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A safe space where we talk about all the unspoken truths of social work and beyond!

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Social workers have a number of intersections that we may commonly think of when it comes to nutrition or diet like eating disorders but there are a number of different ways social workers can positively, or negatively, impact someone’s health and wellbeing when it comes to food. In this episode, we tackle some common questions and perceptions about this relationship so social workers can have a better, more ethical impact on this growing topic of interest and understanding.Support the show
What exactly is sex therapy and why is it helpful? In this week’s episode we interview Jennifer Monninger, LCSW and AASECT certified sex therapist, to explore how sex is connected to much of the work of social workers and their clients.Support the show
Working on your professional growth often comes with many sacrifices, limited time with friends and family, hobbies often get tossed to the side, and the word “busy” becomes part of our daily vocabulary. In this episode, we share a few things we have learned along the way on relationships and professional growth, is it possible to have both?Support the show
Did you know that social work has a component like travel nursing? Listen to this episode to understand more about how the field of travel social work functions and how to get involved.Support the show
Creative and expressive arts can be therapeutic and help promote learning and overall wellbeing. In this week’s episode, we chat with a Licensed Social Worker on how to implement creative and innovative experiences in our professional development and with our clients.Support the show
In this week’s episode, we were invited to a conversation via Zoom to speak with journalists from around the world to help them understand a little bit about podcasting as a media platform, how we got started, and for them to share with us their experiences with journalism and media in the new millennium.Support the show
Having an LCSW is one of the most transformational things you can do for your career in social work but it's complicated and can seem out of reach for many. Hear from Jennifer, a LCSW and clinical supervisor, on what the journey looks like and how to make it as painless as possible.   Support the show
What does social work look like around the world? What roles can we play as helping professionals in different countries? Join as we explore what it means to be a global social worker with Stacy Moreno.Support the show
What would you want to know about if you could ask us anything? We left it open, and you responded! Listen to answers about licensure, improving the field (including the scary U word), and how to cope with a hard job.Support the show
What would you want to know about if you could ask us anything? We left it open, and you responded! Listen to hear stories of our early career, social work in Costa Rica and Amsterdam, and the difference between counseling and social work.Support the show
The school year is back in session and this time, with a lot less COVID and a lot more normal. Hear from your favorite social work professors as they give 5 tips to getting the most out of this school year.Support the show
We live in a digital world and whether we like it or not, our behavior online is often a reflection of how we live IRL. In this episode we share some tips we have learned along the way, both for our personal use of social media but also to set healthy boundaries when working with the community. Resources: you like our content?  You can support by buying  us a coffee! the show
Social service agencies are notorious for underpaying and overworking their staff, here are some tips to get what you and your peers deserve. Resources:Career check up questionsSupport the show
One of our most commonly asked questions is: How do I get into consulting or how did you get those contracts? Find out more today on how and where to get started in this field of social work.Support the show
SWBR is one year old and we are so thankful for your support! We want to celebrate this first year with you by doing a compilation of our most popular episodes! If you are fairly new to listening, this will be a great way to check out our most popular content.Support the show
We’ve all probably heard something about EMDR, whether it be that it's the ‘gold standard’ or that it's really expensive. Today we break it down and answer the important questions about what EMDR is and how it works.Support the show
In our profession, we often box ourselves as either clinical or macro social workers, as if these were mutually exclusive. But what If we tell you today, that effective social workers should be a mix of both? In this episode, we talk about the importance of addressing social issues from the source and how prevention programs create sustainable change.Support the show
You turned in your last research paper, received your final grades, walked with your class (or virtual) to receive your well deserved degree, and celebrated with loved ones… But now what? Venturing out in the SW field as a new professional can be intimidating and a bit stressful, here we share with you some tips that have helped us along the way.Support the show
Passing the LMSW exam can be a critical step in advancing your career, on this episode we walk through study tips, understanding the exam, and two helpful acronyms to unpack some of the situational questions.Support the show
Do you have the privilege or an interest in working with the women’s health population? This episode is for you! On this episode we cover the statistics, differential diagnosis, screening and what is and how do you get the PMHC credential.Support the show
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