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Behind Bars: Cocked Tales and Wasted Nights
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Behind Bars: Cocked Tales and Wasted Nights

Author: Greg Studley

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Bartender stories from 20 years of Serving Time. Greg teaches his listeners how to make cocktails and how to behave in bars, with both lessons bookending raw, brutally honest adventures in the bar biz.
When not sharing personal anecdotes, Greg interviews other bartenders and pries some revealing and crazy stories out of them!

This podcast contains some immature adult themes, so have some ID ready!


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33 Episodes
A lewd Applebee's act, a long walk, my rock band, another Stern Show fail and a regurgitation revelation. Buck turns the tables and interviews me in this one!
Fireworks, a drowned lawnmower engine, a dead dump truck, a broken chimney, a nail gun miss and a Howard Stern Show fail by yours truly. Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode! Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here:
Molly and a sock, dreams come true, a squirt-gun fight for the ages, losing money in Vegas, and neighbors to rave about.
A script snafu, an Entourage encounter, lap dances from a naughty nurse and a trio of fast food workers who broke the camel's back.
Rappin' with Robin about Biker Bars, Shrooms, Cat Parades and Festive Fingerbangs.
Screenwriting fails, canine connections and the night the foxy femme fatale walked into my life and how The Enemy busted me right after.
In this one, we get the origin story of Dylan's journey from the South to Colorado, a few sweet gigs he held, some same sex lovin', and how he was choked into becoming a DJ! Enjoy!
For this one, I interviewed"The Producer"; a Babbling Beantown Bombast Brother of mine who talks the talk and walks the walk. A showbiz wiz who spins tales of gold and never lets you get a word in edgewise! But, awe...look who's pretty!
During my odd jobs survival phase, I got a job I decided would bring me bad karma, and, let's just say, I blew it off!
You asked, I delivered. Here's an account of a meteoric rise and catastrophic fall in the bar biz and ultimately why I left LA. Not the feelgood episode you may have wanted, but I still managed to wedge in some zingers!
An interview with a singer, guitarist and founding member of The Young Dubliners! Keith and I wax philosophic about wine, women, song and toilets. Many stories from a many storied career to be had in this one, listeners!
Part Two of my phone call with Jesse. During our break after one, he got drunker and I ate shrooms, not expecting his desire to have another conversation. So, it's a little all over the place, but I feel in spite of his story repetition, we got some good stuff! A crackhead, a musician, a case of mistaken identity, a radio show reveal, a lost baggie and a domestic dispute. Enjoy! Oh, and stay tuned for the outtakes at the end!
Another Buck Episode. His first interview has been a fan favorite since it went up, so we brought him back for some more yarns to spin. It definitely gets raunchy, and the topics are, shall I say, a little "fluid", and I even got in on it! Listen at your own risk! Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving!
Due the 'vid, I had to interview my friend and mentor Jesse the Manimal on the phone. What follows is a collection of recollections of our youthful indiscretions! Oh yeah, he was plastered. Enjoy!
So, I "won" a contest, got hammered in the French Quarter, got cock-blocked somethin' fierce and almost put my friend in a serial killer's SUV. Ya know, typical Monday thru Thursday stuff.
A Run in with a Young Gun, and some tighty whities any mom would be proud of!
My interview with Snap, a former co-worker, manager and now...DUM DUM DUM!!!! A WINE GUY! Oosh. Sorry for the delayed release, had the show in St. Louis with Stormy and had to finish the Just Close It video, now available on YouTube!
Building off Buck's tale, a menage a trois, a decent proposal and a game of ring toss for the ages!
My interview with Buck and the night he blew a menáge a trois, but still pulled off a successful pre-shift. Or pre shaft. Depending on how ya look at it.
The night I got fired and the subsequent weird gigs I got to stay alive!
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Buck Glenn

Honest, funny true stories from a bartender with 20 years experience. It had me rolling around with laughter. This guy is brilliant!

Sep 30th
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