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Philanthropy doesn’t have to be complicated.  There are many ways that you can be generous.  Unfortunately, the charitable sector has many rules and items that can confuse people who want to give.  It’s common to default one’s giving to what is easiest or what is suggested by friends and family.  Most importantly, you should ask yourself what is most meaningful.   Rick Peck has 17 years of experience working in the charitable sector.  His previous career was in personal financial advice and through that work, he obtained a well rounded set of technical finance skills.  They have enabled him to create a strong bridge between people’s investment situation and their giving plans.  He now works as the Vice President for Development and Philanthropy Services at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.  His passion for giving is apparent and his knowledge is deep.  Get ready to be an inspired donor.   You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Potential is something to be experienced, not reached.  You can’t force lessons and you can’t skip formative experiences.  There’s also no end to the opportunity to learn.  Stories are a great form of communication because they bring you as close as possible to an experience without actually being there.  Understanding your story will allow you reach your potential.  It draws the most information from the experiences you have.   Toluleke Famuyiwa is the type of person that can motivate you to do more than you ever expected.  He’s had some very challenging times and without the proper effort, he wouldn’t be a doctor, author, and motivator.  He teaches, speaks, and researches all about being a better version of yourself.  He also adds in some humor which strengthens any message.   You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
It’s not always easy to serve others but it’s essential to thrive.  Humans were made to be in community with one another.  Unfortunately, communities aren’t always thriving.  There are times when needs arise and conflict exists.  These are the most important times for us to support others.  Those who can give of themselves consistently are those that make the biggest impact.     Rich LaMonica was born to be a soldier.  Loyalty was instilled in him since being a young person as his father and grandfather are both Army veterans.  Rich ended up having a 22 year active duty career and still works in service to the military.  He has dedicated the next season of his life to helping other veterans and people from all walks of life be more loyal and find a new purpose after retiring from the military.  Rich is an inspiring and determined leader.   You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
We are all leaders in our lives whether it is by title or by default.  Some of the most recognized leaders didn’t set out to have that role.  They were passionate people who found a strong purpose.  You might say they settled into their positions but settling is far from a leader’s mentality.  In fact, leaders seek challenges and help others overcome them.  This yields growth.     Working with sled dogs in the wilderness sounds like challenging work.  This was one of the challenges that led Iggy Perillo to her career in leadership development.  Deep work isn’t always complicated but it is necessary.  It can come in many different forms and each person has their own ideal style.  Iggy had dedicated her career to helping people find their leadership voice.  You find that voice by consistently applying what you have and taking ownership in the leadership roles that you have.     You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Taking care of yourself is among the most important things in life but it isn’t always that easy to do.  High achievers tend to work hard at making something great or taking care of others and fail to consider their own situation.  Burnout isn’t enjoyable but sometimes it’s necessary.  The body shuts down and doesn’t allow you to continue down a destructive path.   Most impactmakers have experienced some form of burnout because we care so much about our work.  We care about doing great things with the gifts and skills we have.  However, we can’t do them if we are without the energy we need to be effective.  If you are burnt out, you maybe have to take some time off.  It will seem counterproductive but it’s absolutely necessary to get back to the effectiveness you desire.  Simone Giordano had to be told she needed to take a break before she realized how much she need it.   You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Physical and mental health work together.  The healthiest people understand this and apply consistency to things that support the mind and body.  There are lots of diets and plenty of meditation techniques.  But, what which one is the best?  Neither.  The best is what works for you to feel and act well.   Nate Palmer is a fitness coach, author, and podcaster.  None of these things define his purpose though.  The Imapactmaker Movement is about using your gifts and skills to help others.  Nate is clear about his desire to help people live a healthier life but not like your typical coach.  His programs are designed to help people find great habits that work for them.  He is partial to no specific workout, diet, or style of fitness.  It’s refreshing customized approach that everyone can learn from regardless of their work or impact project.   You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Entrepreneurism is the most rewarding thing.  It’s also extremely hard and that is part of the reason why it feels great to build a successful business.  It starts with a vision, it continues with a plan, and is fulfilled with execution.  So, why doesn’t everyone complete these three easy steps?  Many are equipped to complete one or two of them but struggle with the other(s).   Don Cote is a serial entrepreneur.  He started shining shoes when he was a kid and would flip his profits to candy and double his money.  Some people have an entrepreneurial mindset but everyone can train themselves to work with a purpose.  Don insists that you have to lead instead of sell and leadership starts with self.  This has come up before and Don does a great job of explaining how to begin the process.  It starts with identifying values.     You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Current geopolitical conflict and war is filling our news feeds today.  World War II ended over 75 years ago but there are memories that will never go away.  Hopefully, today’s conflicts will eventually be just memories as well.  There are some incredibly brave people that will need to be recognized.   Steve Snyder is the author of Shot Down, a book about the his father Howard Snyder, the pilot of the B-17 Susan Ruth - a bomber that was shot down during World War II.  Steve has uncovered and amazing amount of information about a story that happened so long ago.   He even connected with the pilot of the plane that shot down his fathers.  It’s amazing that they have a friendly relationship to this day.  Sometimes, impact involves remembering those who came before us.   You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
We all have times in life where it’s hard to push on.  We feel helpless.  We lose motivation.  But, it is those times that we build strength.  It’s amazing how desperation can power us through.  Ironically, it is reflection that carries us forward.   Some people have a an amazing ability to share with relatable vulnerability.  They make a host’s job simple because curiosity takes over.  You almost feel their pain as they describe things.  There’s no intention to elicit emotion.  It’s just natural.  Kimberly Bell has been through some horrible things in her life.  She could have written a horror story.  Instead, she wrote a memoir about overcoming and being better for it on the other side.  Get ready to be inspired.   You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Impactmakers are relentless in their pursuit of positive change.  You have a desire to make the world a better place.  You acknowledge shortcomings (even your own) but you learn from them.  Then, you make a difference.  But what happens when you burnout? You can over-live your passion.  This happens when you work so hard at something that you become less effective and lose motivation.  It’s not the end of your work, it’s just a sign that you need to pull back.  There is a way to rekindle the passion and there’s also a way to make sure it doesn’t the flame doesn’t fizzle out again.  Robert Riopel is a master in managing energy and making a positive impact.   You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
We all have adversity in life.  Unfortunately, some people’s tragedy garners headlines. Hate crimes serve no place in society but we can’t expect to end them if we don’t know they happen.  It’s news we need to share. Chris Singleton lost his mother in June 17, 2015 Charleston, SC Church Shooting.  Nine African Americans were killed during a Bible study.  It’s hard to believe that a mass murder occurred during such a faithful act.  Amazingly, Chris has found forgiveness for the murderer and since the shooting has dedicated his life to ending racism and promoting unity.   Chris set out on a speaking career after playing minor league baseball for five years.   His mission is alive and well.   You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Leading by example is not a cliché.  What is misunderstood is that it starts within.  We actually fear ourselves because we are accustomed to being distracted.  The world is filled with messages that tell us that we are not enough and so we believe it’s true.  It’s not. Eric Winters is a true motivational leader.  He coaches people and to lead themselves to make their teams better.  It’s an interesting dichotomy because it started within but its benefits are without.  He believes that it is a true skill that can be trained.  Everyone has the potential to practice autonomy while also accepting the input of the people around them.  This is the ultimate diversity of thought and best way to lead. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
The most motivating people are those that acknowledge their shortcomings.  We have all been given special gifts and talents but what good are they if we don’t use them for others?  And what good are others’ talents if they lie dormant?  Today’s episode will concentrate on how we must collaborate to make the biggest impact we can. Anthony Muiruri is an author and speaker who is convinced that we were all put on Earth to for a specific reason.   He says that we must actively pursue greatness in community with each other.  We will maximize our positive impact when we implement the 7 Ingredients for Success.  You’ll want to note the ingredients and be sure use them in your impact work and your life at large.     You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Most podcasts are a great opportunity to learn from an expert guest.  This one is different.  The world is full of messed-up people.  That’s everyone and so there is hurt.  Hurt yields more hurt.  This podcast is less about expertise and more about experience.  We can learn from the most hurtful times.   Gene Heil is a veteran, author, and ministers who claims to be messed up.  His life experiences with abuse and depression are something to acknowledge and learn from.  He’s now in a place in life where he is prepared to share his stories and help others find forgiveness for the people in their lives.  Ultimately, forgiveness is for the person giving, not the person receiving.    You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
I studied broadcasting because I wanted to be a media personality.  Many people in my life have called me “personality” but not the type I thought I’d be.  Impactmaking isn’t about what you are known for or who knows of you.  It’s about taking positive actions and communicating a encouraging message in all that you do. Bill Hobson is a real media star but he wouldn’t describe himself that like that.  He’s about as humble as they come.  His humility is a positive message in itself.  Yet, he ads much more with the work he does.  He hosts multiple shows - each with a different focus but a message of impact.  Today’s conversation is all about connecting with others through through effective communication.
We all live our lives in public these days.  The Internet and mobile applications have allowed us to share anything we want at any time.  This is a great tool but it can also be a great curse.  Sharing information is important but keeping it safe is paramount. Dr. Michael Nuccitelli is a Licensed Psychologist and creator of the iPredator concept.  He is extremely knowledgeable on how the digital world works and how criminals and bullies use it to terrorize.  It’s unfortunate that such a powerful thing is used for bad but Michael is determined have good prevail.  You don’t want to miss some key points on how to keep yourself and your impact project or organization safe in the digital realm.   You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
We live in a society that gives plenty of chances for people to do great things. Unfortunately, they are not evenly distributed. Some people have to overcome amazing troubles to find their success. It’s important that we celebrate more than people’s triumphant moments. We must acknowledge their journey. Sylvester Boyd, Jr. is an eclectically talented man with great knowledge of history. His storytelling is infectious and his series of books, called The Road From Money, is inspiring. He tells the tale of his aunt in a fiction format that will engage your mind and your heart. We can do great things to give more people opportunities in the future by studying the past. In addition to being an author, Sylvester is also an actor and speaker. This episode will motivate you to make a positive impact in the lives of others by simply treating them as you would like to be treated.
Everyone has to make a living.  But, are you actually living?  We all have a great blessings in our lives that can and should be shared.  It’s important for other people but also for us to use our gifts and skills for good.   Larry Long is the most energetic guest we’ve ever had on the show.  He lights up a room or a Zoom like no other.  He was a software sales man who realized there was something more to life.  A little encouragement from a mentor and his wife pushed him to become the speaker and coach that he is.  Here’s a conversation that will motivate you to seek a challenge and take action.   You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
Investing is hard.  The stock market is confusing.  There are millions of investments.  Perhaps the best investment though is in oneself.  Professional investors generally have a detailed process that they follow.  It helps reduce biases and emotional reactions.  Interestingly, self-care is very similar.  The better the plan for yourself, the better your end up. Our guest this week is an expert in, well, a lot of stuff.  She ran the #1 one fund in the late 90’s but that’s not it; she’s also a course creator, executive coach, author, tweeter, body builder, founder, and horseback rider.  Her effort is something to behold.  Emmy Sobieski will inspire you to achieve whatever it is you desire.   You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
What a year!   It’s been another great year for the Impactmaker Movement.  This episode is a chance to listen back to some of the highlights of the past 51 episodes of the show.  There is so much great knowledge to glean from our guests that this type of episode is necessary just to keep up with some of the great thoughts that we heard.  You are going to hear from our second annual Impactmaker of the Year.  It’s a special chance to acknowledge one of the people in our world that expresses tremendous desire and selflessness for a greater cause.  You’ll be inspired to do something great in 2022.  Happy New Year!   You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:
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