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On this Episode of The Beautiful Butterfly Project we welcome RJ Jackson. RJ is more than an International Leader, Professional Speaker, and Executive  Life Coach who has traveled the world for over 20 years, inspiring others to live and  work with clarity, confidence, and courage.  Known as The Courage Giver, she has proven herself as a writer, hitting the best sellers  list four times out of seven books. She has penned books such as ‘Conversations on  Courage’, ‘Take Heart’ and ‘A Repositioned Journey – I’m Still Standing’ - her life story  of overcoming adversity.  RJ has conducted workshops, training sessions, and keynote addresses globally in  Bermuda, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Barbados, Jamaica, and on the mission field in  Cambodia, Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, and Thailand.  RJ’s contribution to the community has earned her accolades such as “Visionary of the  Year,” “Leader of Distinction,” and Woman of the Year. June 24 is officially RJ Jackson  Day in Buffalo, New York.  RJ lives by her favorite quote, “Life is not measured by what you have; life is measured  by what you give.” 
On this Episode of The Beautiful Butterfly Project we welcome the dynamic Tiffany Hill. Tiffany utilizes her legal expertise as an advocate for increased awareness surrounding the issue of domestic violence. She is author of Authentic Me:  A Story of Strength, Perseverance and Faith, wherein she shares her deeply personal and moving story as a survivor of an emotionally and physically abusive marriage. Her second publication, Authentic Me Part II: The Forgiveness Journey, is a workbook designed to use journaling as a tool to process life experiences and move towards healing. Tiffany is also executive producer of “The Last Time,” a film project aimed at educating and empowering domestic abuse survivors. She is with us today sharing how she overcame and talking all things AUTHENTIC! 
Roshunda Atchison is the founder of Get Up and Live Academy, Get Up and Reign, Nonprofit,  and a workshop and transformational speaker.  She is an ordained minister and currently serves as the Minister of Prayer for The Grace Church in Houston, Texas.  Roshunda is the author of “Get Up…And Live” and on this Episode we will discuss how to overcome inner doubt and shine your light for all the world to see.
On this Episode 2 of The Beautiful Butterfly Project I welcome Debbie Jollie. Debbie is an amazing Coach who helps individuals identify opportunities to streamline their businesses. She also helps demystify the stigma associated with those who stutter or stammer and break personal barriers as an International Trainer and Speaker. 
In this Season 2 Introduction "The Butterfly" discusses the challenges faced in the new year, being RESILIENT through it all and upcoming guests.
On this Episode 8 of The Beautiful Butterfly Project we will be chatting with Spiritual Coach Lyane Nannette. Lyane shares her journey from foster care to becoming a dynamic coach and mentor. Lyane also shares wisdom and experience on how she pressed her way through life through by repairing broken relationships, actively self-healing and new life discovery. 
In this Episode 5 we will conclude our series on Overcoming Fear with guest Parish Hattub of Spiritually Crafted. Parish will share with us insight and wisdom on she designed her life after overcoming difficulty and becoming the truly authentic unique individual that gives so much to others.
In Episode 1 of The Beautiful Butterfly Project we chatted with Author & Director, C. Nathaniel Brown. C. Nathaniel Brown is an author and film maker from Baltimore. He is the Founder and CEO of Expected End Entertainment in Atlanta where he uses his experience to help others realize their dream of becoming a writer. He also discusses his passion and how he relentlessly pursues his PURPOSE each and everyday by practicing his craft of making art that truly imitates life. 
Anthony ‘AJ’ Joiner is the founder Artisan Worx, Atlanta’s premier boutique Digital Marketing Agency. He has created digital marketing and growth hacking strategies for many of the top corporations, influencers and thought leaders in the country.   He facilitates a marketing segment on the nationally syndicated Willie Moore Jr. Show which reaches over a million listeners in 20+ markets. Prior to launching his agency, he spent 20 years in the cubicle wild-wild west we all know as Corporate America as a Software Project Manager & Technology Solutions Architect &Senior Business Systems Analyst.   After publishing five books himself, Anthony “AJ” Joiner knew writers needed a tech solution to shape their ideas into books and get those books into the hands of more readers.   He’s taken his background as a software project manager into the publishing world with Blooksy, an online software platform designed to streamline the writing process.   The Beautiful Butterfly Project welcomes A.J. Joiner where we will be talking all things on "Being Coachable"!
Season 2 kicks off with Transformational Internal Wealth Coach Adele Brimage. Adele is a Transformational Life Coach, Writer & Inspirational Speaker, who has 20 years combined training and  experience. She challenges her clients thinking, helps them to acquire a mind-set that sets them up for sustainable results and propels them forward to achieve their goals in their life. Through her speaking she inspires her audience to take back the CONTROL of their life, to get CLEAR about who they are and give themselves PERMISSION to be visible and dare to dream. 
In the final episode in Season 1 of The Beautiful Butterfly Project we welcome Gladia Etienne of Gladias Naturelle. This is the culminating interview that brings full circle the conversations about Passion, Pursuit and Purpose. Gladia and I chat about finding love and acceptance through her natural hair journey while she endeavors to help others do the same.   
On this episode of The Beautiful Butterfly Project, I had the absolute pleasure to sit down with Dwayne Terry aka 1Purpose Mime. We discussed how he uses the art of dance to tell relatable stories to help others on their journey to discover their unique place in this world. 
On this Episode we will chat with Joyce Diebels of Life to Enjoyce. Joyce is a unique Coach that helps individuals overcome their fears and unhealthy relationship with food to become their authentic selves.  
On this Episode 10 of The Beautiful Butterfly Project we will chat with David Gibson of DreamCatchers Worldwide and Elevation is a Must. David is an inspiring Coach, Mentor and Author who will share insight on his journey, his passion for ELEVATING the mindset and LIVING life to the fullest. 
In this Episode 9 of The Beautiful Butterfly the host Necole Turner aka The Butterfly will discuss the concept of 'mindfulness" and how it can benefit in the progression of life and business. In addition, upcoming guests will be introduced. 
In Episode 7 of The Beautiful Butterfly Project we will chat with Sheila Bailey of No Longer The Face Foundation. We will hear about her growing up in small town Georgia, to joining the military and how she OVERCAME obstacles to become the founder of a Domestic Violence Organization.
In Episode 6 of The Beautiful Butterfly Project the host will be giving insight on how Staying In The Press will help give us the fortitude to Overcome Obstacles. Also the host will give a preview on upcoming guests. 
In Episode 4 of The Beautiful Butterfly Project we will speaking with Coach Jacole Todd about her self discovery, both professional and personally and how her "Season of Preparation" inspired her to help others on their journey.
In Episode 3 of The Beautiful Butterfly Project we will continue the series of 'Overcoming Fear' with our guest Sue Curr. Sue is an International Speaker, Coach & Mentor and believes that individuals not only benefit from increased self-confidence, positive self-image & a soaring self-esteem when they begin to change their thinking. Sue takes us on a story telling journey of how she became the dynamic individual that EMPOWERS others. 
In Episode 2 of The Beautiful Butterfly Project we will discuss the ability to overcome our Fears, Failures and Past to avoid living a life of "ALMOST". In this self guided conversation, the host Necole F. Turner will provide insight on her journey and how she managed challenges to become better at 'living life" and developing her own definition of "SUCCESS". 
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