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How being consistent can lead to failure or success,
The most important part of any service is building trust with your guest. Working in a hair salon is one of the most personable jobs on the market. You get the opportunity to be a Day maker everyday. you have the opportunity to meet people one on one and build relationships. The best way to build a great relationship with a guest is a great client consultation. In this episode I talk about the most important part of any hair service is the consultation first and foremost. 
This episode talks about the importance of professionalism when it come to a first impression.Set yourself apart other professionals by your appearance and attitude. #hair #hairsalon #hairpodcast 
This episode is about the importance of being able to style Kids hair when building a clientele.
     Blue leaf connections was created to help guide future professional as well as new cosmetologist and barbers navigate through their career with help...Blue lLeaf Connections mission is to bridge the gap between the student and licensed professional.  We know that the first few years can be a challenge but with our network of professionals and mentors we want to help you avoid the mistakes that we first made when entering this industry.  Blue leaf connections will provide you guidance along your journey.  We will always plant seeds of encouragement to help you grow in a positive way.
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