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Author: Jeremy Pendrey

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On Trails Worth Hiking, we bring you the most interesting backpacking and trekking routes in the world. Every trail has a story. In the first part of each episode, we tell you the stories behind the trail. In the second part, we tell you how to hike the trail. In each episode, guests who have hiked the trail join Jeremy, our host, to talk about the experience of hiking it. Join us on each episode as we hear the story, then hike the trail.
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Back in episode 7, Jeremy interviewed Road Trip Ryan (Ryan Cornia) about his hike of the Ruby Crest Trail in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada.  Jeremy had previously tried to hike the trail in 2018, but had been thwarted first by snow and then forest fires.  But in 2021, Jeremy finally hiked the trail, along with his son Justin and hiking buddy Tony Wong.  In this special update episode, Jeremy, with some help from Justin and Tony, brings us the ups and downs of their 2021 experience on the Ruby Crest Trail, a fabulous alpine adventure rising straight out of the remote desert of northeastern Nevada.  Stick around to the very end to hear the "Wong wobble" in action.Listen to episode 7:, comments, or suggestions:  trailsworthhiking@gmail.comOutdoor Herbivore (10% off for TWH listeners):
Ep. 19:  West Coast Trail

Ep. 19: West Coast Trail


Taryn Eyton of Happiest Outdoors joins Jeremy to talk about the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  This coastal trail off the west coast of Canada takes hikers through temperate rainforest and along beaches, and features ladders, hand-operated cable cars, and ferries as part of the adventure.  Taryn also talks about Happiest Outdoors and her recent guide book for backpacking in southwestern British Columbia.  And Jeremy tells us why if it's mountain lions you love, Vancouver Island is the place for you.Happiest Outdoors:'s guide to the West Coast Trail:'s book, Backpacking in Southwestern British Columbia: off backpacking meals at Outdoor Herbivore:, comments, or suggestions:
Jeremy describes the route his family traveled in summer 2021 on their adventure in Yosemite National Park where they visited two of the park's two most iconic features, Half Dome and Cloud's Rest.  The episode even includes audio recorded during the trip.  And of course Jeremy brings us the history of Yosemite Valley and Yosemite National Park, as well as a discussion about Yosemite's most famous residents: its bears.  Listen to the end to hear Justin tell us what's next on his bucket list.Questions, comments, or suggestions:  trailsworthhiking@gmail.com10% discount on backpacking meals:
Ep. 17:  Overland Track

Ep. 17: Overland Track


Listener Dan Koehne joins Jeremy to talk about the Overland Track in Tasmania, Australia.  After Jeremy gives us some of the history of Tasmania, including one pretty grim prison escape story, Dan tells us about his 2016 solo hike of the Overland Track, which traverses the wilds of Cradle Mountain - Lake St. Clair National Park.  Dan also talks about what it was like growing up in Papua New Guinea, and stick around to the end of the conversation to hear about one interesting way to fix the brakes on your vehicle used by the locals in Ladakh, India.Questions, comments, or suggestions:  trailsworthhiking@gmail.com10% discount on backpacking meals for TWH listeners:
Ep. 16:  Foothills Trail

Ep. 16: Foothills Trail


Nancy East of the Hope and Feather Travels blog joins Jeremy to talk about the Foothills Trail in upstate South Carolina and western North Carolina.  This adventure takes hikers through some of the most beautiful hiking scenery in the southeastern United States, including by some pretty amazing waterfalls.  Nancy also talks about her record-setting month-long hike of every single mile of trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which she did to raise money for charity.  Before the interview with Nancy, Jeremy explains the Southern Blue Ridge Escarpment, the dramatic setting for this hike, and the conservation history of the area.Hope and Feather Travels:'s post on the Foothills Trail: Herbivore (10% off for TWH listeners):, comments, and suggestions:  trailsworthhiking@gmail.compodcast cover art by Vincent Bouyssounouse (@vipcentart on Instagram)
After Jeremy introduces us to Nepal and the Himalayas, Jeremy and Tony recount their 2019 adventure hiking the Manaslu Circuit in Nepal.  This trip had everything:  chaotic Kathmandu, wild jeep rides, deep river gorges, monkeys, remote villages, monasteries, high waterfalls, momos (Nepali dumplings), teahouses, suspension bridges, yaks, a snowy mountain pass, views of one of the tallest mountains in the world, and even a solo trekking dog.  Listen all the way to the end of the episode to hear some of the sounds of the adventure.  Earthbound Expeditions: Circuit information: Herbivore (10% off):, comments, or suggestions:  trailsworthhiking@gmail.comCover art by Vincent Bouyssounouse (@vipcentart on Instagram)
Rajan Simkhada of Earthbound Expeditions joins Jeremy on this bonus episode to talk about trekking in Nepal, the country that contains many of the highest mountains on earth.  Rajan and Jeremy discuss what trekking in Nepal entails and how you can do it.  Rajan gives listeners lots of great tips for planning their first trek in Nepal, including how to choose a trekking company and what you can expect when you come to Nepal.  This episode is a prequel to our next episode, which will cover Jeremy and Tony's 2019 trip to Nepal.Earthbound Expeditions:, comments, or suggestions:  trailsworthhiking@gmail.comPodcast cover art by Vincent Bouyssounouse  (@vipcentart on Instagram)
Ep. 13:  Three Sisters Loop

Ep. 13: Three Sisters Loop


Katie Cook of Trees and Tents joins Jeremy to talk about the Three Sisters Loop hike through the wonderful volcanic Three Sisters Wilderness in the Cascades of central Oregon.  Jeremy gives us some of the geologic history of this colorful and awe-inspiring wilderness, and riffs a bit about two of his own trips to the area.  Katie also tells us about Trees and Tents, her inspiring website that seeks to get more women out backpacking.  And Jeremy even quotes Mike Tyson in this episode, of all people.Trees and Tents:'s guide to the Three Sisters Loop: discount for TWH listeners on backpacking meals:, comments, or suggestions:
Ep. 12:  Benson Lake Loop

Ep. 12: Benson Lake Loop


Deep in a remote corner of Yosemite National Park in California's Sierra Nevada mountains, there is a rather unusual lake.  Many lakes in the Sierra Nevada may have a small strip of shoreline where a tired hiker can sit and soak their feet, but Benson Lake has much more than that.  It has a full beach like you would expect to find at any ocean shore.  On this episode, Jeremy's daughter Sonya joins him as he narrates their 2018 hike of the 50-mile Benson Lake Loop, and Jeremy's hiking buddy Tony Wong joins the show to talk about their 2013 visit to Benson Lake while hiking a section of the Pacific Crest Trail.  Before talking about the Benson Lake Loop, Jeremy brings you the stories of Bridgeport and Bodie California, two towns near the trailhead east of the Sierra, but with two very different stories.TWH listeners get a 10% discount on backpacking meals:
Ep. 11:  Hadrian's Wall Path

Ep. 11: Hadrian's Wall Path


Jack Witt of Active World Journeys joins Jeremy to talk about his trek on the Hadrian's Wall Path.  This trek goes coast to coast across northern England alongside the wall that Emperor Hadrian built in the second century A.D. to mark the northern boundary of the Roman Empire.  Today trekkers can spend a week enjoying the walk through the English countryside, staying in quaint inns along the way, and soaking in the history of Rome and England.Active World Journeys: Fit With Witt:'s post on the Hadrian's Wall Path: Herbivore (10% off for TWH listeners):
Sabrina Brett of  Moon & Honey Travel joins Jeremy to talk about the Rota Vicentina Fisherman's Trail in southwest Portugal.  This trail takes trekkers through one of the last wild coasts of Europe.  Sabrina and Jeremy also chat about hidden gem treks in the Alps.  And don't miss Sabrina's advice about what question never to ask a Slovenian.Moon & Honey Travel: Vicentina Fisherman's Trail: Treks in Europe Off the Beaten Path: don't forget to get your 10% off Outdoor Herbivore backpacking meals:
Ep. 9:  Diablo Trail

Ep. 9: Diablo Trail


Tony Wong is back on the show to talk with Jeremy about their hike of the Diablo Trail on their home turf in Northern California.  Jeremy tells some of the history of the area, including the legend about how Mount Diablo became named California's "Devil Mountain."  And don't miss Tony's advice about how to repurpose leftover takeout food as your go-to backpacking meal.Save Mount Diablo: Herbivore (discount for TWH listeners):, comments, or suggestions:
Andy Kermode from the Hiking Thru Life podcast joins Jeremy to talk about the Superior Hiking Trail in Minnesota.  The Superior Hiking Trail follows the North Shore of Lake Superior, the largest body of fresh water on earth by surface area.  Andy thru hiked all 300 plus miles of the trail in 2019.  Also, Jeremy recounts some of the history of the North Shore of Lake Superior, including its darker side as a hideout for gangsters and bank robbers.Hiking Thru Life:'s appearance on Hiking Thru Life: Herbivore (TWH listeners get a discount!):, comments, or suggestions:
Ep. 7:  Ruby Crest Trail

Ep. 7: Ruby Crest Trail


Ryan Cornia of Road Trip Ryan joins Jeremy to discuss the remote and beautiful Ruby Crest Trail in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada.  Jeremy shares some of the old west history of the area, which included wagon routes, the Pony Express, and even a cavalry fort.  Jeremy's dad Rusty also joins him on the show to talk about the Ruby Valley, the wildlife oasis below the Ruby Mountains.From the show:Road Trip Ryan:'s Ruby Crest Trail post: Herbivore - Listen to the show for a discount code!, comments, or suggestions:
Jeremy's son Justin joins him on this bonus episode to talk about their amazing hike of this alternate route of the High Sierra Trail.  Instead of just hiking the High Sierra Trail from west to east, this extended version of the hike loops back west and turns the hike into a grand circuit of several high sierra canyons and passes.  And don't miss the special treat at the end of the episode.Mentioned this episode:Hipcamp: Herbivore:, comments, or suggestions:
Jeremy's hiking buddy Tony Wong is back on the show to talk with Jeremy about Joshua Tree National Park and their 2018 hike on the California Riding and Hiking Trail through this high desert wonderland.  Jeremy and Tony talk about the history of Joshua trees themselves and Joshua Tree National Park before telling you how you can hike this fantastic trail and giving you a possible itinerary for the hike.  And Tony tells us about his almost fatal mistake backpacking years ago.Questions, comments or suggestions:
Ep. 4:  Kalalau Trail

Ep. 4: Kalalau Trail


Jeremy's daughter Sonya joins him on this episode to talk about her adventure on the Kalalau Trail on the island of Kauai in Hawaii.  In the first part of the show, they recount a bit of Hawaii's history, explain why Kauai doesn't have tall buildings (except one), and talk about the largest canyon of the Pacific.  Then they bring us to the Na Pali coast and its ancient footpath, the Kalalau Trail.  Sonya tells us about her hike along this beautiful and possibly dangerous coastal trail, including her encounters with some of its mysterious outlaw residents.  For more on that, see the February 2018 issue of Hakai magazine's article "Hawaii's Last Outlaw Hippies."  After talking about the trail, Sonya tells us about what growing up a backpacker has meant to her and why jelly beans just might be the solution to backpacking with kids.  She also tells us about her favorite footwear, key travel advice, and her aspirations to hike some longer-distance trails in the future.  And if all that wasn't enough, going nude in the outdoors comes up multiple times on this episode, so don't miss it!
Ep. 3:  Quilotoa Loop

Ep. 3: Quilotoa Loop


Jeremy's son Justin joins him to talk about Ecuador and the Quilotoa Loop (spoiler alert:  it's not actually a loop).  They discuss visiting Ecuador's two rival equator theme parks, the capital city Quito, studying Spanish in the beautiful and friendly city Cuenca, visiting the crest of the Andes in El Cajas National Park, the Inca ruins at Ingapirca, the possibility of climbing the Cotopaxi volcano, the city of Latacunga and its legendary Mama Negra festival, as well as the indigenous Inti Raymi festival and how Ecuador celebrates Corpus Christi.  They talk about walking the Quilotoa trek on the route from Sigchos to Quilotoa, including their favorite hostel on the route, Llullu LLama, and its social media star St. Bernard dog (Baloo) and namesake llama, Tito.  And of course they recount the dramatic and exhausting finish of the trek at the beautiful and mysterious Laguna Quilotoa at almost 13,000 feet of elevation (almost 4,000 meters).  Justin tells us about what it was like growing up backpacking from a young age and how it impacted him.  He also talks about the benefits of warm socks, the joy of seeing the world at the speed of walking, and why he wants to hike in a jungle.  To plan this trek check out the Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Hiking the Quilotoa Loop on the Whirlwind Travellers blog, which Jeremy relied heavily on for planning his family's trek.  Reach out to us with any questions, comments, or ideas for future episodes at
Ep. 2:  High Sierra Trail

Ep. 2: High Sierra Trail


Special guest Tony Wong joins Jeremy to talk about the High Sierra Trail in Sequoia National Park.  Jeremy and Tony talk about the bizarre history of the creation of Sequoia National Park and the giant trees that give the park its name.  They also recount the history of the building of the High Sierra Trail itself, some key information on hiking in the high Sierra, logistics for hiking the trail, and a possible itinerary.  And then Tony tells us about gear he doesn't leave home without, the best backpacking advice he's gotten, his favorite hike, what's next on his list, and whether there's actually a hike that Jeremy couldn't convince him to do.
In this episode our host, Jeremy, introduces Trails Worth Hiking, the podcast that brings you some of the most interesting backpacking and trekking routes in the world.  Jeremy describes the show, the kinds of trails the show will cover, talks about the difference between backpacking and trekking, and previews future episodes, including a preview of the first trail we will cover on the next episode. 
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