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Author: Matthew Boulton

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Brothers Josh and Matt Boulton set each other up for lively hockey talk. Perspective and fun on all things hockey and sports. Kitchen banter like you do with your own family and friends.

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34 Episodes
The boys have some stuff pent up over two series they have to get off their chest. Topics include:-The vindication of the North Division?-Habs "impossible" run (sans Drouin!)-Stanley Cup final picks and matchup talk-Carey Cup or Stammer Cup as a contributor?-Is Canada hoping for the Habs? Why?-Kucherov & Tampa cap thing...still-Kucherov & "embellishment"-Lots more, of courseWatch on YouTube:
The boys discuss their disillusionment and frustration at some first-round upsets, and Josh wishes bad karma on the schedule maker. They also discuss the problems with the lack of clear principles in determining what is and is not goaltender interference.Topics include:-local boy Luke Henman first Kraken signing-Tavares injury-goaltender interference-second round starting before first is over (Josh is losin' it!)-Penguins first-round and future-Oilers gotta give us something to like-always much moreWatch on YouTube:
Is this the Leafs year? writer William Douglas thinks so. He also thinks Wayne Simmonds will be the MVP if they do. See what Josh & Matt think of that, as well as all their other first-round picks. See Josh's full playoff predictions at Tough Call YouTube channel: on YouTube:
The boys get together after some time off to deliver some banter on:-The current circumstances that make McDavid reaching 100 points a good bet-The relative strength of the North Division compared to the rest of the league-Why, if anyone is catch Montreal for fourth spot, it's Vancouver-Should we allow ties like the old days? What about 3 points for a win?-The Hart race...for runner up-Power on power? Is having big lines playing against each other a winning strategy?-Loads moreWatch on YouTube:
The boys weigh in on the broader discussion about a referee’s job and the contextual aspects of the scenarios they must judge in light of the Tim Peel “hot mic” incident. Look for answers you haven’t heard from any commentators yet. Other topics include:-What does Eric Staal waiving his “ten teams no-trade” list say about the Sabres?-A little perspective on Crosby 1300-Darryl Sutter on Johnny Gaudreau 500 gamesWatch on YouTube:
Hockey players show up at the rink and think the lights come on as if on their own, and you play. But behind all the magic of our game, especially at the NHL level, is a huge machine made of multiple moving parts, a master illusionist that pulls off complicated and interconnected feats to make players and fans unaware of anything beyond excitement and fun. One of these moving parts in maximizing this fan experience for the “World class ‘plus’” Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning organization—and a proud and passionate one—is Nova Scotia native and now Vice President of Premium Seating and Group Sales, Matt Hill. The boys sit down with Hiller for a wide-ranging and thoroughly enjoyable chat, as he shares his story of how his will to work in the NHL got him there and has him now living his dream of still “going to the rink every day.” Once smooth-skating (although Steve Yzerman might say he ought to bend his knees more) and now smooth-speaking, Hiller makes ticket sales and other behind-the-scenes business sound more fascinating than the game itself. Listener beware: You may leave this interview a Tampa fan.Watch on YouTube:
The boys are back without a guest this week to take on a series of questions with plenty of back-and-forth. They hit on such topics as:-Will McDavid finish with more career points than Sid? -Doesn't it seem like McDavid's been scoring at an 80s-esque pace? Yet how is it that Sid was scoring at that pace through 369 games?-Can Burkie drop his insistence on playing "big" and "long pants" hockey?-Was Ferraro click-baiting to say that McDavid and Matthews were making it look like a "bantam league"? And is the North division indicative of "the league"?-What was great about Lake Tahoe? Do we want more of it?-Everybody loves Sid. 1000 games is an excuse to gush about him. -Gritty is the best thing going for Josh. He's transcended the Flyers and being a mascot to becoming his own celebrity. He's just "Gritty."-Gritty rejects a nun hard and 'in yo' face'Watch on YouTube:
When the boys think of junior hockey years in Truro, they think of much more than on-ice thrills and energetic fan support. It's the life that goes on the many hours and days off the ice, in billet homes, in the community, in school, and hanging with the friends who become friends for life.In the second year of the Bearcat franchise's existence, one Steve Grant joined the mix. With a ride home from the Agricultural College with the Boultons, "you were stuck with me from then on," as a friendship of kindred spirits was born and which still lasts 22 years later. In this episode, the boys are interested to learn of Steve's hockey path, including his own father's NHL career and influence. But for the most part, it's picking up right where they left off 22 years ago to have as much fun as you might be allowed on a video call. Watch on YouTube:
The Boulton boys knew her as Sandra Barkhouse when she was a trainer with the Truro Jr. 'A' Bearcats over 20 years ago. Since then, she's become Sandra McIsaac and a proud mom of two. After the three reminisce on junior hockey days and what it was like to be the young woman trainer of the local team, you'll hear how hockey led her to meet her husband and how her son, Jared, has grown into a Canadian World Junior gold medalist and a Detroit Red Wings top prospect. The family (and Red Wings fan Matt!) are looking forward to exciting things in the Wings rebuild---and Jared's part in it.Topics covered include:-Personalities and impressions of the Bearcats' staff and roster -Junior hockey team trainer's role and routine-Linesman and trainer getting familiar during a road game-Mom's experience of her son's respective heart-wrenching defeat and glorious victory at the World Junior championships-The Hockey Canada family and class organization -NHL draft experience-Special One-Timers segment where former Cats get called out-We know Barkhouse and now McIsaac. But who is Sadie Lou?-Much moreWatch on YouTube:
The boys welcome on an old Cole Harbour family friend who's got perspective on hockey as a player, coach, dad, and now web provider and podcast host. There's fun and relatable stories for all in this vast-ranging discussion, as the trio hit on:-Big hockey events in Cole Harbour hockey growing up-Their "big brother" and role model Chad-Junior hat trick on evening TV (possibly only trick of career)-Coaching days and what's important-Coaching Sidney Crosby and when he knew he was beyond special-Taking on a stepson through hockey and watching and guiding him-His own son's trials and the lessons he taught the parents-Son Connor's hockey dream and dad's pride in seeing him chip away (presently quite successfully in the QMJHL, mind you)-New business venture providing league management "as it should be" (Visit GrayJay Web Solutions at for details)-Rode Trips podcast and how it inspired inviting guests onto Boulton from Boulton ( would Chad take off a Boulton-Boulton-Boulton line to insert himself? (and more fun in our One-Timers segment)-Way, way moreLINKS:GrayJay Web Solutions: Scotia U15 Major Hockey League website (first happy client): about Rode Trips podcast: full Chad junior hat trick highlights: this epidsode on YouTube:
We expected some fun stories looking back with former teammate and friend Geoff Carter, but what we didn't know about his experience in hockey, including right within our own playing days with him, fascinated us more anything we had been looking forward to.Listeners can gain yet another picture of junior hockey as it was in the late 90s, and whether you're familiar with the Bearcats or not, you can relate to the stories in this one. And there were perhaps too many laughs along the way. Cartsy delivers big time, hitting on a vast range of topics as:-coaching against Sidney Crosby-winning championships as a coach, trainer, and scout at various levels-his reluctant walk-on to make the Truro Jr. A Bearcats and his subsequent life-shaping experience playing there with the boys-his role as a fighter and what it cost him-his relationship with Bearcat great Russell Smith-a time when he was surprised and relieved he didn't have to protect the little guys during a line brawl in Summerside, PEI-his close call as a backup goalie in a real Maritime Jr. A league game (Willie can go *#@% himself)-fast-paced fun in the One-Timers segment-so, so much more, as he shares his true heart and love for his teammates, players he's coached, and the game of hockeyWatch on YouTube:
Ep. 23: Guest Randy Frame

Ep. 23: Guest Randy Frame


The first of a new line of special guests representing vast perspectives on the game we all love, the boys sit down with former Truro Jr. A Bearcat teammate (and seasoned podcaster on Outside the Chute), Randy Frame, for a wide-ranging conversation covering too much to list in a summary. It’s a wild ride of reminiscence spanning minor hockey through to junior, including stories of friendship, glory, heartache, and gear-grinding—with loads of laughs and good memories.Listen to Outside the Chute: this episode on YouTube:
Can you put yourself offside? Are blowouts good for anybody, strong or weak? What about Big Z to the Caps?The boys take on these issues and a lot more, as they discuss:-Stuetzle's "offside" goal?-What's "having control"?-What are we looking for in challenges and reviews?-Great goals that have been taken away by challenges and bad calls-Weaker hockey countries getting blown out by Canada and others-Chara fit with the Caps-Are the Bruins dumb or does it makes sense for all?-Lots moreWatch on YouTube:
Josh regales Matt hilariously with his perspective of his frantic last shift in Matt's junior career, as only Josh can tell it. The boys share stories of line-matching and shadows, after they first set off to explain various specialist roles in hockey from a listener question.In this episode:-PK/PP specialists-shot-blockers and grinders (and "flamingoes")-face-off specialists-line-matching in youth and pro hockey-personal stories of shadows and shutdown lines-Matt and Josh's respective junior career-ending games in Antigonish Arena-much moreWatch on YouTube:
This episode was actually recorded before the playoffs, but nothing is really outdated, as the brothers took up some timeless questions about the NHL and the Olympics, what the Hart trophy is about, and whether dress codes are appropriate in today's NHL. Topics include:-Josh fear of Blackhawks vs. his Oilers (we know the results of this now!)-Reasons for and against having NHL players in the Olympics-Matthew's 2018 Olympic hockey experience with his dad in Pyeongchang (He saw Pavel Datsyuk live!!)-Dress codes in the bubble, in other leagues, and in today's NHL-Hart trophy criteria-What is a team MVP vs. a league MVP?-What do you need to win a Cup? Who are the "indispensables"?-Should new awards be created to recognize more specific achievements?-Who did the boys pick for the 2019-2020 Hart? Were they right??? Watch on YouTube:
You asked. We’ve answered. Eventually. Taking on some listener questions from since the beginning of the playoffs, the brothers discuss:-What do we think of the current all-star format?-Who is the best goalie in the NHL?-What are the Kraken’s first-year expectations?-How is a 3rd-4th line guy also a powerplay guy? Of course, they get off onto relevant (and not so relevant) tangents, giving these questions the full treatment. They boys wrap up with a brief reminiscence on the extraordinary life of long-time Edmonton Oilers equipment manager Joey Moss. Watch on YouTube:
What do the boys think about an all-Canadian division? The idea's been thrown around for consideration, if U.S.-Canada travel complications continue into next season. Will it be good for the league, for Canadian teams, for building rivalries? Or is it something we never want to see?See what the brothers have to say on it, and tune in for more, including:-Josh being recognized around town as a former Bearcat (staying relevant to the 65+ crowd)-Ken Holland and the Oil-Is Taylor Hall a franchise guy?-Jumbo signing (note: Leafs get good treatment on this show!)-Simmonds can play and had better remember it-Pens signings Kapanen and Ceci-Rival Caps sign Schultz and Lundqvist (Washington gets style upgrade in goal from Holtby to Hank)-Ottawa and Matt Murray-Canadiens make good signings but need to follow through-What does the Blackhawks rebuild mean for the star veterans?-Recap of Cup winner and Conn Smythe picks from weeks ago!-Always good fun in between!Watch on YouTube: on:Apple: spotify:show:0yFIx2IwzFPDPj0EDUnp0a*Find on many other podcast media you prefer
Ep. 17: Remembering Dad

Ep. 17: Remembering Dad


It's been a year since Dad left us, but his legacy remains for all to see. The brothers invite sister Terynn on the show, as the three Boulton siblings recount stories and memories of their father and his influence in their hockey/sports lives and in shaping their character. This show is for all who appreciate the role parents play in shaping who we are and in providing us the opportunities that make our childhood and open doors to our dreams.In this show, those who knew him and even those who didn't can relate to and enjoy the following:-Work ethic exemplified and instilled-Ter as a rink rat-Supportive father in many respects-Did this man ever sleep? -Get up! (Breeding toughness and accountability)-Ter was as tough as they come-The billeting experience -Sock hockey and other games-Fundraising (and why Josh is cuter than Matt)-Junior players as much as "NHLers" to kids (be a good role model)-Lessons in sportsmanship and winning/losing-Coaching (and if not, being there)-The fierce pride Ter had in being the Boulton kids' father-Much more!Watch on YouTube:
Does Dallas have a Conn Smythe candidate, even if they're champs? The brothers weigh in on who the Conn Smythe favorites are and much more, including:-Darker look at bubble life-Dallas winning by committee-Which Tampa player is the MVP?-Tampa's big guns deliver in Game 3-Stammer snipes!!-Where can you shoot to score today? (Goalies/shooter tutors today)-Nintendo NHL team makeup-Western vs. Eastern conference style of play and dominanceWatch on YouTube:
Tampa. Dallas. Who will prevail? See what Josh says about the Stars that blows Matt away...In this show:-Josh shows Matt up on conference final pick-Did the conference champs touch the trophy? Does it matter?-Where were you when (______) went down?-Analytics vs. "gut"-Bubble only experience most Tampa-Dallas players have ever had winning-What's up with Dallas collecting those game pucks?-Some interesting stats on OT clinchers-Stanley Cup finals picks Watch on YouTube:
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