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Author: Rhonda Shear

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Rhonda hosts friends from her Up All Night Days. Legendary comics, actors, authors, musicians, actors, designers. There are cooking segments and comedy bits. She takes you into her home and gives you a feel good hour of fun, entertainment, and information.
16 Episodes
Rhonda talks to Kato Kaelin and comedian Howie Nave.
Rhonda Shear interviews Judy Tenuta "The Love Goddess" about her comedy, career and some classic comedians.
Director Matt Cimber, GLOW girl Jeanne Basone (Hollywood) and comedian Charisse Savarin.  Legendary Director Matt Cimber talks about Tangerine Candyman, The Black Six and Jayne Mansfield.  Plus Matt was also a founder of GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling).  Jeanne Bason (Hollywood of Hollywood and Vine) stops by.  Plus funny lady Charisse Savarin.
Rhonda features comedian Grace Fraga, Impressionist and singer Bethany Owen and viral star Ella Grace.
Rhonda interviews Director, Witer, Musician Richard Gabai.Vice Girls, Revenge of the Party Nerds.  Richard was just nominated (2020) for an Emmy as a Producer on the popular Amazon Series "The Bay.
Rhonda interviews Too Close for Comfort Lydia Cornell and Playboy model and sex symbol Judy Landers
Downtown Julie Brown, Home Improvement's Billy Riback and comedian Jann Karam, Dana Carvey.
HBO Cathouse Producer George Ciccarone, Make-up artist Teri Groves and Comedy author and coach Dave Schwensen.
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Rhonda talks to Julie Roberts body double Shelley Michelle and comedian Grace Fraga.
Rhonda talks to the original GLOW girls including Hollywood, Tulsa, Thunderbolt, Jungle Woman and The Royal Hawaiian.
Rhonda interviews former Howard Stern writer and talent Jackie the Joke Man Martling, plus actresses Becky LeBeau and Lisa London.
Rhonda Shear interviews Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Films and TV icon and Batman and Robin star Burt Ward.  Plus comedian Helen Keaney.  Lloyd talks about his new film Shakespeare Shitstorm and Burt talks about his all natural dog food Gentle Giant.
Rhonda talks to Happy Days actor Donny Most (Ralph Malph), Wrestling star Tanea "Rebel" Brooks and talk show host Mark Simone.
Rhonda Shear of Up All Night fame interviews Blair Witch creator and Director Dan Myrick, Damage Control Comedy and Adrena Austin, former Rhonda Shear model, talks about her Covid recovery from her home in the UK. Find Adrena (@adrenaonair) on her podcast @OurStories where she talks about inclusivity in the music industry or listen to her radio show @GirlPowerCountryHour for the best country music news!
Rhonda Shear talks to her old co-host and comedian friend Gilbert Godfrey, Bay Watch star Traci Bingham and scream queen Linnea Quigley.
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