DiscoverAnything But a One! Adventures in Historical Miniature Wargaming
Anything But a One! Adventures in Historical Miniature Wargaming
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Anything But a One! Adventures in Historical Miniature Wargaming

Author: Tom Castanos, Richard Martinez, Ray Winstead

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We are here to explore the world of historical miniature wargaming. We'll cover, game design theory, rules reviews, showcase new miniatures, and pretty much anything related to historical miniature wargaming. This bi-weekly podcast is hosted by veteran gamers each with 40+ years of experience in the genre.
98 Episodes
Episode 96: New Blood

Episode 96: New Blood


Is it possible that old hermits like us can play with new folks?Support the Show.
Today we take a peek at both the original Dead Man's Hand and the new Redux from Great Escape Games.Show NotesDead Man's Hand Redux RulesSupport the Show.
With more rule sets coming out covering long time periods, we thought it was time to revisit the subject.Support the Show.
Be the change you want to see in the world! Rather than complaining, today we talk about our favorite vendors to do business with. None of this is paid advertising. These are just folks we shop with and appreciate!Support the Show.
What? We finished a campaign??Support the Show.
Too many games and too few days? Do months, if not years, pass until you get back to one of your favorite games? How do you balance the games you want to play versus the time you get to play.Support the Show.
We are half way through our first campaign in our Zulu Wars skirmish game. Show NotesBlood and Steel RulesSupport the Show.
Today I interview Larry Mackey as we examine why the ranks of wargamers is not more diverse.Support the Show.
Where do you wargame? The pub? The garage? A custom-made man-cave? Today we examine the types and importance of a place to play.Support the Show.
This week the gang talks about circling back around to Flames of War and Team Yankee. Re-evaluation or stuck in a rut?Support the Show.
We have tallied the votes and are ready to reveal what the voters have picked as our next project!Support the Show.
Taking a short break from gaming, the gang attended the opening night of Ridley Scott's Napoleon. Spoiler Alert! Well.... There are spoilers in the podcast. Napoleon dies!Show NotesI've Got an AngleSupport the Show.
Today we give our thoughts on the American Civil War rules Altar of Freedom!Show NotesAltar of Freedom RulesHeart of Texas WargamersSupport the Show.
Sam Mustafa, author of Blucher, LaSalle2, Nimitz and many other games joins us in sunny south Texas to test play his latest WWII project in the works.Show NotesHonour GamesSupport the Show.
If you want to hear three tech troglodytes talk about 3D printing are you ever in luck! Today we examine or limited experience in the medium and how it is changing how we game.Show NotesPiano WargamesLone Star 3D Printing Co.Support the Show.
You heard us! With War of the Roses in the books, it's time for a new project. Listen to our ideas and tell us which one we should do!Support the Show.
We recently played our first game of the Perry Brothers second edition of Valor & Fortitude. In this episode we share our thoughts about this free set of rules.Show NotesValour & Fortitude Rules Free DownloadWargames Illustrated Interview with Game Authors Jervis Johnson and the Perry TwinsHelp get our studio up and running!Support the Show.
It's convention time in Houston, Texas! Andy Bouffard tells us all we need to know about Texas BROADSIDE! 2023!Show NotesTexas BROADSIDE! 2023Battleship Texas YouTube ChannelSupport the Show.
You always need a new set of rules, right? Aching to paint yet another army? Well what game or time period would it be?Support the Show.
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