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Barbs Wired: A Siskel & Ebert Podcast
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Barbs Wired: A Siskel & Ebert Podcast

Author: Keri Lynn & Skipper Martin

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Celebrating the inimitable team of Roger Ebert & Gene Siskel, and also going head to head against them talking about movies and moviemaking from our modern perspective.
46 Episodes
Buried Treasures

Buried Treasures


Inspired by another series of special Siskel & Ebert episodes, this week Keri and Skip offer up their own choices alongside picks from Roger and Gene. 
We're not done gabbing about that darn Kevin Smith! 
Keri and Skipper get dirty in this first ever explicit episode talking about the career of Kevin Smith!
Teenage Sex Movies

Teenage Sex Movies


Fairly deep discussions on movies that may not appear to warrant them. Keri and Skipper embrace the awkward of horny teen flicks.  
a gift for my friend, Keri

a gift for my friend, Keri


Hope it brings a smile. 
Siskel & Ebert's Revenge!

Siskel & Ebert's Revenge!


Getting even and settling scores with Keri and Skipper alongside Roger and Gene looking at four revenge fueled classics!
Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures


Taking a page from the classic Siskel & Ebert special episodes "Guilty Pleasures" Keri and Skip choose a film of their own that qualifies to go alongside a Roger and Gene picked film some may find difficult to admit they actually like. 
Roger and Gene in New York? That and more as Keri and Skip cover Saturday Night Live movies and even delve a bit into Siskel & Ebert's guest stint on the venerable variety show. 
Keri and Skip take on the daunting task of choosing a single best episode from 24 years worth of Siskel & Ebert shows, and the final choice is a wild ride indeed.   
Deconstructing De Palma

Deconstructing De Palma


Spotlighting 4 Brian De Palma suspense films.
Continuing the conversation from Part 1, we dig into the special episode "The Movies That Made Us Critics."
SEASON PREMIERE! Keri and Skipper are once again talking about all things Siskel & Ebert and this first episode back examines what made Roger and Gene so effective as movie critics.
Journey past the novel into brand new Stephen King territory.  Keri and Skip discuss if the master himself  was able to step in and stick the landing. Did the series come to a satisfying conclusion?
Win or lose, stand or fall, the forces of good and evil finally collide in New Vegas. Will this CBS show stick the landing and bring the main tale to a satisfying conclusion? 
The end is just around the corner! Lots of characters head west to New Vegas, but not everyone is destined to complete the journey.
As we all wait for the next episode to drop Keri and Skipper have a short chat with listener Nikki Rogers about all things King and of course what she thinks so far of the new CBS adaptation of The Stand!
This episode is trash! Trashcan Man that is, and he shows everyone just how handy he can be!  
Sin City is finally revealed! Keri and Skip discuss if the wait was worth the build up as the series starts to head to the final showdown between good and Evil. 
This transitional episode focuses on the Boulder Free Zone. Keri and Skip contemplate how the final battle will take shape against Flagg’s forces of evil in Las Vegas. 
The last of the main characters take the stage with proper introductions to Nick Andros, Tom Cullen, Glen Batemen, and Mother Abigail herself. Keri and Skip dig deep to see how the show is succeeding and where it's coming up short. 
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