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Ben makes bold claims of a final draft, will it stand the test of a reading? There's only one way to find out- in our last NANO episode!Support the show
A chapter about Dwarfs or Dwarves from Nico's WIP, Imposter Syndrome, and the terrible terror of the edit. All this and more in this new episode of The Tiny Bookcase.Support the show
NANOWRIMO enters its second week. In our second '22 NANO episode, Nico reads part of Ben's work and the talk turns to what it means to start the editing process.Support the show
NANOWRIMO is upon us again, in our first NANO episode Ben reads part of Nico's work, and the pair discuss what it means to write a first draft.Support the show
It's episode 100! It's Halloween! It's the incredibly talented Mark Brandon, author of Colossus of the Thames! It's too many flipping things, so get comfy for a bumper FIVE story episode.Support the show
Ben and Nico take their chance to grill Shona Kinsella, Chair of the British Fantasy Society, on all things books. Libraries were drained, and none of it shall be committed to celluloid, all will be revealed in the episode!Support the show
Ben and Nico get things all turned around as they are joined by Shona Kinsella, Chair of the British Fantasy Society to take on the prompt "Twisted".Support the show
Ben and Nico take a deep dive with author Cat Hellisen. Gross-out descriptions abound as they talk all things writing!Support the show
Money makes the world go around, but it's stories that keep us going! Ben & Nico are joined by Cat Hellisen author of 'Thief Mage, Beggar Mage'.  Will they put their money where their mouths are- or be forced to cash out, as they take on the prompt: "Currency".Support the show
#95: The Bear

#95: The Bear


Ben and Nico tuck into another prompt, this time it's ten feet tall, and can take your noggin off with a single punch. Prepare to face, The Bear!Support the show
#94: A Token

#94: A Token


Ben and Nico DIG into a new prompt, do we SPY new listeners? Only one way to find out, lets see how they handle "A Token"Support the show
We dive into the mind of E.M. Faulds, what strange treasures will we uncover? Join Ben, Nico, and Beth as they talk about Pratchett (as usual), Prose and Peculiarities.Support the show
Ben and Nico are joined by E.M. Faulds and deliver three brand new short stories written for the shared prompt "Grievances"!Support the show
#91: The River

#91: The River


Ben and Nico pinch their noses and dive straight into "The River"! Two fresh tales await, each plucked straight from the rushing torrent of inspiration.Support the show
#90: Elastic

#90: Elastic


Ben and Nico stretch as far as they can, let's hope they don't snap, as they tackle the prompt "Elastic".Support the show
Ben & Nico are joined by the author of the novel "Meet Me in Another Life" (Catriona Silvey) to discuss arming Sylvanian families, concept albums, and everything in between.Support the show
Ben and Nico are at it again- this time alongside Catriona Silvey, author of the bestseller 'Meet Me in Another Life'. Tales await, so tarry no longer. We will start start as soon as you're ready, simply "Say the Word".Support the show
#87: Tip

#87: Tip


Be it a place for rubbish, a gratuity fee, or the very end of the thing- TIP is a word we all know. What will Ben and Nico make out of it? Find out as they tackle the prompt "Tip".Support the show
Season Four comes to a close, and what better time than the podcast's second birthday! Two years, 86 episodes, hundreds of stories, laughs'n'tears and all kinds of mishaps along the way. We've written-like, we've written with and most important of all, we've written for... you!Join Ben and Nico for a round of stories to finish off this season to the prompt: TWO.Support the show
Ben and Nico raise their pens and make a story happen. Drawing on everything they've learned from seasons one to four, and forgetting a fair whack of it, they write to the prompt: Mushroom. Support the show
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