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Your boy is in Amsterdam! Sorry for missing last week's episode. This week it's all about recapping my first week here in the Netherlands. I can't wait to show you the vlog for this trip it is amazing to see the city as it transitions from Winter to Spring.Host:
For those of you who don't know Jevon Henley let me break it down for you. He is one of a very few creators on TikTok's fashion community with over 900,000 followers. HIs creativity and proliferation on the app is absolutely incredible! Today's episode highlights his story and his background as a kid growing up in Ohio and Tennessee. Host: Jevon's Instagram:'s TikTok:
This week I had the pleasure of speaking with an incredible brand owner out of the Toronto area Adam Appugliesi. His brand Libero is wildly underrated and I thought it would be fun to pick his brain about creating success in the industry.Host: Instagram:
Spring is coming!! At least if you are in the northern hemisphere it is lol! I thought it would be fun to talk about 3 fashion movements I see materializing for the spring time. Let me know what you think of the episode by leaving a review!Host Instagram:
This week on the podcast I get a little bit deep with this famous quote from Theodore Roosevelt. Recently I have found myself playing the comparison game and it has snapped my joy away just a bit.Host: a 5 star review!
Today I asked the wonderful Laini Ozark to come on the show to talk about her journey in creating content. Laini has been someone I am a really big fan of and you'll be both surprised and motivated when  you hear her story!Host Instagram:'s Instagram:'s YouTube:'s TikTok:
I invited the founders of Story mfg on the podcast to get their perspective on what it has been like building the brand over the last 10 years. Both Katy and Saeed are hilarious and insightful throughout the entire conversation. Make sure to share this episode with a friend and leave a review of your thoughts on the conversation.Host:'s Instagram:'s Instagram: mfg Instagram:
What is up family! This week I am actually in the friggid cold of New York City. I came here to expand the content that I am creating for both YouTube and Tik Tok. This past week has been a ton of fun mixed in with a ton of work. I can't wait for everyone to see all of the content to come in the upcoming weeks!Enjoy the episode! (Leave a 5 star review)
Interview episodes are back!! To kick off the first interview of 2022 I invited Mark Boutilier. For those who don't know Mark he creates content on the three major social media platforms: YouTube, Tik Tok, and Instagram and has amassed over 100,000 accumulate followers. In this episode we break down his life, his content, and his journey.('s IG:'s Tik Tok:'s YouTube:
For this week's episode let's take a look at the three most important casual lifestyle footwear companies in the world. Nike, New Balance & Adidas are massive companies that more than likely touch each of our fashion lives in one way or another. Who will have the best 2022?Instagram:
New Year, Same You?

New Year, Same You?


Happy New Year! As we all enter into the new year I thought it would be important to talk about some of the mindset shifts that happened for me in 2021. As well as, what I think would be valuable to you as we start a fresh new 365 days.Instagram:
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas !! I hope that this years holiday season has treated you well. This episode is a bit of self reflection as well as conversation about the future.  I can't express how thankful I am for each and every person who listens to this podcast week in and week out.
Greatness, is it something only the select few can tap into or do we all have the propensity to achieve great things. I think the answer is the latter, and in today's newest episode I break down what are the 5 elements that all great designers & creators have. Leave a 5 star review on this podcast!
2022 Fashion Trends

2022 Fashion Trends


The last two years have been packed with so many interesting developments within the fashion industry. In 2022 there will be some noticeable shifts in the trend cycle and in this video I dissect some of those shifts.Video Podcast: @drewejoiner
Fashion, Art, and NFTs

Fashion, Art, and NFTs


Have you heard of the NFTs yet? In today's episode I break down what these things are and how they may be impactful for the future of fashion and art.Leave a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts.Video version will be available Monday December 6th at Noon MST.



You  hear it all the time "be consistent" but what does that actually mean? In today's episode I wanted to have an honest conversation about consistency and breakdown what has helped me stay consistent over the last two years.Leave a 5 Star Review on Apple Podcasts.
This idea of gratitude has been on my mind ever since I started my brand Edward Joiner in 2020. For this episode I give a little bit of a life update and talk about how weathering the storm with gratitude may take your creative endeavor to a whole new level.Leave a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts.(
Mindful Consumerism

Mindful Consumerism


With the holiday season essentially here I thought it would be very appropriate to talk about mindful consumerism. This is another monologue episode about defining mindfulness as it relates to shopping and buying consumer goods. If you enjoy this episode send me a dm on Instagram or tweet me @drewejoiner.Leave a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts.www.edwardjoiner.comTwitter:
Last week, I had the honor of talking with @raelandmendoza one of the creative masterminds behind both @illcallyoutomorrow & @tomorroworks .I absolutely love having the chance talking to small creators such as Rae, and this episode does not disappoint. The key topics in this episode include brand building, how to differentiate yourself as a small creator, and so much more.(Leave a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts)(
So I decided to start a new series on the podcast called 'Life Talk'.  In this series I keep things a bit more casual and talk about current trends, life experiences, and or whatever interests me at the time. This week, is all about my trip to the mountain town of Aspen Colorado, shopping and Chrome Hearts & Balenciaga as well as the podcasts/content that stood out to me on our 4 HOUR LONG DRIVE... (
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