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Success Stories is a podcast that is focused on the decorated apparel and promotional marketing industry. We highlight successful companies and people in these industries. What are they doing? How can you learn from them? Hearing their stories of success, you can apply those same ideas to your business situation and have success too.
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Starting out in his parent’s garage, Jeff Meilander has built a thriving contract apparel decoration business in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.  They serve a variety of businesses and decoration types, where literally no job is too big or too small.We’ll dig into all of that with Jeff and learn how he has built his company from the ground up into a major player in the industry with over 100,000 square feet of combined production and on-demand facilities.
You're in for a real treat on today's Success Stories podcast. In 1978, Greg Muzzillo began to start in the industry by starting his own company perform up with a $200 investment and an answering machine and some business cards. He started franchising, his distributorship model in 1986. And fast forward today, the company has over 650 offices with over $650 million in annual sales. We'll talk to Greg about all that and more. So buckle up and get ready to hear some great stories on tips on success. 
One of the leading process-driven shops in the industry is Tiny Fish Printing in Rochester, NY.  Tony Esteves has worked diligently to create a fantastic shop, and on today’s Success Stories podcast, he’ll share his journey and what makes his shop tick.So, if you are interested in learning more about how to build a process-driven shop that uses SOPs, training, and a fanatical dedication to positive outcomes…this is the episode for you.
When do you decide to start your own shop?  That’s the subject of today’s Success Stories podcast with guest Ray Markey with Evrik Imprints in Flint Township, Michigan.Ray has always believed in himself and what he brings to the table.  Gathering resources and pushing out to begin his entrepreneurial journey was the next evolutionary step for him.  We’ll discuss that and more on this episode, so stay tuned!
On today’s Success Stories podcast, we’ll take a hard look at retail merchandising with industry veteran Seth Anderson with Westside Merchandising.  You might not know their name, but you’ve seen their work in virtually every mall or concert venue in the United States.With over 160,000 square feet of combined production space in Mexico and the US, Westside cranks out over one million monthly shirts for their clients.  Seth will share his journey into the business of licensed products.  Buckle up; it’s going to be a great episode today!
What happens when a few college buddies get together and start hosting local events?  Sooner or later, they will need t-shirts.  That’s what happened back in 1984 when Steve Taylor with Native Sons Apparel Printing begin printing and selling their own merch.A lot has evolved for Native Sons since then, and we’ll get into that and more on this next episode of the Success Stories podcast.  So, grab some coffee and sit back and hear how Steve has worked to evolve his company into a South Carolina staple.
We all talk about alignment with our customers.  One shop, in particular, has taken that to another level with its focus on sustainability, company culture, and branding, and that is Dom Rosacci’s shop Superior Ink in Denver, Colorado.On today’s Success Stories podcast, we’ll speak with Dom and learn about his shop and its focus on doing things correctly for the outdoor brands and customers they serve.  You don’t want to miss this one!
One mark of success is how you inspire or help other people on this planet. On today's Success Stories podcast, we'll chat with King Tilley about his life's journey has helped him focus on giving back to the world. Buckle up and get ready for a moving and inspirational journey that also has a business edge to it too
One of the true treasures in this industry has to be Richard Greaves. He started in this industry in 1979, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has held many roles and shops and companies in the supply chain.During his career, Richard has traveled the world, assisting shops with improvement and changes, and as always open to assisting someone new to resolve their problems.So get ready to get a hand cramp from the knowledge bombs that he's gonna be dropping today on this episode of Success Stories, and don't say that I didn't warn you.
What if you built your business on some core positive attributes like Love and Sustainability?  That’s what Citrus Heights, California shop owner Jessica Tillery has done with her business, All Quality Graphics.She turned her background in corporate wellness into a business that is all about giving back and enriching others.  On today’s Success Stories podcast, get ready to feel good and learn more about how Jessica and her team are transcending the simple t-shirt into something more.
Occasionally in business, we have to take a “Leap of Faith” and trust that things will succeed.  That’s the background story with today’s Success Stories podcast guest, Josh Wylie, with IGG Screen Printing and Graphics in El Reno, Oklahoma.  It is a family business, and you’ll learn all about how their dedication to doing things the right way has proved to be the winning ticket.So buckle up, sports fans; this one will be a lot of fun!
How do you know when it is right to shift your business from one strategy to another completely?  That’s the focus of today’s Success Stories podcast, as we’ll talk to Josiah Blackmore with Red Threads in Midland, Michigan.Red Threads went from a retail focus and in-house production company to one that outsources the work and has brought in a different strategy for B2B work.Josiah will share his thoughts and tips on why not being afraid to shift his business was the correct choice.  So get ready for a great show!
As everyone should know by now, the fundamentals of business matter.  On today’s Success Stories podcast, LaTonna Roberson - also known as the Lady Print Boss, will share her thoughts on the industry, what are the key fundamentals for running a profitable business, and her views on what’s ahead for the industry.LaTonna operates her company, T-shirt Shop Dallas, with the help of her team of family members and support staff.  She has very specific guardrails in place to help the business operate smoothly and profitably, which allows her to share the secrets of her success with her in-house training and consulting business for the industry.Take a few minutes and listen as LaTonna shares a tip or two that just might make a difference in your business.
Just how good are the processes in your shop?  What do you do if you learn something and need to begin installing what you have learned?On today’s Success Stories podcast, we’ll dig into that continuous improvement conversation with Cory Beal with Floodway Print Co in Winnipeg, Canada.Cory’s journey started from the early days as a BMX bike rider who wanted some merch and had the desire to learn how to do it.  Now, he has his own shop and has installed Lean processes to make everything run smoother and better.If you are a fan of taking a new idea and putting it into action, you'll want to grab a pen and paper and take some notes, as Cory will help guide you on what works for his shop!
It’s been said that it is important to be different if you want to stand out from a crowd.  As the self-title Fairy Gothmother in Roanoke, Virginia’s Big Lick Screen Printing, Marj Easterling, has done that.  Her local Roanoke magazine dubbed her “the face of custom apparel.”This was no accident.  For Marj, what earned her that title was her emphasis on creating the “Wow factor” in everything Big Lick Screen Printing produces.  On today’s Success Stories podcast, you’ll hear how Marj and her team throw in that “lagniappe,” which is that unexpected surprise.  That is why she is the Fairy Gothmother, granting little wishes and leaving little presents!
On today’s Success Stories podcast, we will discuss starting a t-shirt side hustle with the guru on this, Stan Banks.Stan has amassed a large YouTube following for his show “T-shirt Side Hustle,” which has over 100,000 subscribers.  But how did he get started?  What is it like to have a successful t-shirt YouTube show career?  How does Stan see the future of the industry?We’ll get those questions answered and more in this episode of Success Stories.
What happens when both you and your wife lose your jobs and also find out that you are expecting your first child?  Naturally, you start a business and work both hard and fast to grow your new company.That’s how today’s guest Jonathan Tynes with Kick Print, started out with his shop.  Since then, he and his wife Danielle have continually evolved their entrepreneurial journey.On today’s Success Stories podcast, we’ll learn all about starting and evolving your business, to processes, to time management, all the while working with your wife as your business partner. It is going to be a fantastic show and one that you won’t want to miss.
One of the true legends of the industry is Mark Coudray.  A master printer, forward-thinking entrepreneur, and mentor to a myriad of shops in the industry.  Mark has helped scores of businesses across the globe reach their profit potential.On today’s Success Stories podcast we’ll take a look back to the past, and also be scouting out the future, with insights from one of the most popular figures in the decorated apparel industry.This is an episode you won’t want to miss!
One of the most remarkable Success Stories in the industry is Chicago’s own, Culture Studio.  In today’s podcast, we’ll be talking with Rich Santo about providing tour merch for some of the biggest names in the music industry, how they launched their own shop software, and how they have grown over the years.Get ready to be inspired as we chat about success with Rich Santo and his shop, Culture Studio.
What would you do if you could spend some time with a person who has been active in this industry since 1976?  What questions would you ask?  What would you want to know?That’s what we’re going to do on this episode of Success Stories as our guest for the podcast is none other than Charlie Taublieb.  If you have attended a trade show in the past twenty years you may have taken one of his classes.  You may have also tuned into his popular Charlie’s Corner Zoom series, or watched the dozens of videos that feature Charlie on YouTube.So buckle up and get ready to have some fun and learn from a master!
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