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Author: Derrick & Kim Dsouza

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Pursue Him podcast is the audio platform of Pursue Him International that will inspire and encourage you to pursue Jesus like never before. On our podcast we focus on 5 main categories: Christian Walk, Leadership, Marriage, Media and Parenting. Our episodes are in the form of Audio Blogs presented by our host, and also personally recorded messages by Pastors Derrick & Kim.
212 Episodes
After being restored, God has made us His Ark, but we need to learn how to handle His presence with care! Lavished by His blessings, gifts & talents, we have a call on our life. Learn from the Man of God as he brings practical ways of being able to stay invested in the kingdom of God and live our life for Jesus!!
Do you know that there are ways in which you can attract specific prophesies over your life? You can do certain things and catch God’s attention!! Learn these 4 power packed principles from the life of Abraham. Word by Pastor Kim D’souza
Are you looking at a dead situation in your life? It's time you say "No" and speak life over the situation. Today you are going to learn the key to change your life for eternity. 
What are we magnifying in our life? Is it the sickness or the problems or a hurt that we magnify daily. It’s time we magnify the God who surrounds us, because that is going to be a miracle to your problems. 
The Concerned Father

The Concerned Father


Your Almighty Father is HOLDING  your hands in your time of struggles, apply force with FAITH and move forward, you are reaching the victory line. 
Have you been fighting giants of laziness, poverty, anger, unrighteousness, unequal yoking, addictions, physical ailments etc ?It's time you start slaying them! 
Did you know discouragement is the weapon of the enemy?  Your feelings are not the right indictor whether God is with you or not. Don’t give in! Listen to the this powerful key to break free from discouragement and live an abundant life. 
When pride is talked about in the Bible, it described as destructive. It is an attitude that inflates self, and puts self-importance above God. Pride will not let you locate your answered prayers. 
Do you compare yourself with the physical appearances of the people of this world and then feel bad that you don’t look like them? Stop today! You are beautifully and wonderfully made!
The LORD Was With Him!

The LORD Was With Him!


Are you at a point in your life where you feel like you have hit rock bottom. You can change your story. In today's episode Pastor Kim D'souza teach us from the life of Joseph the secret to move from the pit to the palace. 
Did you know Imagination unlocks impossibilities. It is  a powerful tool to bring your thoughts to reality. In today's episode Pastor Kim D'souza teaches us to use the word of God to change what we imagine about ourselves. 
When we are waiting for a long time  for some promises of God to be fulfilled, we start questioning that God has forgotten us. In today's episode Pastor Derrick Dsouza teach us the correct way to waiting on God. 
Have you been crying out to God for a breakthrough, but feel like you can't find an answer? Good new the answer is right in front of you... Listen to this teaching by Pastor Derrick Dsouza about catching the image God has already placed that will unfold your answer.  
Is God Angry?

Is God Angry?


Many of us think that since God is a God of love He would never get angry at anything or anybody. Does God really get angry? 
You may be going through a difficult situation, but never stop praising God. After all, you serve a God who is near to you, your praise will change your situation and bring the power of God in your life. 
If you don’t plan your day the enemy will. Invite God in everything your daily task, to see the power of God work in your life. 
A silent christian is weak because the devil succeeds in making sure they never open their mouth to speak God’s word over their life. Be a warrior not a silent christian. 
Worry and sorrow  are not part of your inheritance as a Christian. Listen to Pastor Derrick D'souza persuading you to Arise and Shine for the glory of God is upon you. 
Has the Church got complicated? Are you facing a lack in any part of your life? Today Pastor Derrick D’souza simplifies the Christian life by calling you to join in seeking the Kingdom of God
How to manifest the prophetic wordIn this podcast, Pastor Derrick shares few important keys on how to manifest the prophetic word you receive from the Lord. This week’s episode is an excerpt from our weekly zoom meets called the “Fireplace”.Scripture- Luke Chapter 1 If you would like to be a part of it,  you can register at: To access all our resources, check:​ FEATURED Resources: Get our Ebooks “God Encounters” and “Three Questions from the Holy Spirit to keep you from Falling” for FREE on sign up here:​PURSUE HIM BLOG:​JOIN OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP:​...INSTAGRAM:​TWITTER: #Jesus  #Fireplace #PursueHim
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