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Author: Maddie & Kelly

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Nothing's better than chatting with the squad about anything and everything! We wanted to create a place where we can not only giggle and gossip but learn from each other, talk about our experiences, and strive towards our fullest potential. So crack open a cold one and join us for a beer with brunch with your hosts', Kelly and Maddie!
14 Episodes
This week on Beer with Brunch Kelly and Maddie recap the Bachelorette, talk about their current obsessions, and dive deep Into the world of dating apps. Tune In to hear the truth about dating apps these days and listen through to the end to hear some big news! Cheers!
Join Kelly and Maddie as they sit down with Grace Rushton on this week's episode of Beer with Brunch! Tune in to learn all about Grace's journey to becoming a doctor the new member in Gracie's family, and the real reason Maddie and Grace weren't friends in high school! Enjoy and Cheers!
This week, join Kelly and Maddie as they have their second After Church Brunch Special. They discuss some hard-hitting questions about faith, drinking, and church, and dive deep into how different organizations helped shape their faith lives as adults. As always, cheers! 
This week we continue to talk about... you guessed it, travel! Kelly dives deep about the glamourous, and not so glamourous, sides of India while Maddie talks more about her time in Cambodia, living her best life as a bouncer. Tune In to hear some embarrassing and funny stories from our trips and as always, cheers!! 
Join us this week as we talk all about our travels! We deep dive Into both of our experiences In Thailand and how traveling has helped us grow over the years. Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon!! Cheers!
Join us this week as we dive DEEP into everything farm life with our friends Michelle and Beth. We talk about everything from growing up with cows as best friends to learning the best life lessons In the country. Cheers! 
YOLO with Lilly Yott

YOLO with Lilly Yott


On this week's episode, we sit down with the one and only Lilly Yott! Join us as we jump back to our high school days, give advice about college, and learn all about the hip new lingo kids are saying these days! Cheers!
This week we test our beer-drinking skills as we try and guess which beer we are tasting and play Truth or Drink! Join us on this, slightly disappointing, journey!
Join us this week as we deep dive into our FAITH LIVES! In our first-ever After Church Brunch Special, we talk all about growing up Catholic, being in community with others, trusting God, and much much more. Cheers!
This week we chat with Tom Alaimo as he talks growing up with Maddie, inspiration in life, and shares his secrets to success in the professional world. Be sure to check out his podcast Millenial Momentum (@themillennialmomentum) AND his new eBook: How To Thrive In Your First Year Of Sales. Half of all book sales go directly to Black Lives Matter! Link:
Join us as we discuss all things relationships; from ghosting, dating, cheating, and of course the Bachelor and Bachelorette! 
This week we dive deep into the life of Madeline Urbanski as she tells us about being a teacher, navigating friendships, and how she almost starred in the movie Taken! 
Join our first guest, Emily Alaimo, as we discuss the ins-and-outs of dating, growing through tough experiences, and living your best life with friends! 
Welcome!! Join your hosts, Maddie and Kelly, in our first-ever episode of Beer With Brunch! In this episode, we dive deep into our lives and learn more about how we met, who we are, and what makes us, us! Crack open a cold one and join us in this exciting new chapter of our lives. Cheers!
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