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Connecting with Pagans and seasonal cycles
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This week we are going to be talking about some of the stories of the Mothers of Winter, including Frau Holle and the Reindeer Mother GoddessesLegend of Frau Holle – Patti Wigington Holle – A Grimm Fairy Tale Pook Press Blog Goose – Holda, Thought of the Diety, Lorelei Moon Holle: Goddess of the Week –  Bad Witch Blog – Lucya Starza Literature / Mother HolleTV Tropes Twelve Days of Holda's Yule – Shannon Graves Wellbeing Centre Winter Stories Event House. Where Women Weave Words Into the Earth by Carolyn Hillyer Deer-Cult and the Deer-Goddess Cult of the Ancient Caledonians  by J.G. McKay Embroideries Of Eastern Europe by Mary B. Kelly the  Deer Mother Of Winter Solstice by Danielle Prohom Olson Reindeer Goddess by Judith Shaw, A Deer, A Female Deer
This week we are talking about rites of passage, in particular naming and the menarche ceremonies. Our special guest is Dr Lynne Sedgmore who will be talking about her new book The Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel.YWCA Scotland - Menstruation is not a curse period. Lisa Lister Christiane Northrup – Celebrating a girls first period. Bell - How to support trans people during their periods. Rodi Falanga in her article on Rites of Passage and Positive Mental Health of young people. Potter - Fred's modern rite of passage. Rites Part 1 Baby Naming Father’s Pledge by Ian Buxton Naming Ceremony: Welcoming a Child to the Witching Community by Heron Michelle for Beginners: Rites of Passage by Yvonne Aburrow a Child for Lynne SedgmoreJohn Hunt website link is Luminary Leadership Wheel can be found at Amazon
This week we are talking about venturing out into the community including a local community arts initiative, Beacons and tips for moots. Our guest is Lucya Starza of A Bad Witch's Blog who will be talking to us about her new book Scrying; Divination using crystals, mirrors, bowls, water and flame.  Beacons Sea Gooseberry Moot Tips: 13 Questions To Ask Your Venue Megan Manson Etiquette – Guidelines  For Happy  Event! Starza's blog A Bad Witch's Blog 
Spoke 69 Cauldron

Spoke 69 Cauldron


This week Jenny and Hazel talk about the cauldron, its different meanings and a modern alternative.If you would like to support the show you could buy us a coffee, share the episode or leave us a review on Apple podcast. Patterson – Psychic Noodles, Magic Marmite and More Kitchen Magic John Beckett – The Cauldron of Transformation H. Maslow Hierarchy of Needs:  Theory of Human Motivation Morrison – Everyday Magic Wholesome Witch - Simple Autumn Simmer Pot Recipes for the Kitchen Witch of Druidry by Emma Restall Orr’ll-need-0722536747/plpThe Cauldron & The Wand: Compassion and Will In The Application of Druidic Ethicsby Bran Paolo Veneziani Burn and Cauldron Bubble BY Coby Michael Ward Witch’s Cauldron: The Craft, Lore & Magick of Ritual Vessels by Laura Tempest Zakroff's the season of the witch: time for some cauldron chemistry  by Kathryn Harkup Moons Witchcraft for Tomorrow by Doreen Valiente
This week Jenny and Hazel are talking about two of the dark goddesses, Hecate and the Cailleach. Our guest is Helen JR Bruce who will be talking about the wild hunt and her trilogy of books set on Dartmoor.Viktor Wynd Museum Events Willow Bushcraft Cyndi Brannen Keeping Her Keys Brannen Entering Hekate’s Garden Temple of Hekate: Exploring The Goddess Hekate through Ritual, Meditation And Divination by Tara Sanchez Heath Witch Observing Deipnon Introducing Hellenic Hekate– Baring the Aegis Coming of The Cailleach by Rachel Patterson Cailleach Cairn for your Samhain Release Ritual by Della Ratcliffe is ancient…  by Rachel Patterson of The Cailleach Ritual of Renewal by Cyndi Brannen's book recommendationsGwyn: Ancient God of Glastonbury and Key to the Glastonbury Zodiac by Yuri Leitch Tale by Raymond E. Feist's social media also runs a facebook group called 'Dark Fae, Black Dogs and Wild Hunters'.
This week we celebrate Samhain. We talk about problematic ancestors as well as literary ones, fire ritual and Cerridwen. Our special guest is Professor Ronald Hutton.We Owe Toxic Ancestors Nothing, John Beckett, Under The Ancient Oaks Honouring Literary Ancestors, Lisa Wagoner, Witch Indeed, Dark Goddess of Transformation, Inspiration and Knowledge by Judith Shaw on Goddess Guide Real Halloween by Sheena Morgan
This week we start to get ready for Samhain. Our guest is Luke Eastwood who we will be talking to about his new book 'Samhain: The Roots of Halloween.Cline, Austin. "Mictecacihuatl: the Goddess of Death in Aztec Religious Mythology." Learn Religions, Aug. 2, 2021, Barbezat, Suzanne. "Cempasúchitl Flowers for Day of the Dead." ThoughtCo, Sep. 1, 2021, Superstition Dicitonary “Apple Magic & Supersitions” Wigington, Patti. "The Magical Energy of Apples." Learn Religions, Feb. 8, 2021, Witch This, Not That: Shadow Work by Thumper Forge Work and the Magic of Critical Introspection by Sidney Eileen and Greenman website
This week Jenny and Hazel are talking about food, drink and a bit of feasting. We’re lucky to have a return visit by Rachel Patterson as our special guest. Mead: The Drink of the Gods and the Druids by Caroline Holmes Ovate Brewer: A brief Discussion of the Brewing of Beer in Druidry, with a Note about Mead by Donna Deeks Old-Fashioned Magical Blessing Bread Recipe  by Mackenzie Sage Wright The Brew of the Gods!  Lewis Stead PattersonWebsite Witch Schoolhttps://www.kitchenwitchhearth.netYouTube channel
Spoke 64 Stars

Spoke 64 Stars


This week Hazel and Jenny talk about stars. We look at the stories behind the zodiac, Viking constellations, stargazing and Sappho.Greek Constellations – Constellation-Guide How To Stargaze of the Constellations’s That Bright Star – Popular Astrology To Find A Constellation Zodiacal Circles of Light Landscape Zodiac Temples in Britain by Richard Leviton mystery of comets by Star Bustamonte Constellations, and the Astronomy of Myth Zodiacs (Mandalas) to Glastonbury's Temple of the Stars by Katherine Maltwood
Spoke 63 Birds

Spoke 63 Birds


This week we are talking about birds, ones that have particular meaning for us, their symbolism, and their magic. Our special guest is Jo Thilwind.Ways to connect with JoDreamspaceart Ravenheart Natural Witchcraft  Show Notes Why Sea Birds Are Making Their Homes In Our Cities – BBC Futures - Anthony King  Seagull Symbolism – Richard Alois Redbreast in Literature and Myth - Guineverelynn Robin Symbolism – Gravestones IE Symbolism – Every Day Know - Courtney Pococh Birds Magic Feather – Beneath The Moon – Rachel Patterson Bird Myths Picking Up A Bird Feather Is Illegal – Back Yard Chirper – Timothy Martinez Jr. Augury Bird Divination: History & How to Read Bird Flight Patterns Wren: Sacred Mysteries - Virginia Carper, Herald of Dawn by Judith Shaw Owl - George Knowles Jo's page with her artwork, poetry and musings at
This week we celebrate the Autumn Equinox. We look at what it means to different paths, we also talk about activities and rituals for this time of the year.Autumn Equinox Gratitude Garlands by Kimberly at Mother House of the Goddess for the Autumn Equinox by Heather McConnell My Crystal Dreams Balance Spell by Tess Whitehurst Llewellyn Spell-a-day Western Heights English Heritage Forest Bathing by Christa Smith Yoku The Relevancy Of Forest Bathing by Emily Knott Nelson Autumn Equinox ~ The Waning and the Blessing by Maria Ede-Weaving Ritual To Honor the Dark Mother by Patti Wigington a Magickal Journey: A Guide to Modern Witchcraft by Fiona Horne Apple Rascals by Rachel Patterson
This week we're talking about the start of Autumn and ideas for self-care. Our guest is Lynda Jones the medical herbalistConkers, Spiders and Facts – The Woodland Trust To Use Leaf Magic by Molly Khan Magic Spoon Theory – Christine Miserandino Ecopsychology - How Immersion in Nature Benefits Your Health by Jim Robbins Nature Benefits Mental Health MIND Migrations and the Stars - Melissa Hill Baths – Your Easy Guide to Spiritual Cleansing - Amaria Pollux
Spoke 60 Gratitude

Spoke 60 Gratitude


This week's episode is from a talk that was recorded for this year's Mercian Gathering that took place online. Jenny and Hazel are joined by Claire Kehily to discuss gratitude and different ways to think about gratitude. There is a meditation that accompanies the talk and this will be available on our Facebook page
Spoke 59 House Magic

Spoke 59 House Magic


This week Hazel and Jenny talk about house magic, including protection spells, magical cleaning and house wights.Goodhousekeeping Floor Washes Protection Spells: Why And How Is It Useful in Everyday Life. Protection Magic Rachel Patterson properties of oak and acorns – KEYS Museum of Witchcraft and Magic Sebastiani - Acknowledging the Spirits in your Home Magic, Myth and a Lock & Key Spell for Protection House by Teresa Moorey
This week is the second part of our discussion about landscape features and places. How to deepen your connection and their significance to pagans.Friends of Dagnam Park website History of Harold Hill and Noak Hill by B.F.Lingham. A.L.A. Park (The Manor) Harold Hill Users Group (Facebook) Park Havering Government Website and it’s Gardens House Archaeological Journey by Pete Riley – Dig at the House site including East Wing 2019. the Spirit of the Land by Caitlín Matthews Traditional Witchcraft for Fields and Hedgerows by Melusine Draco Churches and Surrounding Districts – Christine Warren Folkestone Then and Now Plimsoll – Wikipedia for Tomorrow by Doreen Valiente Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett Old Ways: A Journey on Foot by Robert McFarlane is Geomancy? Chanctonbury Ring - a Site of Primeval Power
This week is the first part of a two parter where we are talking about Landscape, our relationship with it and it's sacredness. Our special guest is Dr Linda Sever.Learn Religions Hedgewitch by Rae Beth Haunted Landscape by Katy Jordan ABC of Witchcraft Past and Present by Doreen Valiente Linda Sever Book RecommendationsUnderland: A Deep Time by Robert Macfarlane And Down The Tree: Exploring the nine worlds of Yggdrasil by RUNIC JOHN (Author) Worlds of Seid-Magic by Jenny Blain and Ancestors: Heathenry in a Living Landscape by Jenny Blain, Witches and Gods: Spinning Old Heathen Magic in the Modern Day by Cat Heath Myth and Religion: A Study of Traditional Belief, with Newly Translated Prayers, Poems and Songs by Sharon Paice MacLeod Seed of Yggdrasill by Maria Kvilhaug to connect with Dr Linda Sever Additional Online ResourcesMythical Ireland Pagan School Wheel's Buy Me a Coffee page
Spoke 56 Familiars

Spoke 56 Familiars


This week we are talking about familiars. We'll discuss some of the traditional familiars linked to the European witchcraft trials, familiars in modern culture and some of the ways you could invite a familiar into your life1. Balancing the path - “Can pets be familiars” by Sidney Eileen Stories form the museum floor - “Bad Dogs” by Stephanie Studders 3. Stories from the museum floor - “Poisonous Pinching Toads” by Stephanie Studders 4. By athame and stang - “Introduction to Familiar Spirits” by Kelden 5. Cunning-Folk and Familiar Spirits: Shamanistic Visionary Traditions in Early Modern British Witchcraft and Magic by Emma Wilby An ABC of Witchcraft Past and Present by Doreen Valiant Witch: a Magickal Journey: A Guide to Modern Witchcraft by Fiona Horne Fylgja in Wikipedia
This week we celebrate Lammas and talk about some of the stories connected to this festival, plus a few recipes to make the most of the harvest. Our special guest is Dan Coultas from Pagan AidMercian Gathering Official Page  Who Was John Barleycorn? An Ancient Mystery Uncovered’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham Wicca Book of Spells’ Planner 2021 by Lisa Chamberlin Stewart on Just a pinch Wheel of the Wiccan Year by Gail Duff Wisdom by Glennie Kindred Coultas’s Social Media LinksPagan Aid Federation Community Vacancies Pagan Federation Community Disabilities Blog Spoons and Broomsticks Dan’s Author Page Amazon Dan Coultas’s Book Recommendations Ásatrú for Beginners: A Modern Heathen's Guide to the Ancient Northern Way by Mathias Nordvig The Poetic Edda Paperback by Saemundr the Learned (Author), John Phillip Cameron (Illustrator) Warrior Chronicles The Last Kingdom Series 13 Books Collection Set by Bernard Cornwell 
This week is about insects, Or relationship with them, their symbolism, myth and folklore. Our guest is Jacqueline Durban.Learn Religions Butterfly Magic and Folklore of Symbolism Butterfly Symbolism Religions Insect Magic and Folklore Sedwick Dragonfly Folklore of dragonflies Dragonflies Celtic Lore of the Honey Bee - James Slaven wisdom - Jessica Dawn Palmer Jacqueline Durban Social Media LinksFacebook Twitter Website’s book reviewsBallad of John Clare by Hugh Lupton to the Light: An Indigenous Elder's Meditations on Hope and Courage by Steven Charleston 
In this weeks episode we are exploring symbols commonly associated with paganism. Our guest is Suzi Edwards Goose.Magical Pagan and Wiccan Symbols The Origins of the Pentagram? Fundamental Beliefs The Devil Made Them Do It: 8 Examples of Satanic Panic in the '80s the Rituals of the Pentagram. Does the LBRP Use Only the Banishing Earth Pentagram Symbolshttps://www.ancient-symbols.comSymbol Sage - Awen -Origins and Symbolism Edward Goose Soical Media’s book recommendationsThe  Swan Bone Flute by Rachel O’Leary - Fantasy Masterworks by Robert Holdstock Sacred House by Carolyn Hillyer 
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