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Join Ovie Soko, Mo Mooncey and host Jaydee Dyer every week as they take an in-depth look at the biggest NBA storylines and incidents.
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Roster: Jaydee, Mo and BJ Hot Or Not: Mo and BJ dissect your hot takes! Klay & Kyrie return (08:04): How will Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving improve their teams and can the Warriors and the Nets meet in the Finals? Court Case (18:04): Grizzlies are only one piece away and is it time to blow it up in Atlanta? Primetime Preview (32:07): Mo and BJ predict how this weekend's games will go down. Raptors @ Bucks is on Arena & Mix at 11pm on Saturday night, followed by Lakers @ Nuggets at 2am on Arena. Then Suns @ Pistons is on at 6pm on Sunday, on Arena and Sky Sports YouTube, which you can watch right here: MLK Preview (44:17): It's Martin Luther King Day in the USA, which means NBA 360 is on! Make sure you tune in from 6pm on Main Event and Arena to see ALL the action!
Roster: Jaydee, Mo and BJNBA All-Star Game: BJ picks his Eastern Conference side, while Mo selects his side from the West.Primetime Preview (10:00): We take a look at the predictions table after hearing what BJ and Mo think is going down between the Grizzlies and the Clippers (Saturday, 8.30pm, Arena and Mix), followed by Bucks @ Hornets later that night at 12am on Arena. Then on Sunday we have Hawks @ Clippers from 8.30pm on Arena, as well as Sky Sports YouTube, before Klay Thompson's possible return for the Warriors against the Cavaliers.Court Case (21:39): Kyrie Irving's part-time return for the Brooklyn Nets is debated and is DeMar DeRozan in the MVP race?
Roster: Jaydee, Mo and BJ Hot Or Not: It’s been a while since we heard some of your hot takes and this week they get a frosty reception… Primetime Preview (12:11): We take a look at the predictions table after hearing what BJ and Mo think is going down between the Rockets and the Pistons (Saturday, 5pm, Mix), followed by Knicks @ Celtics later that night at 1.30am on Main Event and Mix. Then on Sunday we have Lakers @ Bulls which has unfortunately been pushed back from 9pm to 1am and will be on Mix, as well as Sky Sports Football. Court Case (26:05): Steph’s 3pt record will be broken in the next 5-6 years and the Wizards won the Westbrook trade.
We can’t lie, this week’s episode is quite visual, but as Mo will tell you, we’re still bringing the vibes. The first two segments will also be on YouTube in the next 24 hours if you want to see what they’re chatting about. NBA 75 – Favourite Jersey: Jayde asks (whilst rocking his ‘Shaq Diesel’ Magic number) Mo and BJ to run through some of their favourite jerseys from NBA history. Did That Just Happen (10:46): We take a look at some of the craziest moments from the past month – mad dunks, LeBron’s whack on Beef Stew, Steph cooking and more! Primetime Preview (21:49): The guys get their predictions on this weekend’s games. Magic @ Clippers is on Arena, Mix and Main Event at 8.30pm on Saturday night, followed by Warriors @ 76ers on Mix at 1.30am. Then at 5pm on Sunday, we’ve got Bucks @ Knicks on Arena and Sky Sports Youtube, which you can watch right here: Court Case – Portland should trade for Simmons (36:00): What started as Portland should trade Ben Simmons for CJ McCollum turned into they should also trade Damian Lillard! Extra (51:31): Mo explains why you shouldn’t compare Dame to Steph Curry.
Week 7 Roster: Jaydee, Mo, BJ and Ovie. MVP Race: A look at who’s leading the MVP Race after 20 games in the season. Dream Team (11:14): This time it’s Mo’s turn to pick his Ultimate Dream Team. Primetime Preview (21:20): The guy’s make their predictions for this weekends games, with Nuggets @ Knicks on at 6pm on Saturday on Arena & Mix, Bulls @ Nets is on later that night at 12.30am on Arena & Main Event and Sunday night’s 8.30pm game is Jazz @ Cavaliers on Arena and Sky Sports YouTube which you can watch right here: Court Case (36:39): The Western Conference Finals will be between the Suns and the Warriors.
Jaydee, Mo and BJ hold fort this week. Hot Or Not: Another week of viewers' takes and it looks like Week 6 is the where they start to get a little love. Dream Team (15:35): After spending time assessing guests’ Dream Teams, it’s finally BJ’s turn to give us his five players he’d start on the court. Primetime Preview (27:50): We get the guys’ predictions on this week’s games – Timberwolves @ 76ers at 11pm on Saturday night, followed by Pelicans @ Jazz at 2am, then on Sunday at 8.30pm we have Warriors @ Clippers on Arena, or you can stream it on Sky Sports YouTube right here: Court Case (39:24): As part of the NBA 75 Euro Vote, we take a look at the all-time NBA Dynasty. Jaydee says it’s the 95-98 Three-peat Bulls team, others disagree. You can vote for your favourite right here:
Ok, so it was only Jaydee and Mo in the studio, so we have little bitesize Heatcheck for you this week. Rookie Race: Instead of Mo just saying “Mobley’s winning, let’s move on”, the Hoop Genius looks at what the best rookies from this season have to offer, including a couple that might still be under the radar. Primetime Preview (12:31): Rockets @ Knicks starts on the red button this Saturday on Sky Sports Arena from 10pm, 76ers @ Trail Blazers is on later that night at 3am on Sky Sports Mix and then NBA is making it’s debut on Sky Max on Sunday night at 8.30pm. It’s also on the red button on Sky Sports Arena and of course you can watch it on Sky Sports YouTube. Did That Just Happen!? (22:54): Jaydee and Mo look at the craziest moments from this season so far. You can’t see them, but you’ll know most of them so you can understand what’s being talked about.
Joining Jaydee, Mo and BJ this week is Laurence Mckenna (@lozcast). Hot Or Not (01:28): Another week of viewers’ hot takes, but it’s beginning to get silly. Rockets to make playoffs? Celtics should trade Tatum and Brown? Come on! Primetime Preview (13:47): A look ahead to this weekend’s games on Sky Sports and predictions from the guys. Heat @ Jazz is on Sky Sports Mix at 10pm on Saturday. Then Mo GUARANTEES his Celtics will beat the Cavaliers (Sat night 1am, Arena/Mix) – the same loyalty that has landed him at the bottom of the predictions table (BJ 17pts, Ovie 9pts, Mo 3pts) and then Sunday Night’s 8.30pm game on Sky Sports YouTube is Loz’s Spurs @ Lakers! Watch here: Court Case: ‘Doc and Embiid are leading 76ers to glory’ (29:52) and ‘Jimmy Butler should be favourite for MVP’ (37:33). Dream Team (45:54): We like to get guests' all-time Dream Teams and Loz doesn’t disappoint. If you grew on late 90s/00s NBA, then you’ll enjoy this five. Hot Seat (58:22): Loz becomes the second person to sit in the Hot Seat, quickfire questions with potential controversial answers… Happy Birthday Mo! (01:00:02): It’s Mo Mooncey AKA Double M AKA Hoop Genius’ birthday so we surprise him with a little cake and show the Heatcheck OG some appreciation!
Week 3 Squad: Jaydee, Mo, BJ and Ovie. Hot Or Not: We chuck you best hot takes at the guys and hear what they have to say…and some of them are icy! Primetime Preview (14:06): We get Mo, BJ and Ovie’s predictions for this weekends games that are live on Sky Sports Mix and Arena; Rockets @ Nuggets, Celtics @ Mavericks and Nets @ Raptors. This week it’s Ovie’s GUARANTEE. You can also watch Nets @ Raptors on Sky Sports YouTube: Court Case: Judge Jaydee hands over some topics that will be argued for or against, then the guys take the floor to give their views. This week includes ‘Bulls can make a deep playoff run’ (27:37), ‘It is finally Utah’s time’ (34:17) and ‘Lakers defense will lead to downfall’ (41:20). Off The Court (51:25): We take a look at some of the best Halloween outfits from the previous week then decide on some of the best city edition jerseys for the 75th anniversary season. Check out all the images so you can look whilst listening… AD: Carmelo Anthony: JaVale McGee: LeBron: Pelicans “Average Joes”: Rajon Rondo: Robin Lopez: NBA jerseys:
This week, Jaydee, Mo and BJ are joined by BBL’s Justin Robinson and Josh Ward-Hibbert of the London Lions. We start off by hearing Justin and Josh’s All-Time Dream Teams, then feed the Lions to the lions by letting Mo and BJ dissect them and choose their favourite. Primetime Preview (20:36): We look at this weekend’s games on Sky Sports - Celtics @ Wizards (Saturday, 10pm), Heat @ Grizzlies (Saturday Night, 1am) and Kings @ Mavericks (Sunday, 7.30pm) and it’s BJ’s turn to lock in his GUARANTEE! You can also the Kings @ Mavericks on YouTube, right here: Court Case (35:09): This week Judge Jaydee finds himself in the middle of big defence and prosecution with four people taking the stand. First topic of the day is that ‘Tyler Herro will be the Sixth of the year’, followed by ‘Adding Klay will take the Warriors to the Finals’. Off The Court (53:16): This is a tricky segment for an audio podcast but sticking it in here anyway – the guys look at some of the best/worst pre-game outfits from the NBA so far. Here are the images if you want to look whilst listening (don’t say we don’t look out for you!): Jimmy Butler: Jusuf Nurkic: LaMelo Ball: LeBron James: PJ Tucker: Russell Westbrook: Cavs Halloween: Serge Ibaka: Isaiah Thomas: JJ Redick: Moe Harkless: Paul George: Steph Curry:
Season Two of Heatcheck: Overtime is here! This is the only place where you can hear EVERYTHING recorded and we have the OGs in the opening episode, with Jaydee and Mo in the Heatcheck studio, BJ in LA and Ovie in Osaka, Japan. Heatcheck Predicts: Way-Too-Early Awards (00:30) – The guys start by looking at how wrong they were last season, then try to do a little better by predicting who will pick up the MVP, ROTY, MIP, DPOY, COTY awards and who will be crowned the 2022 NBA Champions. Primetime Preview (22:29) – It's time to look ahead to this weekend’s games on Sky Sports Arena (Suns @ Lakers, Hawks @ Cavs and Hornets @ Nets) and Mo locks in his GUARANTEE of the week. You can also watch Hornets @ Nets on YouTube, right here: Hot Seat (36:48) – Ovie is the first person to try out this new part of the show, where he answers some controversial quickfire questions. Off The Court (40:58) – The guys react to the best tweets and memes of the week. Court Case (51:10) – Judge Jaydee provides Mo and BJ with a topic that they have to argue for or against, then he makes his verdict.
It’s a full house in Heatcheck’s last episode of the season, with Jaydee, Mo, Ovie and BJ. Latest News: Why aren’t USA dominating the Olympics (04:19)? What will happen with Kawhi (11:39)? Free agency predictions (16:12). Hot Or Not: This is Giannis’ league now (24:37) and Phoenix won’t get a better chance at a title (34:23). Off The Court – All things draft: Jaydee catches up with predicted number one draft pick, Cade Cunningham (51:01), then the guys look at potential stars and some of the sleepers of the class (56:23).
Jaydee, Mo, Ovie and BJ complete a full house this week.Latest News: Chauncey Billups, Jason Kidd and Ime Udoka appointed (2:14), and discussion of 2021 NBA Draft (7:30).Hot or Not: Deandre Ayton is getting the max deal (16:57) and Khris Middleton is more important than Giannis Antetokounmpo (28:23).Off The Court: The best player to have never reached the NBA Finals (49:52).
Latest News: Celtics trade Kemba Walker (03:19), Chris Paul is symptom-free (09:34) and KD and James Harden expected to commit for the Olympics (11:27). Hot Or Not: Is time up for Ben Simmons in Philly? (16:10) Clippers cannot stop Devin Booker (31:52) and this week’s viewer’s take – ‘Even if they win The Chip Mil need to fire Coach Bud’ (41:10). Off The Court: OG Series: Dikembe Mutombo (46:00)
Latest News: Becky Hammon interviewing for head coach roles (03:01), NBA expansion makes financial sense (09:00) and Nikola Jokic winning MVP is more proof of the game changing (11:16). Hot Or Not: The pressure is mounting on KD (16:43), Mavericks need to move Kristaps Porzingis ASAP (30:54) and this week’s viewer’s take – ‘Suns are the champions if Nets aren’t healthy’ (47:15). Off The Court: The future of John Collins (58:17)
Latest News: Was Terry Stotts to blame at Blazers (02:18)? Brad Stevens role change makes sense (05:55), Coach K retires as a legend of the game (11:07) and Tom Thibodeau wins coach of the year (13:11). Hot Or Not: 'Lakers LeBron' window is now closed (16:13), the stage is set for Paul George to shine (29:47) and this week’s viewer’s take – Hawks are this year’s Heat (40:58). Off The Court: Milwaukee Bucks: Last Time Around (50:32) Primetime Preview: BJ, Ovie and Mo talk about the importance of Game 3 for Milwaukee against Brooklyn (56:34) and you can watch Game 4 this Sunday at 7:45pm on Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports YouTube right here: Overtime Aftershow: The guys revisit and go in hard on the Bucks!!! (66:12)
Latest News: Egypt's Zamalek wins inaugural Basketball Africa League (01:50), Utah Jazz’ shot-blocking legend Mark Eaton dies aged 64 (04:29) and Celtics fan arrested for throwing water bottle at Kyrie Irving (07:57). Hot Or Not: Bucks have made a big statement (13:07), Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the playoffs (23:25) and this week’s viewer’s take – ‘An injured Anthony Davis means the Blazers are making the NBA Finals!’ (32:08) Off The Court: New York Knicks: Last Time Around, featuring some insight from Martin Haisley, host of ‘Knicks_UK Across The Pond Podcast’. (39:18) Primetime Preview: Mo and BJ tell us the Game 7 that they’re hoping to show this Sunday on Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports YouTube! (50:10)
Latest News: The NBA reflects on George Floyd's death one year on (2:04).Hot or Not: Trae Young will dominate the Knicks (17:08), Memphis will upset Utah (24:32) and this week's viewer's take - the Lakers are getting swept (33:23).Off The Court: The rise of the Hawks (40:38).Primetime Preview: NBA Playoffs (46:22) this weekend on Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports YouTube.
Jaydee, Mo, Ovie and BJ complete a full house this week.Latest News: WNBA season gets underway (2:21) and Basketball Africa League tips off (3:48).Hot or Not: Clippers will win the title (5:49), Miami will upset Milwaukee again (17:35) and this week's viewer's take - the Lakers won't make the playoffs (26:06).Off The Court: What next for the Raptors? (33:32)Primetime Preview: NBA Playoffs (41:01), this Sunday at 8.30pm, on Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Mix and Sky Sports YouTube.
Latest News: Russell Westbrook becomes triple-double leader (02:15), 25th WNBA season tips off on Saturday (05:41), J. Cole to play in Basketball African League (07:55) and the Hall Of Fame is on this Saturday (09:20). Hot Or Not: Boston are in serious trouble (11:55), AD can carry Lakers to the playoffs (23:24) and the viewer’s take – ‘Wizards will make Playoffs AND beat the 76ers!’ (30:23) Off The Court: Designing for Zion (37:58) Primetime Preview: Final day of regular season (48:31) – the game is TBC, but you'll be able to watch on Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports YouTube! BJ and Mo say who they're hoping to cover. You can also watch the start of the WNBA season, as Chicago @ Washington tips of this Saturday at 6pm on Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports Mix. Overtime Aftershow: Jaydee and Mo go after the Lakers fans (53:17)
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