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Daniel Treat is a photographer and video creative working with Nexus International.  Daniel and his wife were my wedding photographers, and he's lived a very interesting life, recently returning from the Republic of Georgia, where he spent a portion of his growing up years - and was briefly a national TV star during his youth!  This episode is a thoughtful one, with lots of learning on culture and philosophy and the journey of life.  Tune in and enjoy this conversation with Daniel Treat! 💡Learn about LoCo Think Tank Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
Tim Washburn is the Founder and Owner of Integrity Technologies and Computer Doctors. He has an inspiring story about pursuing a life of entrepreneurship and becoming a technology leader in our community. We talk about Bitcoin and the evolution of cryptocurrencies in our economy. Tune in for a great conversation and I hope you learn something new!*Due to technical difficulties, the audio quality is lower. We apologize, but it's still a great listen!  💡Learn about LoCo Think Tank Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
Brian Bauer is the Founder and Executive Director of the Abundance Foundation here in Fort Collins. The Abundance Foundation is a nonprofit that supports men and women in rehab or programs to engage sober living.This is a story of Brian's own path into dependence on alcohol and his inspiration for the company. We discuss personal topics like substance abuse and he has a strong message to be heard.Brian can be a role model to anyone who struggles with some sort of addiction, so I hope you'll tune in and enjoy it!  💡Learn about LoCo Think TankThe Abundance Foundation Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
James Pigeon Fielder, a longtime Military Intelligence Veteran now serving as a Political Science Professor at Colorado State University. He is also the Chief Operating Officer of Mobius Worlds Publishing.  We discuss the essentials of crisis management and the conflicts happening in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and the larger Middle East. We also learned a little bit about the role playing games industry. This is a fun conversation with a highly intelligent and interesting man. Tune in and I hope you love it.💡Learn about LoCo Think Tank Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
Ginger Graham is the Owner of Ginger and Baker. They are one of the finest cafes in town that also serves as a steakhouse and bakery. Our conversation journeys through a high-impact career that culminated in her becoming CEO of a medical product company known as Advanced Cardiovascular Systems. We then discuss her transition moving to Fort Collins and building her own cafe. Ginger is a highly intelligent, remarkably humble, and incredibly kind person. She can be an inspiration to many young women in the world, so I hope you'll tune in and learn something new! 👋🏻 Check out Ginger and Baker on: Instagram Facebook🥧Learn more about Ginger and Baker💡Learn about LoCo Think Tank Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
 Kathryn Higgins and Silencia Cox are the Founder and CEO, of Motherlove Herbal Company. They create organic products for herbal remedies, specifically for pregnancy and breastfeeding. We talk about Kathryn's early inspiration for her business, combining her father's medical background and her mother's herbal background. We also discuss the funding, how you get something like this going, and what the values and principles are of the company. These two are an inspiring pair of women and I really appreciated having them on the podcast today. Tune in and I hope you learn something new! 
Patrick is the Owner of Soukup Real Estate, a real estate firm here in Fort Collins and Janay is a two time Olympian with a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics in London. We talk about Patrick's journey in real estate investment management and his business Soukup Real Estate. We also discuss Janay's experience in the Olympics and illustrate the challenges she went through.  They have an inspiring story about hard work and building relationships in life. I had a a great time with these two and I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. 
Ann Hutchison is the President and CEO of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce, which advocates for business solutions in our community. Ann graduated from UNC with a communications degree and a speech degree.  We discuss what the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce does and how they catalyze positive change for businesses.  We also go over topics like talent development, transportation, and leadership in Fort Collins. Ann is great understander of complex challenges and also an inspiration to every young leader, especially young woman. I really enjoyed my conversation with Ann, so I hope you'll tune in and enjoy! 
Peter and Beth are the Founders of, You can Choose, Ready Touch, and their newest venture, Mainn, is a business connection software device. Ready touch was their first and most successful business so far and it was a software company that scaled up over the period of 10 years. You Can Choose is a book and a philosophical pathway for entrepreneurs to really understand themselves. They have a great journey and you're gonna see a couple of just smart hardworking people that took a lot of time and a lot of effort to build something really spectacular.
Jeremiah is a relatively recent transplant to the Fort Collins area from relatively rural Maine, where he developed a couple of businesses with partners.  So he's an e-commerce veteran.And so he's looking for his next adventure as he's become a real estate investor and interested party in crypto markets and different things.  we go through his whole business journey, what it takes to create an e-commerce business,  and starting with when he was really a high school student hustling, um, buying things for cheaper than he thought he could sell them for and lots and things.And then eventually realizing that. The proper margin that he would need to build an enterprise. He needed more margin. And so, building a brand became his focus. And so, uh, there was several attempts, some failures, but a couple of big successes. Jeremiah is under 30 years old. I can't remember his exact age, but he's a very young man and has a couple of successful exits already under his belt.And you'll learn a lot and really enjoy time with an interesting and personable young man. So I hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.
My guest on today's episode was Aaron Everitt, a long time friend of mine, a realtor in Northern Colorado, as well as the founder of InMotion and the owner of a delivery service provider here regionally. And so this is Aaron's third time on the podcast and it's because we just enjoy each other's company and conversation and having philosophical discussions.And so we talk about. About a lot of things. We talk about literature, the evolving world of education. Uh, we talk about the legacy project, which is a project that his father initiated that he supported, um, really teaching civics in a different way, kinda to local leaders. Um, we talk about real estate, of course, um, particularly the difference between.Developing and doing business in Wyoming, particularly Sarah did Wyoming versus Fort Collins. And, uh, we also talk about interest rates and catching up to the home market. If you're a first time buyer or somebody just getting qualified in a hot market like today, um, we spend some time on the misinformation board that had been announced at that time and not yet shut down, uh, as well as talking about.But could that he released a couple of years ago, um, careless in the care of God. And so it's a wide ranging conversation. Um, it's a long conversation and we, uh, enjoy each other's company as well as some fine bourbon. So hope you enjoy and tune in. Thanks.
My guest on today's episode were Miles and Vallene Kailburn, Founders and Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of Old Town Media located in Fort Collins. Old Town Media is the company that built my first website for my food trailer.  Bear's backyard grill way back at the beginning of LoCo Think Tank.They've come a long way. We didn't really get into it, but they've won so many awards like Top 200 private companies, Top 100 women-owned companies, Best of Colorado, and many more, as well as a lifetime of service through Rotary Club, and volunteer boards.We talk about their families growing up, where some of their motivations came from, their technical skills, both non-college graduates, and how they built their skills the old-fashioned way.We get into the full journey here and learn a lot about their style of marketing and who they really try to support and how they do it. It's more than just a marketing agency. It's really becoming a consultancy about business practices, supply chain, revenue enhancements, and product offerings.Old Town Media is one of our anchor media companies here in Fort Collins. And I was really honored to spend this time with Val and Miles. We've been Rotarians and even exchange student hosts at the same time. So it was nice to reconnect with these two and you can hear that we're having fun.So I hope you'll join in and listen and learn.
Wally and Miriam are the owners of Wally's Speed Shop in Loveland, CO. Wally's Speed Shop is a hot rod restoration shop, for early six-volt and up to late-model vehicles providing full customizations for a variety of clients.He started in 2016 in a 1600-square-foot shop and now occupies a pair of buildings totaling 16,000 square feet.  Miriam joined the business really formally in during COVID season when she gave up her existing work and has really become a right-hand person to Wally. They have a great relationship both in the office and at home.If you love cars and you love people, you'll love Wally and Miriam.
Eric Holsapple is the Founder and CEO of LC Real Estate Group & Founder and Lead Facilitator of Living In The Gap.  He's been involved with real estate here in Northern Colorado since the early nineties, he has a Ph.D. from CSU that he got when moving back here to Colorado. He started implementing mindfulness practices into his firm at an early stage. We spend a lot of time talking about his business journeys, certain real estate projects, principles, and things like that. We also talked about mindfulness, meditation, being aware, and really how principles are so useful in our businesses and our families, and our homes. 
Becky Ezzel is the founder of Smart Book Business Solutions, it is a bookkeeping service for small business owners, especially those under 20 employees or so.She's grown her team to be 10 employees strong and they have 170 clients thereabouts in Northern Colorado. She found herself a single mom of a two-and-a-half-year-old and a five-year-old with a job that was awesome and satisfying, but didn't really allow her time to be a mom as much as she wished.She was encouraged to launch her business properly. And she's grown ever since, mostly through referrals from her very happy clients. We talked about her growth plan, and how she developed her team and values.
My guest was Suzanne Miller. She is the Welcome Coordinator at the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce. She's a wife and a mom and a grandma, and she's just a really neat lady.We talk a lot about leadership at every level, even if you're not the CEO or the president of a company, how you can still be a leader within the organization.  Suzanne is the founder also of a movement called Do A Liz Thing and it stems from the tragic loss of her daughter.
In this month's blog, I’m going to dip into some business stories, including my own, and enter into an examination of the role that story and narrative play in our lives.  How do the stories we tell each other provide clarity and understanding, and how do the stories we tell ourselves impact our direction and habits?  Finally, I’ll share some tips and observations on how we can help ourselves, and each other, write a story with a happy ending.
My guest on today's episode was Heidi Ganahl. Heidi is a Republican candidate for Governor of Colorado, a Regent at the University of Colorado and she's the founder of Camp Bow Wow, as well as other ventures. She's a mom of four and married to the top barbecue guy in the state. We dig into Heidi's story with this one.  Before founding Camp Bow Wow, Heidi suffered the tragic loss of her husband in a stunt plane crash, and was a single mom with two dogs after a failed 2nd marriage.  The idea for Camp Bow Wow was sourced from a stack of back-of-napkin business ideas sketched out with her first husband.  Heidi shares their launch story, why they decided to franchise and what was involved, and some of the principles and values that she instilled in that organization to help it become one of the fastest-growing franchises in America for many years!   And, there's so much more - as always we get into faith, family, and politics, and she shares a bit about her why in regards to running for Governor - watch out Colorado, Heidi Ganahl is a mom on a mission!
My guest today was Hunter Wylie, Co-founder and CEO of Beyond Blue Media, a full service digital marketing agency here in Fort Collins. They've grown the business in five short years to 16 full-time employees, and have a full service spectrum, including SEO, web development, apps, videos, social media,. etc.Learn tips on how to do your own digital marketing, if you're not in a place yet where you can hire an agency. We talk a fair bit about his transition to becoming a local facilitator here for LoCo Think Tank and the value he's received both as a member and as a chapter leader.Hunter's got a great journey, he shares a lot of good information about marketing and sales and just finding your place, finding your lane as a business owner and, finding your path a servant.Beyond Blue MediaCheck out LoCo upcoming events!
My guest on this episode was Brad Piepenbrink, the Owner of Recycled Cycles in Fort Collins. He purchased the business in July of 2021. After 43 years of being owned by Dave Hudson, a long-time LoCo Think Tank member. Brad's had an interesting journey. He grew up in Illinois, went to college in Florida, and then really fell into politics. He moved into ever-increasing roles of responsibility, culminating and becoming the chief of staff of the governor, Rick Scott at that time in Florida. And Rick is of course a national Senator for the state of Florida now.Brad worked in a little bit of politics since then, but mostly was looking for a good business to buy. Near the mountains and ideally in his passion project with bicycling. So he found Recycled Cycles in early 2021 and is now a transplant with his young family to Fort Collins.
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