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The official podcast of Fox News Legal Analyst and two-time New York Times Best-Selling author Gregg Jarrett
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On his final full day in office as President, Donald Trump left behind a felicitous gift for his political enemies: the unvarnished truth about the Russia hoax.  In one of his last official acts, Trump declassified and made public a foot-tall binder of secret FBI documents that have been sedulously hidden from the public.  It is a treasure trove of damning evidence that corroborates how Hillary Clinton invented the “collusion” lie and commissioned Christopher Steele to circulate the false accusations to damage Trump.  Steele confesses their motives.  It was the dirtiest political trick in American history.  The FBI knew it all along but chose to exploit the lie to drive Trump from office.  In this podcast, I’ll describe in detail the incriminating evidence buried in these newly released documents.  The breathtaking level of corruption and abuse of power will leave you stunned.  And angry.
The assault on our nation’s Capitol was grotesque and disgraceful.  President Trump’s involvement in the sad spectacle is not without responsibility or recrimination.  It will serve as an indelible stain on his legacy.  But should he be impeached with just days remaining in office, as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have demanded?  No.  Trump’s speech on January 6th was reckless and wrong, but it did not rise to the Constitutional standard of an impeachable offense.  Nowhere in his remarks did the president advocate violence or destruction of property.  He did not “incite an insurrection” under the meaning of the law.  So, what’s the point of impeachment…other than to heap further shame on a president who has already committed a stunning act of political self-immolation?
'Profiles in Corruption' author Peter Schweizer tells Gregg Jarrett that Hunter Biden 'was flat-out lying to the national media' and they 'accepted it'.
For 4 long years, Democrats and their media lapdogs have relentlessly attacked Donald Trump.  They condemned his every idea, opposed his every initiative, dismissed his considerable accomplishments, denounced him as a racist and white supremacist, tormented him with the outrageous lie that he was a Russian asset, and launched mendacious investigations designed to destroy his presidency.   As columnist David Limbaugh wrote, “they’ve harassed, bullied, impeached and censored him”.  Now, all of a sudden, they are appealing for serenity and universal reconciliation.
Five-time Emmy winning author Sharyl Attkisson joins Gregg to discuss the release of her new book, "Slanted," which describes the slow demise of the media.  Journalists today shape the content of stories to conform to their own beliefs and, often, misconceptions. They have become partisan activists.  Bias doesn’t creep into a reporter's story; it hits the viewer and reader over the head with it.  It is no wonder that Americans no longer have faith in the media.  They have squandered both credibility and trust --their only currency. 
Americans deserve answers.  Biden should demand it.  If he doesn’t, millions of voters will always wonder if this election was stolen.
The liberal mainstream media could screw-up a free lunch.  Blinded by their hatred of Trump, they prophesied a Joe Biden tsunami on Election Day.  They were wrong, of course.  But like Cinderella…wishing is believing.  Their adamant prediction of a “blue wave” landslide for the Democrat nominee made a mockery of themselves and their profession.  No one should trust the liberal-dominated media anymore.
Some of the most damning evidence of how Joe Biden was actively involved in his son and brother's foreign influence-peddling schemes emerged days ago with a thunderclap.  So, naturally, you would think (logically) that everyone in the media would be all over this story --dissecting in minute detail how the nominee for president is directly linked to millions of dollars from the Chinese communist party.  That's front-page news, right?   It should lead all television newscasts, correct?  The man who would be president is caught selling out his own country to what many regard as its greatest enemy.Except...the mainstream media resolutely ignored it.  They deliberately buried it.  Their conduct in willfully protecting Joe Biden is a shameful indictment of how the American press has egregiously breached its duty to disseminate, facts, evidence, and the truth.  No one should trust the media.  Have they now become as corrupt as the Biden Crime Family? 
The Biden Crime Family

The Biden Crime Family


Incriminating evidence exposes Joe Biden's legacy of power and greed
The great Twitter and Facebook masquerade is over.Posing as disinterested and neutral media platforms, they have unmasked themselves as partisan protectors of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden and propaganda advocates of the progressive cause.  It is time that Twitter and Facebook be forced to halt their destructive practices or be broken up.
In the annals of cunningly corrupt politicians, Hillary Clinton is head and shoulders above the heinous.  Scandal follows her like a haunting shadow.  Her name is synonymous with words like fraud, graft, greed, and deception.  From Whitewater to Benghazi to Uranium One to her private email server… she has long been a malignant cancer on the Washington landscape. 
It didn’t take long for the haters to spew their hatred.  Immediately after the news broke that President Trump and his wife tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus, the rejoicing commenced on social media.  And the media hysteria kicked into overdrive.  How bad did it get?
Newly declassified documents show how Russia managed to play these “Three Stooges” for the fools are… by feeding them ludicrous disinformation against Donald Trump.  But there’s more to this story.  The Russia Hoax was far worse than we thought. 
President Trump will nominate a replacement as the presidential election looms.  It already has Democrats and their media cheerleaders convulsing with outrage.  It’ll get worse as they blow non-stop garbage to derail confirmation.  How does the President avoid total destruction?  
The Trump Century

The Trump Century


Legendary commentator and Fox Business host Lou Dobbs joins Gregg to discuss his new book "The Trump Century" in which Dobbs explains how Trump has redefined how every politician and public figure will interact with the world—for the next hundred years.
Donald Trump’s designated opponent in the 2020 presidential election is Joe Biden.  But his real adversary is the media.  They hate Trump –both the man and his policies.  So, they twist facts, distort the truth, and skew their stories to help Biden and damage Trump.  Whatever position the current president adopts, is reflexively opposed by the liberal intellectual elites that inhabit newsrooms.  Trump is their nemesis.  They’re determined to see him defeated.  
The lefties in Hollywood have officially recognized James Comey as a living Saint.  Forget that the corrupt & crooked Comey is one of history’s most notorious schemers –the Bernie Madoff of the FBI.  Comey’s canonization will be televised in an upcoming 2-night series called “The Comey Rule,” courtesy of Showtime.  Posing as truth, it’s a fantasy drama about the ultimate drama queen. 
The Democratic National Convention drew to a close last week without any mention of the riot violence gripping many of our cities - this wasn't unintentional.
Trump Russia Hoax fallout — what happens now that FBI lies have been exposed?
The "new and improved" Biden wants to be "woke."  In truth, he's barely awake.
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