bit of podcast update for the remainder of Season 3. Enjoy!
For this week's episode I had the chance to sit down and talk with, Content Creator, This is Antwon. This was one of my absolute favorite conversations that I have had all year. Let me know what you think! Instagram:
One brand that you should definitely have on your radar is Samuel Zelig. Samuel Zelig focuses on a contemporary approach to uniform silhouettes taking inspiration from knitwear of the past. applied through a variety of mediums, all artwork is original and created by the Samuel Zelig team. IG:
For this week's episode I invited Nick Sisombath onto the pod. Nick is the founder of Collegium, and is a good friend of mine. If you want to know what it takes to run an independent footwear label in 2023...this is the episode for you. IG:
This week's guest is none other than Nolan Daniel White. Nolan is one of the best menswear creators on TikTok and I invited him on the podcast to get to know him a bit better. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed creating it.
The interview series continues! This week I invited Dominique Jones onto the podcast to talk about his upbringing in the midwest, as well as, his journey in creating content on TikTok. I hope you enjoy!
This week's featured guest is none other than Tanner Dean! If you don't know Tanner the best way I can describe him is a very calm but thoughtful fashion enthusiasts. You can check out his content using the links below. Instagram:
If you watch fashion content on Youtube you probably have stumbled across Keezy. His videos blend together his passion for design, music, fashion, and the Bay Area. This was the best conversation of 2023 so far!
Recently I have fallen in love with small independent creators doing dope things. Kara is one of those artist. Her discipline focuses on creating wearable knitted and crocheted items!Kara's Instagram:'s Linktree: IG:
This week's episode is a recount of our top 10 pick ups in 2022. I love making episodes like this because it allows both you and I to reflect on the fashion we engaged in during the calendar year 2022.Socials:Teun's IG:'s IG:
This week's episode is a chill conversation about the intersection of fashion and identity. Let me know if you enjoyed it by reaching out using the social links below.
This week's episode features  contemporary artist Aria Mizuhara. I absolutely loved this conversation and I know you will too! If you would like to connect with Aria all of the links are down below.Host IGCotton Sheep:



Today's episode is a personal journal about my thoughts and feelings on burn out. I hope you enjoy!
On this week's episode of the podcast I had the chance to talk with the ultra-talented Amanda Lougee. She is a model, creates content, and owns her own vintage curation business called Vintage Virgin. This was a delightful conversation and I hope you enjoy!Amanda's Links:
This week's episode features Alexandria Masse. One of THE best textile artists in the world. In the interview we dive into Alex's life growing up in Windsor, Ontario, her journey as a student in art school, as well as what's next for her in her art career.Check out Alex's work by clicking the links below:Alex's Website:'s Instagram:'s TikTok:
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