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The Lost Wanderer

Author: KLRNRadio

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Bi-Weekly Space show, discussing the latest in Space Travel, Astronomy, and Galactic Discoveries.
43 Episodes
Talking: UFO OfficeAlien ParasitesExoplanet HunterCERN
Russia Debris (again)NASASpaceXOverrated Football Player#AsshoesinSpaceand more.
Galactic Particle AcceleratorJupiter!Uranus.Universe and Off-world Colony SimulationsTatooineAnd so much more.
Russia NASA, SpaceX, #AsshoesinSpace
Near missesArtemis... GAME ON!Bowel ProblemsSpace BeerHomeand more.
Lost Wanderer: 10/24/21

Lost Wanderer: 10/24/21


NASAEuropa#AsshoesinSpaceMore NASA& much more.Also I get ranty.Special appearance by E.P.
Lost Wanderer: 10/10/21

Lost Wanderer: 10/10/21


Talking: Captain Kirk, Endurance, Barbarella, #AsshoesInSpace
Talking:Space ForceSpace RescuesTime Crystal#AsshoesInSpaceand more.
Talking:Inspiration4James Webb TelescopeFireflyMath!and much much more.
Lost Wanderer: 08/29/21

Lost Wanderer: 08/29/21


Bezos sues NASAMoon pre-2024?China doing #AsshoesInSpace thingsTraversable Wormholesand I try to fit the word heinous into the show.
Talking:Pizza Delivery Bezos loses his wingsDogeCoinSatellite "Failures"and more.
Hooble TelescopeGlobal Nuclear... PropulsionHorny RocketsPan Galactic Drinkware
Rockets red glare.....Talking:NASAVirgins Party on the Comet#AsshoesInSpaceand More.
Lost Wanderer: 06/20/21

Lost Wanderer: 06/20/21


Talking:Artemis AccordsAsshoes in SpaceStopping TimeSpace Pups and more.
Kiwis, Bezos vs Musk, Lunar Hockey, SpaceX, #AsshoesInSpace
UFOsDinosaur AstronautsReality TVUranus FindsOh, and NASA and China stuff too.
Anniversary #AsshoesInSpaceAsteroid WarGamesProxima Centauri Flaresand more.
Lost Wanderer 04/24/21

Lost Wanderer 04/24/21


Talking Space.
Talking:NASA Budget, SpaceX, ASSHOESINSPACE, Drone
Talking SpaceX, Aliens, Last Starfighter!!
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