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Author: Michael & Brian

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Talking all things finance from cryptos to retirement we want to make the world of finance more accessible to everyday people.
37 Episodes
Geoff Coventry (@gladkiwi) discusses Modern Money Basics. Mentioned: *The Deficit Myth by Stepanie Kelton *Commissions received
Sarry hosts his own podcast, Thinking Like a Bank, and is the founder and CEO of Financial Asset Protection. We discuss using life insurance as a savings account alternative.
Michael and Brian discuss their formal education experience and whether or not it's worth the investment.  Mentioned: *Getting to Yes*Never Split the Difference *Uncontainable * commissions received
Murs is a CFP who helps people near retirement reach their goals. We talk about what it's like working for a big bank, what the heck is an annuity, and how he avoiding the market crash in March 2020. Find out more about him and his approach to investing at 
Julio Cacho & Juan Carlos Herrera (Twitter @jcachodiaz) Hosts of the podcast Now Know This. Founders of Inscription Capital and Quantor Capital talk about the scientific approach to investing. 
Michael and Brian review the congressional hearing, Game Stopped? Mentioned: Book: Dark Pools* Episode 12: Michael Nauss *Commissions received
Nick ( is a seasoned financial professional who is now working with to brings autopilot solutions to your portfolio. Mentioned: Wes Gray on running Leadville Brian and Michael discuss the different players and events that led to Gamestop's massive short squeeze from $5 to $500. Mentioned: Keith Gill, AKA u/DeepF******Value, AKA Roaring Kitty Book: *The Buy Side Dirty Money Episode 16: Prof Tom Hazen *Commissions received
Kenny (Twitter: @KennyPolcari LinkedIn: @KennyPolcari) is the managing partner of Kace Capital Advisors. In this episode, we talk about a wide range of subjects. Topics include bailouts, circuit breakers, and market bubbles. Mentioned: *The Big Short *Market Wizards Text INVEST to 2100 for his business card.Personal website *Commissions received 
Kenny (Twitter: @KennyPolcari LinkedIn: @KennyPolcari) is the managing partner of Kace Capital Advisors.  We talk about the history of the stock market and what it was like to work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in the 1980s. We get a clear answers on what led to the infamous 1987 market crash.  Text INVEST to 2100 for his business card. Personal website
Michael and Brian discuss their results for the year and some of the major trends of the year. Mentioned: The Buy Side Everleigh's College Fund
Rick has been a trader for more than 20 years. He has experience trading options, futures, and teaching others. Find him at and Mentioned: Blended rate 60/40 taxes explained TopStep Trader LeeLoo Trading
Wes is the CEO and founder of Alpha Architects. A firm that builds ETFs and helps others build their own ETFs. We have a wide-ranging conversation from that class he took Ivanka Trump to joining the Marines and serving in Iraq. Mentioned:*Embedded by Wes Gray *Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek *commissions received
Andrew (Linkedin: @andrewpignanelli)  is a brilliant young entrepreneur who founded Decheque which could become the Uber of hedge funds. Mentioned:*The Big Short Movie*An American Hedge Fund Airbnb's story of Obama O's and Cap'n McCain's cereal *commissions received
Michael and Brian discuss the benefits they've received from regular exercise, meditation, and routine.Books Mentioned:*Born to Run *The Millionaire Next Door *TraderMind *Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques Other notes:*Shoe Lights for running How I make my daily watchlist  Sign up to get my watchlist delivered to your inbox each morning
Kyle Williams (Twitter: @traderkylec Youtube: Kyle) is a 24-year-old with $500,000+ in trading profits. We discuss his journey and the need to find the trading style that works for you. Mentioned: *Investing for Dummies *Tim Sykes Training Programs Tim Grittani FNMA trade The video that Kyle uses to develop new trading patterns:*PennyStocking Framework - Buy NOW $797
Michael (@tradingforkeeps) and Brian discuss several different side hustles several of which they've made money using. Mentioned:The $100 Startup Side Hustle Story - Blog Post Gluten Free Day One 
Aditya Badve has a very diverse background. He's been a writer, worked for JP Morgan's Hong Kong office, and now runs his own startup. Find Aditya on LinkedIn: or email Trading for Keeps is not investment advice and is intended for entertainment purposes only.
Matthew  (Twitter: @Mono_Trader) is 22 years old and a Tim Sykes Student, who has amassed a small fortune in a rather short amount of time. Mentioned: Tim Sykes Trading Challenge * Tradervue *Commissions received Trading for Keeps is not investment advice and is intended for entertainment purposes only.
Karl Mundt ( is a Financial Advisor. We talk about running, managing your money, and how the highest income people are often not the most well off.Books Mentioned:*Born to Run*A Random Walk Down Wall Street*The Millionaire Next Door*Rich Dad Poor Dad*AWOL on the Appalachian Trail*commissions received Trading for Keeps is not investment advice and is intended for entertainment purposes only.
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