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Everyone has a unique story. Everything that you've been through and overcome, the highs and the lows, the ups and downs, the failures and victories... all of it is important. Because it's you. Your life story is meaningful and matters. This week we are joined by author, book coach, and resilience speaker, Jas Rawlinson. She shares about her own personal story of growing up and turning to writing to escape from the family violence in her home. Jas opens up about the biggest tragedy in her young life and how she managed to recover and honor her mental health and personal relationships going forward. As a memoir book coach for those who want to share their life's journey, she believes that everyone has a story with the power to inspire, impact, and change lives. Plus, we talk with Jas about her latest book just released, Volume 3 of her book series, Reasons to Live.   Website:  Instagram: @aprileandelle Twitter: @aprileandelle Newsletter: Sign Up here: 
Pianist, Allen C. Paul, has made his career as a professional musician playing big and small stages across the country and beyond. But he's also a teacher, author, podcaster, and overall creative, not to mention husband and father.   In this episode, we talk with Allen about his life and the many lessons that made him into the man and artist he is today. We listen to what his music means to him and how he works on his mind and mental health diligently, as we all should. He talks about his journey with both faith and therapy as supports in managing his depression and ADHD as well as his creativity.   Plus, Allen shares why he does not believe in "the starving, struggling artist", but instead the artist who can grow his talent while honoring God AND being more balanced, blessed, and abundant in life. And, of course, we talk with Allen about his excellent podcast and community of fellow artists and creatives.   Website:  Instagram: @aprileandelle Clubhouse: @aprileandelle Newsletter: Sign Up here: 
Being a Christian, going to church, and seeking prayer is a comfort to so many. Our faith, beliefs, religions, and spiritualities shape the very nature of who we are. But when in need, faith and religion do not have to cancel out the need for therapy. Nor does going to therapy or counseling mean that you've given up or become weak in your faith or beliefs. Plus, in the black church community, therapy is far too stigmatized when we need help. My guest, Minister Sheena Rolle, shares the reminder of how faith and therapy can be very complimentary in our journey of wellness. She reminds, all good things come from God. Together, we discuss the church's role of pastoral counseling and new partnerships with outside mental health support, plus therapists and other mental health professionals taking on Christian counseling as a trained specialty and certification, each to address people in need of help which blends these two worlds. Talking to God and a therapist should not be seen as a conflict. And it can even be a great source of strength as well as an unexpected and surprising opportunity to deepen your faith. Website:  Instagram: @aprileandelle Twitter: @aprileandelle Newsletter: Sign Up here  
Clothing, fashion, and style are the culminations of how we dress and the behaviors that correspond at particular moments in time. Today, those things have become deeply connected to self expression, but also to our perceived identities and status. To the latter, these factors can have a negative impact on how we see ourselves if we are not dressed "to the nines".   But, my guest, Elizabeth Lewis, shares the reminder of how we can dress in our everyday to better our mental health in alignment with our "Style Wellness". We talk tips and tricks on ways to always look and ultimately feel your best. Plus, some insight on color psychology and how you can utilize it to boost your mood.   Website:  Instagram: @aprileandelle Twitter: @aprileandelle Newsletter: Sign Up here: 
Finding a person to share the rest of your life with, who gets you, and makes you happy, is a great joy of living. But some of us feel lost when it comes to good love and wonder when it will happen for us. Finding your best relationship, the kind of love that lasts and is healthy, is about manifesting the type of love you desire... and never giving up on the possibility. I share with you five steps of mindset exercises to step into the manifest. Plus, when therapy could be most helpful along this journey. Website:  Instagram: @aprileandelle Twitter: @aprileandelle Newsletter: Sign Up here: 
The time and temperature changes, it's cold outside, suddenly daylight is fleeting, and gray skies are the norm. Perhaps you are more down than usual, not feeling yourself, or super tired and lethargic. Yes, the "winter blues" are real. So much so that if severe, it is diagnosable. At the doctor or therapist's office, it is more formally known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, a complicated form of depression triggered by the fall and winter seasons. So how do you know if you have the blues or SAD? In this episode, I'll lay it all out for you. First, I'll walk you through key symptoms, including the one that makes winter blues most susceptible to becoming a depression. Then I"ll give you a few steps of things you can do now at home to help, and the next steps when you need professional support. Website:  Instagram: @aprileandelle Twitter: @aprileandelle Newsletter: Sign Up here: 
So you've heard the phrase self-care a million times. But what does it really mean? And why is self care so important? Hint, yes, it's much more than just a beauty routine or treating yourself to wine, chocolate, and bubble baths. It sets you up for positive mental health, strong self esteem, and good relationships. It's also not just female... it's for men too. Self care is real and vital and holds the weight of how you provide for your mind, body, and soul what it needs for you to be your best. If that's the case, is self care is selfish? Listen in to that answer and more as I walk you through some definitions and bonuses all about why self care is important. Plus, I'll share with you 20 easy self-care tips and simple steps to get started on or add to your everyday self-care routine.   Website:  Instagram: @aprileandelle Twitter: @aprileandelle Newsletter: Sign Up here:   
COVID, Black Lives Matters, election stress, other headline stress, and more. We live with an endless cycle of bad news, constantly bombarding us with negativity on social media, news channels, articles, and even news bites from our friends and family. While it is important to stay informed, it can also be detrimental to our mental health to be constantly reading or watching negative news. If you ever feel anxious, overwhelmed, helpless, powerless, depressed, let's talk about it. Plus I'll share some of my tips and tricks for overcoming "all the feels" of the news, so you have tools to learn how to cope and maintain positive mental health. Website:  Instagram: @aprileandelle Twitter: @aprileandelle Newsletter: Sign Up here: 
Anonymous 103 shares their therapy journey including how they sought therapy due to anxiety and how they found the right therapist after some mismatches. We discuss how anxiety manifests both mentally and physically in the body. Anonymous 103 shares, "I feel anxiety in my back and all up my neck." They also explain how therapy taught them how to express their feelings and not hold everything in. Plus, I walk you through a quick emotion recognition exercise you can do throughout the day to stay in touch with what you are experiencing and feeling, which can help you learn to relax and manage anxiety and other difficult or overwhelming emotions in the moment. Website:  Instagram: @aprileandelle Twitter: @aprileandelle Newsletter: Sign Up here: 
Anyone ever tell you, or insist, you need therapy? Well, that's how our current anonymous caller arrived on the show this week. "My girlfriend says I need therapy." I say "great, let's talk about it." "I don't trust therapy professionals. I don't trust the system." I remind him, it may be time to.   Anonymous 102 shares their unique perspective as a black man in today's society, including growing up tough, amongst sex, drugs, and alcohol, and living the fast life all throughout his teens and early to late 20's. He identifies his goals as continued success and starting a family, and how the new woman in his life gave him the wake up call needed to reconsider his lifestyle. Website:  Instagram: @aprileandelle Twitter: @aprileandelle Newsletter: Sign Up here: 
This week, we talk with our first anonymous caller. No names, no details, just "real talk". Anonymous 101 opens up about the difficulties of surviving a narcissistic partner and an emotionally abusive marriage for over 30 years. More importantly, Anonymous 101 explains the main trigger felt was a loss of sense of self and their personal identity. They state the latter as what finally made them realize they needed help. Plus, Anonymous 101 shares their first steps and full journey connecting to therapy, which included pastoral counseling, a psychiatrist, “big girl panties” … and a little dog too. Website:  Instagram: Twitter: Newsletter: 
In today’s episode, Seneca Williams joins the show. She is "The Entrepreneurs’ Therapist", speaker, and international coach. She helps entrepreneurs and the highly ambitious ready themselves to breakthrough business anxiety and beat business burnout. We are highly ambitious! And yet we also must balance work, family, friends and personal obligations. It can feel daunting – especially during such uncertain times. But when our mental health is acknowledged and nurtured, we handle stress more effectively, recover from setbacks, and get back to business for our goals and dreams more quickly. So if you are an entrepreneur, “careerpreneur”, small business owner, goal setter, top performer, or the like… this episode is for you. Website:  Instagram: Twitter: Newsletter: 
Alicia Nunn, author of Ashira’s World, joins the show to share about her life journey which included divorce, a fire, and change of career to a published author. Alicia shares how her life changing events assisted in her own journey from pain to purpose. She is an African American woman, #Black Lives Matter activist, as well as Licensed Clinical Social Worker turned writer. And her latest and greatest, is authoring Ashira’s World, an Amazon Bestseller. Alicia shares her new book of Ashira, a young black woman awakened to be a goddess, destined to save the world. Website:  Instagram: Twitter: Newsletter: 
Do we need therapy? This week, we talk with Andrea Phillips, M.S. who is a family therapist specialized in blended families, including topics surrounding step family difficulties, blended family conflict, and adoption and foster family adjustment. Andrea introduces the terminology of "Blend-ING Families" as a necessary reminder for step, foster, adoptive, and other family types to remember how the process of joining and coming together as a family unit is ongoing. We learn about “kindred families” and how unique but not uncommon they are in the world. Plus, Andrea and I discuss and share several signs and flags to pay attention to when addressing when it’s time for your family to seek therapy together, including major family transitions, when you, as the parents, are fighting, or your children act out or isolate extensively. And we talk about the children in these families and the things they reveal to us in that discovery. Finally, if seeking family counseling and support, listen in as we discuss next steps and approaches to how to start family therapy. Website:  Instagram: Twitter: Newsletter:   
This week, we talk with a licensed clinical social worker and humanitarian, Kristen Guskovict, founder of H.E.A.R.T. of Aid Work, about trauma symptoms and stories, plus how to recognize when you likely have unresolved trauma and need therapy. Kristen explains how many of us downplay painful and traumatic experiences because we are “still functioning” or we belittle our own traumas in comparison to perceived “more significant” traumas of others. However, neither are healthy for good mental health. Kristen reminds us that these traumatic experiences, whether they are big or little traumas, still chip away at us and are reflected in how we interact with others. We talk together why traumas must be acknowledged and addressed---Kristen offers journaling as a smart practice for trauma work. Plus, if you do need to seek trauma therapy, listen in as we discuss the next steps and how to approach therapy. Website:  Instagram: Twitter: Newsletter: 
Therapy is one of the best investments you can give yourself—because it’s an investment in a better you. An investment in better self confidence, motivation, plus the positive changes you wish to see in your emotions, well being, behaviors and actions as you move forward in life. Yes, the cost is higher than most expect, but it is worth it. So, how can you pay for therapy? Listen in as I share a brief overview of what that looks like both with and without health insurance. Plus, if paying out of pocket, I share tips on how you can find ways for it to be more affordable.  Website:  Instagram: Twitter: Newsletter: 
On today’s show, I ask you, “How is your mental health”? Are you doing good or not so good? I believe it is very important to address this intentionally and purposefully each and every day. Because your mental health and mental clarity reflect the state of your emotions, relationships, ambitions, hopes, and dreams, and your life in full. So if you’ve not been good for awhile, and you’re still struggling with the question of “do I need therapy?”, listen in as I share the top 5 signs in recognizing you need therapy now. Website:  Instagram: Twitter: Newsletter: 
We’ve all been through a lot. Current times have been chaotic, challenging, and surreal. The lack of uncertainty in the world might leave you feeling lost and confused. And that’s understandable! On today’s show, I share ten tips on how you can be resilient during this season and come out stronger than before. Remember, resilience is part of you and you only have to look within. Website:  Instagram: Twitter: Newsletter: 
Have you delayed your own therapy due to any of these reasons? Listen in for the top ten reasons most people refuse to go to or ignore therapy. Dr. Aprile Andelle walks you through each, how it may make sense, but ultimately, why you should reconsider. Plus, several of myths about therapy are busted. Remember, your mental health is priority. Website:  Instagram: Twitter: Newsletter: 
Dr. Aprile Andelle, LMFT, mental health and relationship master therapist introduces the questions she gets asked the most. Can you guess? Listen in on what the show is about, what to expect, and how you can tune in again. Website:  Instagram: Twitter: Newsletter: 
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