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Stephen Nagy is a Money Mentor and Money Multiplier that teaches us the different ways to take back control of our own money and how to become our own BYOB: Be Your Own Banker.
Dan R Morris of Blogging Concentrated teaches us how he works just 4 months a year by collaborating with other bloggers, business owners, podcasters, course creators, content creators, authors, and more. Get 65 courses, e-books, and more for just a one time $49! Ends June 19th, 2022! ( (affiliate link)
Joey Coleman, author of "Never Lose a Customer Again", teaches us how to obtain lifelong customer loyalty and the 8 phases of the customer experience: Assess, Admit, Affirm, Activate, Acclimate, Accomplish, Adopt, and Advocate.
Jonathan Milligan talks to us about why our message matters and the various ways we can monetize and market our message.
Jordan Harbinger shares his story from being fired from a popular podcast of 11 years, to building up his own solo show in just 8 months. He talks about some of his big-name guests, how he got them, and how your network is the most important asset you have in business.
Brendan Kane (author of One Million Followers and Hook Point) has worked with Fortune 500 corporations, brands, and celebrities including Taylor Swift, Rihanna, MTV, NHL, Sony, Paramount, Lionsgate, and more. He talks to us about what does and doesn't work in social media, the future of social media, algorithms, how to go viral, and how to create a captivating hook point.
This episode is different. This is a feed drop of an episode of Be Bold Begin that I appeared as a guest on. I talk to Christina Barsi about repurposing and creating content once that you can use for other iterations (podcast, book, course, community, etc) to build a stronger brand.
Mike Capuzzi of (Bite Sized Books) talks to us about the importance of having a short, helpful book (what he refers to as a "Shook") to get new leads, customers, and clients. He also talks to us about the importance of giving away books for free via a book funnel.
Rob Neuner of Boost Oxygen® talks to us about landing a deal with Kevin O'Leary on Shark Tank®: what the process is like, what it's like to work with MR WONDERFUL®, and more.
Learn about the massive growth and money in podcasting, and discover how podcasting is different than any other form of content creation. Discover how to use a podcast as a business card, and front-end sales funnel. Learn the different ways you can grow your business with podcasting, and the additional monetization options. Plus, free bonus: PDF copy of my book: "Podcastpreneur: How to Produce, Promote, and Profit With a Podcast"
Matt Dixon of and Front Range Systems teaches us about growth/team culture, fixed vs growth mindset, hiring the right people, and more.
Noah St John talks to about how to get rid of head trash about money and avoiding the 3 big money mistakes even smart people make.
Bob Wheeler of (The Money Nerve) discusses the 3 Financial F's: Fears, Fitness, and Freedom. We also discuss inflation, diversification, crypto, mortgages, paying off debt, building 6 months of savings, and more.
Phil and Jenn Tompkins from ( tell us how they started their chicken rental service with just $300 and scaled it all over North America. They also talk to us about the benefits of having chickens, eating fresh chicken eggs, and share some touching stories.
Alex Cleanthous of (Web Profits) tells us the reasons why the agency model is one of the quickest and easiest ways to start and scale an online business. It's affordable to start, it's recurring revenue, and a scalable business model. He tells us it's easier to sell your services (time) than to sell products. Alex also walks us through how I can grow and scale my podcast production agency, ( PodSeam.)
Gordon Firemark discusses the 4 basic legal elements all podcasters should have in place: Business Structure/Entity, Legal/Team Structure, Protecting Intellectual Property (IP), and Customers/Clients.
Austin L Church teaches us the 6 levers of a successful freelance business: positioning, packaging, pricing, pipeline, psychology, and process. He also discusses pricing techniques.
Jaryd Krause of Buying Online Businesses tells us about when you might consider buying an existing online business to starting a new one from scratch. He also talks to us about due diligence, negotiation, and more.
Sean Adams with Leveraged Life Management teaches us the differences, pros, and cons of different types of life insurance and how life insurance compares to savings, 401ks, and retirement accounts.
John Wooten of Artillery Media and (Break Into Web) teaches us how to earn a 6 figure income designing and maintaining websites for others.
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