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Author: Matthew Boulton

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Brothers Josh and Matt Boulton set each other up for lively hockey talk. Perspective and fun on all things hockey and sports. Kitchen banter like you do with your own family and friends.

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21 Episodes
Josh regales Matt hilariously with his perspective of his frantic last shift in Matt's junior career, as only Josh can tell it. The boys share stories of line-matching and shadows, after they first set off to explain various specialist roles in hockey from a listener question.In this episode:-PK/PP specialists-shot-blockers and grinders (and "flamingoes")-face-off specialists-line-matching in youth and pro hockey-personal stories of shadows and shutdown lines-Matt and Josh's respective junior career-ending games in Antigonish Arena-much moreWatch on YouTube:
This episode was actually recorded before the playoffs, but nothing is really outdated, as the brothers took up some timeless questions about the NHL and the Olympics, what the Hart trophy is about, and whether dress codes are appropriate in today's NHL. Topics include:-Josh fear of Blackhawks vs. his Oilers (we know the results of this now!)-Reasons for and against having NHL players in the Olympics-Matthew's 2018 Olympic hockey experience with his dad in Pyeongchang (He saw Pavel Datsyuk live!!)-Dress codes in the bubble, in other leagues, and in today's NHL-Hart trophy criteria-What is a team MVP vs. a league MVP?-What do you need to win a Cup? Who are the "indispensables"?-Should new awards be created to recognize more specific achievements?-Who did the boys pick for the 2019-2020 Hart? Were they right??? Watch on YouTube:
You asked. We’ve answered. Eventually. Taking on some listener questions from since the beginning of the playoffs, the brothers discuss:-What do we think of the current all-star format?-Who is the best goalie in the NHL?-What are the Kraken’s first-year expectations?-How is a 3rd-4th line guy also a powerplay guy? Of course, they get off onto relevant (and not so relevant) tangents, giving these questions the full treatment. They boys wrap up with a brief reminiscence on the extraordinary life of long-time Edmonton Oilers equipment manager Joey Moss. Watch on YouTube:
What do the boys think about an all-Canadian division? The idea's been thrown around for consideration, if U.S.-Canada travel complications continue into next season. Will it be good for the league, for Canadian teams, for building rivalries? Or is it something we never want to see?See what the brothers have to say on it, and tune in for more, including:-Josh being recognized around town as a former Bearcat (staying relevant to the 65+ crowd)-Ken Holland and the Oil-Is Taylor Hall a franchise guy?-Jumbo signing (note: Leafs get good treatment on this show!)-Simmonds can play and had better remember it-Pens signings Kapanen and Ceci-Rival Caps sign Schultz and Lundqvist (Washington gets style upgrade in goal from Holtby to Hank)-Ottawa and Matt Murray-Canadiens make good signings but need to follow through-What does the Blackhawks rebuild mean for the star veterans?-Recap of Cup winner and Conn Smythe picks from weeks ago!-Always good fun in between!Watch on YouTube: on:Apple: spotify:show:0yFIx2IwzFPDPj0EDUnp0a*Find on many other podcast media you prefer
Ep. 17: Remembering Dad

Ep. 17: Remembering Dad


It's been a year since Dad left us, but his legacy remains for all to see. The brothers invite sister Terynn on the show, as the three Boulton siblings recount stories and memories of their father and his influence in their hockey/sports lives and in shaping their character. This show is for all who appreciate the role parents play in shaping who we are and in providing us the opportunities that make our childhood and open doors to our dreams.In this show, those who knew him and even those who didn't can relate to and enjoy the following:-Work ethic exemplified and instilled-Ter as a rink rat-Supportive father in many respects-Did this man ever sleep? -Get up! (Breeding toughness and accountability)-Ter was as tough as they come-The billeting experience -Sock hockey and other games-Fundraising (and why Josh is cuter than Matt)-Junior players as much as "NHLers" to kids (be a good role model)-Lessons in sportsmanship and winning/losing-Coaching (and if not, being there)-The fierce pride Ter had in being the Boulton kids' father-Much more!Watch on YouTube:
Does Dallas have a Conn Smythe candidate, even if they're champs? The brothers weigh in on who the Conn Smythe favorites are and much more, including:-Darker look at bubble life-Dallas winning by committee-Which Tampa player is the MVP?-Tampa's big guns deliver in Game 3-Stammer snipes!!-Where can you shoot to score today? (Goalies/shooter tutors today)-Nintendo NHL team makeup-Western vs. Eastern conference style of play and dominanceWatch on YouTube:
Tampa. Dallas. Who will prevail? See what Josh says about the Stars that blows Matt away...In this show:-Josh shows Matt up on conference final pick-Did the conference champs touch the trophy? Does it matter?-Where were you when (______) went down?-Analytics vs. "gut"-Bubble only experience most Tampa-Dallas players have ever had winning-What's up with Dallas collecting those game pucks?-Some interesting stats on OT clinchers-Stanley Cup finals picks Watch on YouTube:
In this show:-Boys' second-round record-Wild second-round roller-coaster-Why do teams not complete the comeback from 3-1?-Bubble cities compared, and is moving bubbles a factor?-Josh upset about scheduling-Matt irritated about YouTube highlight packages again-Conference finals picks-Fleury or Lehner Game 2?Watch on YouTube:
The boys reminisce about Dale Hawerchuk in the era of Gretzky, Lemieux, and the uber-competitive Smythe division, as Josh also shares a personal encounter with the man himself. They then share their irritation with some poor spoiler behavior and the lack of spoiler prevention with On Demand services after discussing all four second-round series.In this show:-Josh’s Dale Hawerchuk story-Josh’s “Asterisk the 2020 Champ” argument updated-How sports simulate war-Why sports are important, even in a world with more serious issues-“Life will resume after playoffs”-Vegas-Canucks a topsy-turvy three games (Lehner a wall)-Tampa “touchdown” on Bruins (but don’t punch 3rd-round ticket prematurely!)-Isles won’t be bullied by Philly-Dallas-Colorado 2-2 or 3-1 (Everyone knows but Matt!)-What is spoiler and game discussion etiquette in 2020 with On Demand viewing?-Can’t NHL.TV stop spoiling us with the time bar giveaway??Josh Tough Call twitter link: on YouTube:
The boys had a more than respectable record in their first-round picks at 6-2. How will they fare in Round 2? Listen in for their unanimous take on the second round of these unique playoffs and see whether you dare disagree. In this show:-"Johnny Golf": Calgary and others eliminated from the bubble-Todd Reirden fired by Caps-Brothers outstanding first-round prediction records-Round 2 picks are unanimous -Mike Milbury and Tough Call Twitter-Josh is irritated by Flyers-Fleury agent tweet and responseSee Josh's Mike Milbury mock video on Tough Call Twitter: on YouTube:
The brothers discuss Josh's wild idea that power plays not be broken up between periods---that instead, the period is extended to allow the full two minutes. Matt is warm to the idea but has some questions. What do you think?And as the title reveals, the boys debate whether they'd rather have a power play or a penalty shot. Which would you take? Tune in for that and way, way more in this packed episode!In this show:-No Pasta? No problem. Bruins thrive sans Pastrnak and Rask (Halak holding strong)-Personal goal songs?-"Johnny Hockey"-Korean pro Baseball League-Power play or penalty shot: Which would you rather?-Don't break up PPs betwen periods!-Just give a poke check!-Nate MacKinnon-Crouse fight (or ragdoll) reminiscent of Crosby-Niskanen-We know it's OT. We don't need the dying seconds "highlight"Watch on YouTube:
In this episode:-PP pity vs. practice -Powerplay vigilantes putting themselves on the PP?-"Playoff" stats preposterous and problematic (and still pissing Josh off)-Post-season penalty shootouts? -Empty-net potshots?-Pound the puck out!-Panarin with potential prime player in the Big AppleWatch on YouTube:
In this show:-All first-round matchups picked-Josh's famous annual video, in which he calls the winners all the way to the Cup winner! Who is the 2020 Stanley Cup champ?Share your own picks and debate with others in the chat below! Watch on YouTube: Josh's full playoff prediction video:
In this show:-Pens, Oilers, Preds eliminated-Leafs only team to stave off elimination-Josh's mental health after his teams lost-Spezza fight-Leafs/Jackets Game 5-Do we want wild card play-ins in the future?Watch on YouTube:
In this show:-Penguins, Leafs, Oil on the ropes (and Jack Johnson)-Canes sweep-Re-seeding: who cares?-tournament atmosphere-Tough call podcast!!-What the wha' is Josh wearing on his neck??Watch on YouTube:
Why is there so much fanfare for the visiting team in these playoffs? Have the refs been affected (or non-influenced) by the lack of crowd? How are they doing with all these penalty calls? Is Tkachuk guilty in Scheifele's injury?The boys answer these questions, as well as discussing the youth tournament atmosphere of these playoffs in the bubble. What do you think of it all? Chime in on the comments section, and ask questions for future shows!Watch on YouTube:
Who's getting into the final 16 of the 2020 Stanley Cup? How heated does it get in households with fans of rival teams? What is the proper pronunciation of "Pirates of the Caribbean"?See if you agree with the boys' play-in round predictions and join in for more fun on this pre-tournament show. PLAYOFFS, everyone!!Watch on YouTube: video credits:Rene Rancourt video: 1993:
Brothers Josh and Matt Boulton set each other up for lively hockey talk. Perspective and fun on all things hockey and sports. Kitchen banter like you do with your own family and friends.On today's episode:When is it okay to abandon your team and adopt a new one (or two)? Which way do your teammates shoot? How don't you know that?! Are there any advantages to home rinks these days in the NHL besides the crowd (e.g. boards, ice, glass, etc.)? Will the refereeing be affected (or less affected) by the lack of crowd emotion?Find out what the boys think and chime in with your own take in the comments! Ask questions for the brothers to take up on future shows.Watch on YouTube:
In this episode, the boys give their take on the effect Leafs Nation has on the players and the success or hardship of the storied and beloved franchise. They also discuss Seattle's new look, logo, and name, as well as the hypothetical 'Kane vs. Draisaitl 5 v5.' Who do you think would win? Do you like the Kraken and the whole thing Seattle has done with it? Do you think Leafs Nation is toxic? Let us know in the comments section below! And share questions for future shows.Watch on YouTube:
“There ought to be an asterisk next to the 2020 Stanley Cup Champ; this is such an exceptional tournament.” Well, perhaps there ought to be an asterisk for being an exceptional champ…What about Draisaitl vs, Matthews? Which Canadian team boasts the best player? (Obviously Edmonton, with McDavid) But what about between those two?How exciting is it that we’ve got hockey again??!!Join the Boulton brothers to get their take on these questions, and take a break from all the drama of daily life. Playoffs are near upon us!Follow along during the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs and see if the boys say what you're thinking. And if not, let them know what you think! Learn more at
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