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Author: Bridget Trammell

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Listen to Coach Bridget as she interviews real people who transformed their health and extended their lives! The Health Dare is a team of committed healthcare professionals that is helping their clients reverse the symptoms of Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea, High Cholesterol, IBS, Obesity and more. Using a unique cellular health approach, they boast the world's most comprehensive health coaching and accountability team. In a society filled with gimmicks, The Health Dare is a team that is committed to real and lasting change. Their team is changing the face of health in America one client success story at a time. No gimmicks, hormones, or shots; just real education and motivation. Hear the stories of real people who overcame incredible odds to transform their life and their health with the help of this amazing team.
8 Episodes
Join Coach Bridget and Kelly Nash as they discuss Kelly Nash’s humble beginnings, how he became a celebrity, and his transformation with The Health Dare coaching team.
 Dr Jordan Floyd and Coach Bridget partner together to create an in-home experience for clients with mobility issues. What is The Health Dare?The Health Dare coaching team has been helping clients reverse the symptoms of Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Obesity, IBS and Sleep Apnea since 2015. The Health Dare provides an in-home experience of grocery delivery, pantry cleanout, and delicious custom-made meals prepared with you by their chefs. Their 90-day program guarantees results, and will teach you how to become your own health coach. They have certified health coaches, licensed behavioral therapists, chefs, and nutritionists that will surround you with accountability for 90 days. After 8,000+ successful client transformations, their team is adding a new partner. Dr. Jordan Floyd and the Limitless Physical Therapy team have partnered with The Health Dare coaches to provide a customized health and wellness experience unlike any other. Dr. Jordan’s team helps their clients address issues such as back pain, knee pain, and joint pain that keep them from the corrective exercise they so desperately need. Dr. Jordan’s treatment plans are uniquely customized for each client. His team will even come to their homes and perform the therapy in their living room! “I’m a doctor. It’s my job to be skeptical of weight loss programs,” says Dr. Jordan Floyd, owner and founder of Limitless Therapy and Wellness. “One size fits all doesn’t work for everyone. We treat people, not bodies. The Health Dare and Limitless is a perfect marriage, because we have the same philosophy.” The medical system is set up to treat body parts, but Dr. Jordan’s team provides a concierge experience that treats people, in the unique way that they need to be treated. Dr. Jordan believes that listening to his clients is vital for their success. He states, “As doctors, we often think our most valuable tools are our medical instruments, but our most valuable tools are our ears.” Listen as Health Coach Bridget, President and founder of The Health Dare, interviews Dr. Jordan on this informative podcast. 
Lawrence tells the story of hitting rock bottom, telling his wife and children over Facetime that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Weighing over 300 lbs, Lawrence came to The Health Dare in a moment of desperation. Despite cancer treatments and surgeries, Lawrence took The Health Dare and saved his own life.
Listen as Katie shares nuggets of wisdom from a woman who took control of her life and her health. Coach Bridget shares her past as a single Mom, and they are both brought to tears as they talk about the value of a true transformation, both physically and emotionally. 
Nikki statement, "Our children don't need us to save them, they need to watch us save ourselves" says it all. As a mother of 8 children, Nikki was experiencing high blood pressure, extreme fatigue, and brain fog. When she took The Health Dare, she reversed her symptoms immediately, and lost over 60 lbs of fat! Nikki became a health coach at The Health Dare, and has helped thousands of people like her. Wait for the surprise won't believe what happened!
Dr. Shannon is a doctor among doctors, having taught physiology and anatomy to doctors for years. However, in spite of all her knowledge, her health was suffering. Hear the banter between her and Coach Bridget as they talk about the age-old controversy between the wholistic community and the medical community. But the best news is, Dr. Shannon had great results herself! Listen as they discuss why all doctors need a health coach taking care of them, because they take care of everyone else! 
Kathy will induce tears and touch your heart as you hear her story of "thriving, not surviving." Having survived two battles with cancer, both knee replacements, sleep apnea and diabetes, Kathy now thrives after winning the battle for her health and losing 120 lbs on The Health Dare! Before taking The Dare, Kathy could hardly walk. Now she walks five miles a day! Her story is amazing and inspirational, and she has finally decided to share it with the world!
Huck shows the world that you can still reverse your symptoms of sleep apnea, diabetes, and high blood pressure, gain muscle, and lose fat at age 68! His in-your-face skepticism and old-fashioned sense of humor makes this podcast easy listening as he tells the account of how he was coerced into taking his health seriously for the first time in his life!
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