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Author: Andrew Joiner

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Hosted by Drew Joiner, the Beyond the Garment Podcast is a podcast dedicated to enriching the lives of others by talking about sustainability, art, fashion, and culture. Every Wednesday we invite different guests on the podcast and talk about their creative pursuits. For inquiries about the podcast contact! Visit our website at
23 Episodes
Isa is currently a student studying at the University of Guelph. He and I talked about his fairly new podcast On My Dime On Your Time. As well as, his muses in fashion and in fashion culture.('s Instagram:'s Podcast:
Jordan's current role at New Balance is the role of a designer and product manager for the collaboration team. This means he gets to work alongside some of the best in the sneaker/fashion industry such as Joe Grondin. In this podcast episode, Jordan and I talk about how he got to where he is now as well as his thoughts on his current role.('s Instagram:
This episode highlights photographer, creative director, and senior marketing manager, Kelly Smith. We had the chance to talk with her about those creative endeavors and more! She also talked about the sustainable lifestyle brand United By Blue (She is a key member of the company!!)  which is one of the most fantastic sustainable fashion brands in the industry!The biggest value you will get from this episode is how Kelly explains her journey in becoming a creative director/marketer at United By Blue. As well as how she has become an exceptional photographer.('s Instagram:'s Website: By Blue Instagram: By Blue Website:
Darius Trip is an up and coming artist from Aurora, Colorado who now resides in Arizona. His music crosses over several genres and requires each individual listener to make a judgment of his sound. In this episode, we learn about Darius's life, current music, and future projects.( 
Ep. 19 Okito

Ep. 19 Okito


African native Pirlo Okito started his very own fashion brand Okito shortly after finishing up graduating from college. For him, the brand was a way to express himself and to follow a new passion in life after athletics. Pirlo's podcast highlights his youth, what his brand stands for, and what he has planned moving forward.('s Website:'s Instagram:
Ep. 18 Talk About It

Ep. 18 Talk About It


CSU student Mckailyn Quast has come up with an idea to address mental health by using fashion as her vessel. Her "passion project" Talk About It highlights the importance of talking about the issues that matter the most to young people living through these challenging times. Learn her story and more in this episode!( About It Instagram: Instagram:
There is nothing better than sitting down and talking about fashion with a friend. That is what this episode of the podcast is about with Annalie. We cover her wardrobe, what she enjoys to wear in the fall, and her current sneaker rotation. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and check out her Depop store.('s Instagram:'s Depop:
Ep. 16 Not Sure

Ep. 16 Not Sure


Ralph Antonio's brand is a culmination of hard work and fearlessness. The brand is less than a year old and Ralph has managed to tap into the demand for his products and sells out regularly. This episode is for those who want to know what it takes to run a small fashion business, as well as learn about Ralph and Not Sure. ( Sure Website: www.notsuresf.comRalph's Instagram: Sure Instagram:
Ep. 15 Femarco

Ep. 15 Femarco


Today's episode introduces the listener to the new brand Femarco. Sebastian and I had the opportunity to talk about what it is like to start your own brand and what he plans to accomplish with Femarco. Connect with the brand and shop their new collection by selecting the appropriate link below.(
Sky Welkin is a Denver based artist that caught our attention while we were canvassing through downtown Denver. Immediately impressed by his work, we asked him to be on the podcast and what we learned about his journey through the arts was incredibly unique and inspiring.('s Instagram:'s Website:
Ep. 13 MD's, Divinus

Ep. 13 MD's, Divinus


MD's story is so unique. From how he was born on a small island territory outside of mainland USA. To now being located in Queens one of the most culturally eclectic cities in the United States was fun to discover for this episode. On top of that MD's love for skateboarding pushed him to start his very own brand Divinus. ('s Instagram: Instagram: Website:
This week's episode features Vancouver native Harold Malcolm! Malcolm and I talked about his musical journey growing up in British Columbia. As well as, what he enjoys creating and listening to currently.In the middle of this episode, we sampled a little bit of his sound to give you, the listener, a taste of what he creates.( Malcolm's Instagram: of Malcolm's work: Figuring It Out With Andrew ( Credit: Lakey Chill Day
This episode features Danilo Gallinari's younger brother Federico! Both are talented basketball players but Federico has also started his own basketball-centric brand Fly or Die. In this episode, we catch up with Federico and learn more about his business.( OR DIE Instagram: OR DIE Clothing Instagram: Federico Gallinari Instagram: Federico Gallinari YouTube Channel: Music Credit: Lakey- Chill Day
Ep. 10 Happy Jack

Ep. 10 Happy Jack


This episode is one of the most special episodes to date. We had the opportunity to speak with Delseni the creative director of Happy Jack. For those who don't know, Jack Nathan is the original founder of the brand but he tragically passed away earlier this year. Today is Jack's birthday and we want to honor him and bring our dearest condolences to his friends and his family. We want to thank Delseni for having the courage and the strength to speak about his friend and about Happy Jack.( Jack Website: Jack Instagram: Instagram:
This week's episode features Long Beach native Jordan Gavero! Learn more about Jordan as a fashion and sneaker collector. We also talk about overconsumption and finding validation in material possessions.('s Instagram: Credit: Lakey-Chill Day
This week's episode of the podcast features the talented photographer Tasnim Clarke. This episode is tailored to those who are interested in the perspective of a young hungry photographer. If you would like to see more of Clarke's work I have attached the appropriate link's below!’s Website:’s Personal Instagram:’s Photography Instagram: Credit: Lakey- Chill Day
In this week's episode, we had a chance to talk with fashion blogger, Pamela Valdez. Her blog Glamour & Guide is a unique take on personal styling, lifestyle, and fashion. Be sure to follow Glamour & Guide on Instagram to stay up to date with all relevant content. & Guide Website: & Guide Instagram: Valdez's Instagram: Credit: Chill Day - Lakey
This week’s episode is really special! Our guest, Emilie Chaumillon is both a visual artist and a garment maker. If you are curious about how to customize, repurpose, or adjust your clothes this episode may be for you! Creatives like Emilie are awesome to learn from because they give great insight into how they are able to create what they create!('s Instagram: Credit: Chill Day- Lakey
This week's episode of the Beyond the Garment Podcast features photographer David Gurzhiev. This podcast dives deeper into Gurzhiev's life and how he became the photographer he is today. Gurzhiev also explains his experience working with streetwear brand Aime Leon Dore, and how his role with the brand has allowed him to grow as a professional.'s Instagram:'s Website: Credit: Chill-Day Lakey
On this episode of the Beyond the Garment Podcast I had the chance to interview and talk to the skilled artist, Pamela Compton. Pamela's work is both beautiful and full of emotion. I highly recommend you checking out her work just to see how truly amazing she is as an artist. You can find her work at credit: Chill Day Lakey
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