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The Tiny Bookcase

Author: Nico Rogers & Ben Holroyd-Dell

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The Tiny Bookcase is a short story writing and interview podcast. In each episode, our hosts (Nico & Ben) and the guest write a story using a shared prompt then read it for their own entertainment, and hopefully yours! Support the podcast on Patreon here:
35 Episodes
This one is close to home... well close enough! Nico and Ben are joined by author of the critically acclaimed Tide Child Trilogy, award-winning RJ Barker. With RJ's immense skill and the boys' inability to stop it seems there's nothing between them and a battle to the death with the prompt "Yorkshire".Support the show (
Nothern? Very. Nice? Extremely. (K)nowledgable? Without any doubt.Hear the musings, madness, and merriment of Simon Bestwick as Ben and Nico give him the grilling of a lifetime!Support the show (
Ben and Nico call for aid once more, and the powerfully prolific Simon Bestwick is there to answer. The man has written their combined weight in stories, so let's see what he can do with the prompt "Beneath the Crust".Support the show (
Nico & Ben get ready to ask a barrage of questions (some old, some new) to the charming Dr. Charles E. Gannon and uncover a wealth of fascinating tales and takes from the Bestselling Nebula-nominated author.Support the show (
It's Season 3, and the boys are back, this time with something resembling a vengeance!Join Ben and Nico as they meet their first guest of season 3, Nebula-nominated, best-selling author Dr. Charles E. Gannon (Chuck to his friends) who shares dented garnets of wisdom, a bonus extra story, and plenty of laughs as he helps them take on their first prompt: "Problem Solved"For the interview with Chuck, tune in next week!Support the show (
The ever-hungry Ysterris wants more, and lucky for Ben and Nico there's a wonderful treasure trove of stories from Season Two, time to show that Wizard how talented the guests have been and, hopefully, he'll let the boys finally leave the tower... right?Support the show (
Uh oh! Ysterris has smashed his way back into the Sacred Library and it's up to Ben & Nico to catch that old codger up on what's been happening in Season 2! Luckily for them, they've been visited by some amazing storytellers and are well prepared for the wizard's story appetite...Support the show (
Sometimes three just isn't enough, so why not try a little extra spice? This week Ben and Nico have cracked the surface and gone under the ice to retrieve Gary Wilson and reeled in Brad Rawlinson like expert anglers.Together these returning guests join our tenacious hosts as they unlock the potential of the prompt "The Broken Key".Support the show (
Loops, lovers and losses abound this episode as Nico and Ben are joined by the quick-witted steampunk author, Andrew Slinde. This titanic trio face-off with the prompt "Time Stopped", over and over and over again....Support the show (
Nico and Ben cross paths with author and tweet legend Shiv Ramdas as he brings his unique perspective to the prompt "Crossroads".Support the show (
Ben and Nico are joined by Sunburst award-winning author A.C. Wise, for sisterly love, Norse defiance, and an afternoon to remember... or forget, as they assault the mighty prompt "Fortified".Support the show (
The dynamic duo team up with award-winning author, translator, and journalist Sue Burke. Caped crusades, crashing waves, and colossal saves all occur when they take on the prompt "Rebooting".Support the show (
Nico and Ben talk perilous poisons and chaotic chemicals as their guest Aliya Whiteley, writer of over 100 short stories, helps them take on the prompt "Toxic".Support the show (
Ben and Nico are joined by award-winning poet and author Graham Mort to explore archetypes, music and mayhem as they delve into the prompt "Red Shoes".Support the show (
The boys get ready for some potentially spooky shenanigans as they are joined by author and creator of the Night Light Podcast Tonia Ransom. Listen in as they wrestle with the prompt "Family Recipe"Support the show (
What strange whirrings and unusual buzzings are these? Nico and Ben are joined by the author of the multi-award-winning novel "American War", Omar El Akkad, for an episode packed with knowledge and madness in equal measure! Join this tenacious trio as they take on the prompt "Contraption".Support the show (
Another week, another batch of stories plucked this time not only from the minds of Ben and Nico, but from behind the neon blue eyes of Anna Mocikat, author of the Cyberpunk series Behind Blue Eyes (see what we did there?) Join them as they take on the prompt "The Final Second".Support the show (
Ben and Nico delve into unknown worlds, of blood suckers fae-folk and mysterious knobs, assisted in the task by Jon Ford, author of The Ballad of The Songbird series, as they take on the prompt "My Collection"Support the show (
Ben and Nico are joined by novelist Halo Scot, author & troublemaker.  Halo's Rift Cycle series, a science-fantasy with grimdark, psychological horror, mental illness, and LGBTQ themes aims to normalize all aspects of the human experience while breaking stigmas surrounding mental illness, substance abuse, grief, and sexual orientation.  The trio respond to the prompt: "Buried Treasure" Support the show (
Ben and Nico buckle in and prepare to see a glimpse into their future... they hope! David Wellington, 2020 Arthur C. Clarke Award nominee and master of the written word brings some real firepower to the squad as they take on the prompt: "The Palm Reader"Support the show (
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