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Author: Foxtrot and the Get Down

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Foxtrot & the Get Down, White Sox Dave, Dante, & Kenny Carkeet cover the ins and outs of the music industry every week from the point of view of actual musicians. We talk about the music we love, horror stories from the road, the high points of being a working musician, & the wacky BS that goes on behind the scenes. Not to mention, we interview some of the biggest names in music from all genres.
220 Episodes
Dave is angry, Kenny is high, What else is new???We welcome on one of the biggest duos in country music, Brothers Osborne, to talk about their incredible new album, the state of country music, being themselves, & Maryland sports. Truly great dudes and a great interview (38:55). We also get into the Rolling Stone Magazine controversy, White Sox Dave's time at Riot Fest, Drake's album delay, and whether Rap or Country is the more dominant genre right now. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!!!!
LEGEND ON THE POD THIS WEEK. We sat down with country legend Wheeler Walker Jr. to talk about his new album "RAM", taking over rock music, why LA sucks, & the state of the music industry. Absolutely hilarious conversation (29:57).We also broke down the new Olivia Rodrigo album, the shit show that is the VMA's, The Rolling Stones X Sydney Sweeney genius marketing move, & ON/OFF the list. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!
ABSOLUTE LEGEND ON THE POD THIS WEEK...We flew to Chicago to sit down with the frontman of Slipknot & Stone Sour, Corey Taylor, to talk his new record "CMF2", recording in his Slipknot mask, his charity, and his remarkable list of fake band names. ALL TIME INTERVIEW (18:58).We also recapped our Chicago trip & our basketball Match-up with SHAQ in NYC, the Burning Man fiasco, ON/OFF the list, and said a fond RIP to Jimmy Buffet. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!!!
MAJOR LAZER IN THE BUILDING.Dante sat down with Major Lazer at Lollapalooza to talk about their incredible career, Aliens, DJ Set Ups, Tik Tok, and so much more. MUST LISTEN (41:01).We also talk about the insane week for Oliver Anthony (and his genius marketing tactics), DJ Khaled, Taylor Swift turning down the Super Bowl AGAIN, and the recent string of Tiny Desk performances.LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE! 
DAD VIBES THIS WEEK. We have TWO huge interviews this week. We start with The Band CAMINO to talk about their new album, Memphis, Taylor Swift being a fan, and how they operate in today's music landscape (22:51). We cap the episode off with country superstar Dylan Scott at the Windy City Smokeout in Chicago for an INSANE, unhinged White Sox Dave interview (1:04:58). We also talk about labels panicking, Lollapalooza, and the newest member of the podcast, Colin's newborn son Conor!!!LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!
We have one of the hottest names in country music on the pod!Dante & WSD sat down with Bailey Zimmerman at the Windy City Smokeout to talk his journey, working on a pipeline, touring with Morgan Wallen, private Jets with Nickelback, & aliens. MUST LISTEN!We also talk Travis Scott & Post Malone albums, RIP Peewee Herman, DJ Khaled's presidential case, and ON/OFF the list.LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!
WE GOT DARIUS RUCKER IN THE HOUSE!Dante & Glenny Balls sat down with the LEGEND at the Windy City Smokeout in Chicago before his set to talk golf, tour life, and his inescapable relationship with Glenny Balls (33:22). We also get into the Jason Aldean controversy and how incredibly stupid everyone is, Bam Margera's new diss track, Rock & Roll's resurgence, ON/OFF the list and so much more.LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!!! 
We keep rollin' with another huge guest, YELLOWCARD. We sat down with Ryan from Yellowcard to talk about their incredible journey from Myspace-era darlings, to falling out and breaking up, all the way to getting back together and selling more tickets than they ever have. A true gritty rock & roll story. MUST LISTEN (30:25). We also recap our first ever festival coverage at Chicago's Windy City Smokeout, as well the issue that the established music media seems to have with us starting to get our foot in the door. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!!!
WE GOT DANNY BROWN ON THE POD...A ton to get into this week. We sat down with legendary rapper & host of "The Danny Brown Show" Danny Brown to talk sobriety, musicians in podcasting, weird internet videos, modern rap, and so much more. MUST LISTEN (42:36).We also have Robbie Fox here to discuss meeting Noel Gallagher in Central park, Intern Cole here to defend his take that The Beatles suck, Windy City Smokeout weekend in Chicago, & artists getting hit with stuff on stage.LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA. While others skip the holiday week, we say FUCK IT LET"S GET ROWDY.We welcome on Danny Kongos & Brian Strean to talk about America's birthday, Hunter Biden and his inevitable introduction to Nu-Metal, AC/DC's undeniable American roots, Michael Rubin's white party, seeing Danny Devito at an orgy, and why these guys love DJ Khaled. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!!!
Double header this week. Buckle up...We have Royal & the Serpent on to talk her new 2-Song Project "Rat Trap 2", touring with Fall Out Boy, missing the East Coast, & finding herself outside of the Alternative scene (31:33). We also have DE'WAYNE here to talk his career, the grind to get where he is, Houston, touring with the same guys for years, & how to make it in the industry (1:15:47).We also talk Dave & Dante's Nashville trip, the etiquette of requesting songs at a bar, the most overrated songs of all time, & Kenny and Johnny have never heard "Wagon Wheel"...LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE and a HUGE thank you to ProtectionLink for sponsoring. 
HUGE, HUGE WEEK. We have the boys from Old Dominion, two time reigning ACM Group of the Year on the pod to talk their new EP, what their relationship with Kenny Chesney means to them, meeting White Sox Dave years ago, and how they made it in country music. AMAZING CONVO (38:19).We also get into Bonnaroo, the XXL Freshman list, famous musicians we've gotten high with, a possible new Beatles album, and the songs you think you've had sex to the most in your life.LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE & huge thanks to ProtectionLink for sponsoring the pod!
The boys are back for another HUGE week...We have the homie Elderbrook on live from Brookyln Bowl in Las Vegas to talk about his recent album, playing Coachella, the Royal Family, his first concert, & fatherhood (44:23). We also talk about the fact that people forgot The Weeknd is weird after watching "The Idol", the quality of Jam Bands, the new Jason Isbell album, and ON/OFF the list.LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!!
Bang Bang, we're back again with a DOUBLE HEADER!We have two interviews this week. We talk with superstar DJ duo SIDEPIECE about their new single, working with Diplo, doing remixes for Lil Wayne, & why DJ's live the best life (28:29). We also chop it up with returning guests Moon Taxi about their new album, Nashville, the return to touring and CRAZY show stories (1:18:56).We also get into our summertime playlists, Sturgill Simpson, Canada, the new Foo Fighters album, and so much more. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE! Big thanks to our sponsor ProtectionLink. Use promo code "kennysucks" for a risk free 7 day trial on warranties for Car, RV, & electronics!
Back this week with ANOTHER Legend...We sat down with Adam Duritz of Counting Crows to talk about their upcoming tour, how life changed after "Mr. Jones", bartending while famous, recording in home studios, & why he was a rabbit in that "Shrek 2" music video. AMAZING interview (30:28). We also get into recording issues, The Music Illuminati, crazy people on the internet, & how Lil B changed music. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!!!! Plus a special thanks to ProteckLink for sponsoring today's episode. Use Promo Code "kennysucks" for a 7 Day free trial!
Back at it again with ANOTHER Huge Week...We sat down with up & coming superstar Breland live in Chicago to talk his Gospel roots, Philly Sports, writing 2 songs a day, and his connection to Jimmy Butler (38:20). We also get into Josh Freese drumming for Foo Fighters, the worst mistakes we've ever made on stage, RIP Tina Turner, and how funny the Jonas Brothers actually are.LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!!!
Back from NYC with a HUGE EPISODE.This week, the boys are breaking down the Riot Fest lineup, the Greatest Movie Soundtracks, the fine line between trying to hard/not trying enough with songwriting, & emo dance music. We also have TWO amazing interviews with former MLB pitcher and current rock star Bronson Arroyo talking about his debut album & illustrious career in baseball (21:35) AND EDM superstar Gryffin talking about his live shows and time on the Barstool Blackout Tour (1:03:31).LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!!!
Yet another monster week for your boys. We sat down with drummer extraordinaire Gunnar Olsen to talk about working with Bruce Springsteen, Puscifer, & the crazy world of drumming as a hired gun (24:37). We also get into our hatred for fan groups, ON/OFF the list, and our new budding rivalry with Jared Leto. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!!!   
Another huge week for the Barstool Backstage boys... Things are only just starting to get crazy.We welcome on Tim from Rise Against to talk about his early punk days, Chicago, how he developed his singing voice, and how he's been able to carve out such an insanely illustrious career without selling out. All time interview (26:43).We also break own this year's Rock & Roll hall of fame inductees, WTF We've Been Listening to, and On/Off the list.LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!!!
LIVE FROM BARSTOOL HQ, IT'S YOUR BOYS! We got a hot one this week while we were in NYC locking down some huge stuff for the pod. We welcomed back our wounded brother Dante, & got into convos about how lame Coachella might actually be and how ludicrous the Ed Sheeren/Marvin Gaye lawsuit is. We chatted with Johnny Rzeznik, frontman of the Goo Goo Dolls about his career, writing "Iris", Buffalo, changing styles, and the imminent threat of AI (25:55). We also do ON/OFF the list and let AI write songs for us.LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE!!!
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