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 In honor of Mother's Day, our hosts are sharing this encore episode from Season One, which is one of Kaanji and Tara's all time favorites! Can you guess who are their Top 5 TV moms of all-time? Listen to this hilarious episode and smile along with our hosts.Connect with us:Become a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irbyTara: @Tatstar
Our Favorite Year(s)

Our Favorite Year(s)


This week, Kaanji and Tara take time to share their favorite (and least favorite) moments during the phases of motherhood. Find out what our hosts thought of the experience of parenting infants, toddlers, young kids and now, pre-teens and teenagers.  Connect with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irbyTara: @Tatstar
This week our hosts talk about the importance of looking for joy in the motherhood journey.  They both discuss where they struggle with fear and expectations as moms and how both can steal the joy from their experiences.  This one is full of real talk and laughter as Tara and Kaanji catch up and connect over shared feelings.  Oh...and Tara has a new fangirl story. Connect with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irbyTara: @Tatstar
 How would you handle the situation if your child was called a racial or ethnic slur? In this powerful episode, Kaanji discusses a recent incident where her son is called the N* word and our hosts have a heartfelt conversation about why it is important to teach our children the hateful history behind this term and how to have conversations with kids of all ages about appropriate language.  Connect with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irby
This week, Kaanji and Tara discuss some really bad parenting advice that they have received during their motherhood journeys. Listen as they share some insights into how their childhoods have informed some of their parenting decisions, and share their insights on some parenting tips that have been passed down through generations.Check out this Buzzfeed article, 13 Times Parenting Advice From the Past Was Hilariously Wrong: with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irby  
The ABCs of CRT

The ABCs of CRT


This week, Kaanji and Tara dive into the discussion about critical race theory (CRT) and share their thoughts on the controversy brewing in some school districts about school curriculum and book bans.  Connect with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irby
Kaanji and Tara take time this week to reflect on why resilience and perseverance are important skills to cultivate and model for their families. Our hosts share their thoughts about the confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson  and how this moment should be remembered in history. Connect with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irby
In this Season 3 premiere, Kaanji and Tara are joined by parenting writer and journalist, Ericka Souter, to discuss how to have age-appropriate conversations with our kids about the war in Ukraine.  Ms. Souter shares strategies for engaging kids in challenging discussions and advice for all families on how to cope with uncertainty and anxiety, and discusses her new book, How to Have a Kid and a Life.To learn more about Ericka and her work, visit with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irby
 In this final episode of 2021, Kaanji and Tara reflect on the highlights - and low points - of this year.  Our hosts share some candid thoughts about pivoting during the pandemic and discuss what they are most looking forward to in 2022.  Connect with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irbyTara: @Tatstar 
Christmas came early for our hosts as they are joined by the Emmy award-winning journalist and documentarian, Soledad O'Brien. They discuss her new series on HBO, Black and Missing, and the ongoing media bias that keeps certain stories from being told.  Join us for an incredible conversion about inclusion, empathy, and how we can make a difference in what stories are told. To learn more about Soledad's work, visit support the work of the Black and Missing Foundation: https://www.blackandmissinginc.comConnect with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irbyTara: @Tatstar
This episode, we review two new media releases- movie King Richard and the docu-series Black and Missing. Kaanji and Tara discuss explaining marginalization and racism fo their kids and offer insight about how parents can approach these conversations with our children.  To learn more about the Black and Missing Foundation, visit with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irbyTara: @Tatstar
Should Grades Matter?

Should Grades Matter?


This week, Kaanji and Tara talk about grades and how they each approach motivating their sons to feel successful in school.  They navigate a complex conversation about how they define success, how their kids are both having a different relationship with school than they each did, and where our school systems are flawed.  Can you guess which of our hosts graduated salutatorian of her high school?Connect with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irbyTara: @Tatstar
 In this episode that originally aired in November 2020, Kaanji and Tara chat with journalist, author, nonprofit founder, and mother, Gretchen Carlson. You may know Gretchen as a former Miss America and the courageous woman who has been a leading voice in speaking out about workplace harassment. But you may not know what her kids thought about her stance or what she has been up to recently. Listen to this week’s powerful episode to find out more and be inspired by Gretchen’s journey, her resilience, and her courage.Want to get involved in Gretchen’s work?Donate to Lift Our Voices: If you or someone you know is experiencing workplace harassment and wants free legal counsel visit: or Connect with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irbyTara: @Tatstar
Hair Love

Hair Love


This week, Kaanji and Tara untangle issues of beauty standards and Black hair discrimination in America.  Listen as Kaanji talks about her and her son's Black hair care journey. Tune is as our hosts talk about cultural appropriation and how it differs from cultural appreciation. Connect with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irbyTara: @Tatstar Tags: parenting, antiracism, diversity, inclusion, motherhood, boymoms, workingmoms, Black hair, Crown Act
Can working moms have it all? This episode, Kaanji and Tara are joined by Whitnee Hawthorne of The Savvy Working Mom to talk about the challenges working moms face and how to find balance in it all.  Whitnee shares her experiences and advice for working moms as they navigate their changing priorities and work to define a life that brings joy.  Join us for the conversation. You can find Whitnee's work at: thesavvyworkingmom.comIG: @thesavvyworkingmomConnect with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irbyTara: @Tatstar
Many mothers instinctively feel a need to put their children first - before other relationships and themselves.  This episode, Kaanji and Tara share the challenges that they have had with prioritizing their marriages during motherhood, and some ways that they have learned to make time and space for their partners. Join us for the conversation. Connect with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irbyTara: @Tatstar
We are wrapping up another month and our hosts discuss how fast the holiday season is approaching.  As they discuss Thanksgiving and gathering with friends and family, they each share which celebrity moms they would invite to their holiday dinner table - and why.  Kaanji begins the episode with a mea culpa, and both hosts agree on one celebrity they would invite to their table anytime.  Connect with us:Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irbyTara: @Tatstar
Netflix's most-watched series has many parents asking: should I let my kids watch? This week, Kaanji and Tara discuss this pop culture phenomenon, why it's so popular with kids, and how parents can assess and discuss age-appropriate viewing for our kids.Send us a voice mail via our producer ( to ask us a question, suggest a future topic, and comment about this or any other recent topic. You might just hear yourself on our next episode!Connect with us: Clubhouse: @Kaanji and @TaraallyceBecome a Podcast Patron: @Kaanji_irbyTara: @Tatstar 
The Other F Word

The Other F Word


This week, our hosts talk about a less controversial F word - forgiveness.  They each share how important learning to forgive has been in each of their lives and how they are working to foster the practice with their kids.  It's also a special celebratory episode as Kaanji and Tara share some big podcast milestones and welcome their new listeners!  
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer.  One in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. This week we reshare an episode from October 2020, a powerful conversation with mom, runner, and coach, Shaluinn Fullove.  Her story of being a previvor reminds us how important it is for us to put our health first.  We are still in awe of her strength and resilience, and couldn't think of a better story to reshare in honor of this month. About Coach Shal.  Shaluinn Fullove is a mom first.  She is a coach, professional runner, Director of People of autonomous technology at Lyft, and a cancer survivor.  She currently runs for Oiselle, a women's team based in Seattle. Follow us on IG @blackandwhitemomcast Find out more about Oiselle here: us on IG @blackandwhitemomcast
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